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Peppa Pig Complete Art Set

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Brand: Peppa Pig / Colouring case

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    3 Reviews
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      06.01.2014 11:05
      Very helpful



      brilliant art set for children

      ***Peppa pig complete art pack***
      Hollie has become very interesting writing and drawing. She started school in 4 months ago and has already learnt the whole alphabet, all her numbers and loves to show everyone how good she is with them. For Christmas, her aunties bought her this art pack as they know how much Hollie loves to colour, draw and write. This art pack is brilliant and Hollie was so excited to get colouring when she opened it on Christmas day.This art set it for children ages 3+ and is warned it is not suitable for children under 36 months.

      One of my partners sisters works in Asda and I think this is where she got it from. It is £6 in Asda but can also be bought from Toys R us for £4.99 but isn't sold on the online store. This set is perfect for all those Peppa Pig fans out there and i t is unisex so can be used by boys and girls over 3. The paints in this set need water and possibly some thicker paper to paint on. for smaller children, it's best to supervise the painting as it can get very messy with all the paint and water being splashed about.

      ***What comes in the art pack?***
      **12 stubby felt tip pens - I was slightly disappointed with these as they are quite difficult to get off your skin. Hollie's fingers were covered in blue pen for a day or two but a bath did the trick.
      **12 coloured pencils
      **12 wax crayons
      **12 oil pastels
      **Ruler, pencil, eraser, sharpener
      **Paint palette with 12 different colours, paint brush and sponge.

      The whole set folds in half and clips together with a popper to become a carry case. I love this as when Hollie opened it, I worried about where all the items would go but it means it is all kept lovely and tidy together. This is also very handy to take with you on a long train journey or other trips as it is something children will have lots of fun with and you just need a pad of paper to go with it. The carry case has a handle for easy transport and each item in this case has it's own slot inside so you can keep it together and know what item is lost if there is a space left after packing away.

      ***My Thoughts***
      I absolutely love this Peppa art pack as I can see how much Hollie enjoys using it. She plays with it for at least 2 hours at a time and draws me lots of wonderful pictures to put on the fridge. Hollie is 4 years old and pretty new to being able to really concentrate on what she is drawing and this pack helps her to choose colours and help her to understand the different types of pens/pencils she can use to draw with. I give this art pack 5/5 stars for being a brilliant tool for imagination and letting children really go to town with their drawings by being able to use different types of drawing media.

      Thanks for reading my review



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      12.05.2013 13:03
      Very helpful



      A good all round set

      My Mam recently appeared with this set for my 2 year old daughter, apparently it was meant for Christmas but she put it away and forgot where she had put it and only just discovered it again. Emily loved Peppa Pig last year but has more recently moved on to Minnie Mouse as her favourite character instead although she was still impressed when she saw this set.

      I have found this set for the purpose of the review and you can buy it for £9.99 however my Mam left the sticker on the back of the box and she only paid £3.99 but i'm not sure where from.

      The set came packaged in a cardboard box which was decorated nicely like a scene from the show, the box was open fronted, it states on the box that the set is for ages 3 and up however like I said my daughter is younger than this and apart from the fact of she could draw where she isn't meant to I don't see any reason she shouldn't play with the set.

      Inside the box you get a pale blue plastic case which folds in half and fastens up keeping the art set protected and also making it easy to transport, the case fastens with little push on poppers but Emily cannot fasten this herself and even her 5 year old sister struggles to get the case fastened. The case is decorated with a picture of Peppa Pig and a few of her friends which are al true to the TV characters so the scene is nice and brightly coloured and Emily likes to sit and name the characters.

      Inside the case you get 60 art pieces and each one has a specific place for them to sit and they each clip into place keeping them secure which is great as none of them fall out when carrying the case. In the case you get, a rubber, a pencil sharpener, a ruler, a lead pencil, a sponge, a pad of paper, a paintbrush, 12 felt tips, 12 crayons, 12 pencils and a palette of little paint discs. As you can see from the list there is a huge variety in the case and it really is a complete set.

      The parts of the set are all nicely decorated with the main colour for wrappers on crayons etc being pale blue and having little pictures on of the characters. The pens and are small and chunky for little hands and they work from any angle which is great as obviously young children don't hold them properly to begin with. We had a problem with our lead pencil in that all the lead inside must have been broken as no matter how much we sharpened it the lead fell out so that went in the bin. Emily is a little heavy handed and has snapped a couple of the crayons but Sophie manages to play with them without a problem so I think it is just a case of being too rough with them than a design fault.

      I never usually allow my 2 year old to use pens but with supervision she has been using them recently but I do insist on using washable ones which usually cost more so I was really surprised to find that the pens in this set are washable. The set has plenty of different colours in it so covers just about anything the girls want to colour in, you get red, orange, yellow, black, brown, pink, purple, light green, dark green, light blue and dark blue in each set. We found that the paints are a little washed out when you use them which is a shame as all children's characters are all such strong colours so basically the paints aren't strong enough to colour any of the girls colouring books with.

      The case is really good value and a great set especially to buy a young child who hasn't yet collected much art supplies, my girls have played with this set a lot although they are supervised with it as I can imagine what the youngest would do with felt pens, paints and crayons if I wasn't watching.


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      21.02.2013 23:18
      Very helpful



      value for money!

      My daughter is 3 and Peppa Pig mad! She was given the "Peppa Pig Complete Art Pack" for Christmas and immediately fell in love with it. What could be better - it combined her love of Peppa with her love of drawing, painting etc! The age range on the product is 3 years+ but I don't see why younger kids couldn't use it if supervised as all kids love to colour etc!

      The art pack is widely available at most toy shops, though I haven't seen it in any supermarkets. It is currently priced at £6.99 in Toys R Us which I think is really reasonable - I know that the materials themselves are cheap but the fact that it's Peppa means you can expect to pay more, and the price really isn't too bad!

      The pack is actually a blue plastic carry case with a handle. It's not the most robust of things but it does the job. When you take it out of the packaging, you simply fold the pack in half and it clips together with a small popper button. The only flaw really is that quite often you notice something falling out even if it was placed in correctly! On the front of the case is a picture of Peppa and her friends.

      The art pack has 60 pieces:

      12 Felt tips
      Eraser (rubber)
      Pencil sharpener
      Paint pallette
      15cm ruler
      12 wax crayons
      12 colouring pencils
      A small sponge
      Scribbling pad

      All of the items have the Peppa Pig logo and/or pictures on. The paintbrush is just blue and the pencil is long and unsharpened. I am not sure if the items are subject to change though, as my daughter's did not come with a scribbling pad?! Not that I recall anyway!

      The felt tips are chunky and easy for little fingers to use. They are not mentioned as being washable but I have managed to wash them off clothes a few times (you should obviously check yourself, don't take my word for it just in case!). The rubber, ruler and sharpener are as you would expect, though the sharpener is possibly too small for very young toddlers to use. The pencil is long and unsharpened which is a bit annoying if your little one expects to use it immediately, though it only takes a moment to sharpen (as long as you have a bin nearby to catch the shavings!). The crayons are thin, very thin, and snap quite easily but that is typical of many crayons to be honest. They are adequate for use, and my daughter has no problems with them. I wasn't really sure what the small, rectangular white sponge was for, my best guess was it was either to paint with or perhaps to help wet the paint pallette? My daughter has used it both ways so I suppose it doesn't matter much! Both the pencil crayons and felt tips come in a variety of colours and shades so there are plenty of possibilities - red, orange, brown, blue, black, green, pink, purple, yellow, etc. The pencil crayons are short and slim as you might expect. The paintbrush is very slim and blue - perhaps a chunkier paintbrush would have been better especially as this set is aimed at young toddlers. Each item has it's own slot in the case.

      The paint pallette is annoying - it is fixed into the case so can't be removed. This means it gets very messy! You need to wet the paint as they are small watercolours in circle shapes. The paints themselves are fine, they are your average watercolour paints to be honest. They do last a VERY long time as well which is brilliant. However I found that the case had to be left open for a long time to dry, as even attempting to move it caused water to leak behind the plastic and onto the front cover, smudging the picture on the case. In addition it was hard to keep the water and watery paint from going over any of the other materials or plastic as they are all so close together and toddlers aren't the most careful of painters! Again it does not say it is washable but it has washed out for me personally, but obviously check yourselves and don't take my word for it! All materials are non-toxic.

      Having said that, it is good value for money and my daughter uses it all the time. She likes the fact she can carry it with her to different rooms, or when we go to visit family etc. She can also take the individual bits out and use them elsewhere.

      I would recommend it - but beware the paint!


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