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Play Doh Numbers, Letters & Fun

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Brand: Play Doh / Type: Plasticine

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2013 00:05
      Very helpful



      Nice kit for pre schoolers

      My little boy was very spoilt when it came to his last birthday. In fact, hes spoilt every birthday but probably more so this year, as he has now gained many new friends thanks to being in nursery. What this meant for him is he received the most ridiculous amount of birthday presents from outside the family, and this was one of them. Obviously not something I purchased myself, but can be purchased from many places, including Amazon for £16.23 and free p and p ( current price ).

      What do you get?

      8 tubs of play doh, each containing 26g and all individually a different colour- orange, red, yellow, purple, blue, white, pink and green.

      A plastic knife.

      26 lettered moulds/stamps.

      9 number moulds/stamps. Both numbers and letter stamps are square in shape, measuring 3.5 by 3.5 cm. To hold they have a' handle ' that sticks out in the middle of the back of each piece. Stamps/moulds are different colours -blue, yellow, green and red. On each stamp/mould, the area that is pressed into the play doh, each letter or number is raised in shape, so allows either a simply stamping of the shape or if applied enough pressure, the shape can be pressed out of the play doh independently. On the back of each stamp/mould, you have the relevant letter or number actually on it, so the child can see what they are stamping without turning it over.

      Who is it suitable for?

      Children aged from 3 years plus, but I have used this with my 2 year old. I just use common sense e.g not leaving her alone to eat it, wipe it into her eyes, stick it up her nose or her brothers!

      Warning-play doh contains wheat so could be a problem for some children and/or parents.

      What do we think?

      Both of my children have loved playing with this kit. Not only did they enjoy just using the play doh in its most simple form e.g squashing, rolling, making shapes, throwing it at each other etc, but with the addition of the moulds ( I would call them more stamps ), not only does it stretch their imagination abit more in regards to what they can create but also helps my son continue to recognise different letters and numbers as he has been doing for the last year.

      Theres a good range of colours included, which my kids were very excited about. When my son decided he wanted to make something in particular, but didn't have the colour, he told me if he added certain colours together he could create it! It was only then I realised not only can this collection help with letters and numbers, but also colours as well. The texture of the play doh is smooth, soft and very easy to shape, handle and play with. Unlike the plasticine set my son previously had, this was a major improvement as he could get stuck into playing straight away, rather than passing it to me to soften and make more plyable.
      The look of the stamps ( as I will call them ) are very bright in colour and vivid. Perfect size, and easy for even my youngest to hold quite confidently.

      I dont recall if the play doh was fragranced, which means there probably was no smell to it. To confirm that, if it smelt my daughter probably would have eaten it by now!

      No matter how many times I asked my children to use this underneath a mat I had provided them, they still would play with it on surfaces I wasn't very happy about e.g rug, table etc. And on many occasions I found myself removing pink bits out of my black rug, trying to wipe of bright yellow play doh off their table. Needless to say, it can be removed, but some surfaces tougher than others.

      Any negatives? Yes, the tubs of play doh are quite small, but I had no issue with the size. Since theres so many colours, it was a nice sampler for us to experience for the first time. And if the kids liked it, I could easily buy more tubs in various sizes and colours as Ive seen them readily available in many places. What I did have issue with is how difficult it was to get into the tubs. I expected this with my daughter as she is pretty young, but not my son as he just surpasses the recommended age of use for this. So its suitable for 3 year olds plus, but you need to be how old to actually open the play doh? That was annoying, as I was called every few seconds to open them.

      Another negative I have is in regards to the packaging itself. I don't have any suitable storage for this kit, and wanted to keep all elements of this in the box it came in, so when the kids fancies playing with it out comes the box! Once afew of the tubs and stamps go AWOL ( and they will if the kids using it are anything like mine! ), the holes that the tubs are in on the front of the box, if the tubs aren't there, the stamps or any of the contents falls out which is not great. Would have much preferred something abit more structured to ensure everything would stay put regardless of what was or not in the box, or maybe come in its own storage unit, like a lot of construction toys such as Lego come in, but obviously a lot smaller. Not a huge ask if your paying nearly £20.00 for this! Also think there should have been a small rolling pin provided to help kids roll the product out, and use however they wish. Throw in a small plastic mat with numbers and letters on it would have provided a winning combination, or maybe Im being too picky!

      Would I buy this set? Yes I would, but it would have to be at the right price. I personally wouldn't pay £17.00 for this as I think that's too high, but £10.00 and under would be just right. I can not only see this being a lot of fun for different ages, but also has a slightly educational element to it in regards to letters, numbers and colours. We've lost all of our play doh ( no idea how THAT'S happened, so when Im ready I know I can replace it ) but its not the most expensive stuff in the world but would still shop around for the best price.

      Even if I didnt purchase more, the stamps are reusable and could easily use them with a different form of play doh, maybe homemade or a different brand, use it in baking and make shapes out of pastry or rolled out biscuit mix, dip them in paint or ink stamps. So many different uses so the best part of the set for me!

      The set is eye catching, creative but the most important thing is its fun and easy to use. I defy even an adult not to play with this stuff! Afew niggling things I would like to see improve, but overall a nice kit.

      Keeps the kids busy, especially on a rainy nothing to do day!


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