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Play-Doh Puppy Playtime Playset

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Manufacturer: Play-Doh / Type: Plasticine

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2012 13:42
      Very helpful



      Not a bad set from Play-Doh.

      I brought the Play-Doh Puppy Playtime Playset for my daughter about 18 months ago. She was 3 years old at the time and is now 5 years old. This particular playset is suitable for children 3+ years.

      It comes in an eye-catching cardboard box, with a bright picture of the playset and all it's contents on the back and front. We keep our playset inside the box as there are many parts that can go missing.

      The set includes a plastic dog, a plastic dog basket, a plastic dog bowl, a 'dog food' mixer and 4 small pots of coloured Play-Doh (light brown, dark brown, orange and white).

      My daughter was really pleased to receive her playset, as she had seen the advert on television and had asked for it. The dog is almost set up and ready to go, you just need to pop his head and tail on! The dogs body is covered in different shaped molds (all dog related), such as a bone, a ball, a stick, a sock and dog food (to put inside the bowl). You can also make prints of the dogs paws and underneath the ears are molds of a teddy and fire hydrant. There are also molds underneath the dog basket and food bowl of bacon, sausage and steak - you certainly get your moneys worth where molds are concerned! My daughter really enjoys this aspect and has happily molded away for hours! Her favourite thing to make is PUPPIES! The puppy mold can be found underneath the dog and makes very cute puppies (to fill the dog basket up).

      Another aspect which my daughter is fond of is the dogs head. If you remove the dogs head, you will find a hole underneath it. You need to fill the hole up with Play-Doh, put the head back down and PUSH! My daughter used to find this quite difficult but she doesn't any more. As you push down, the Play-Doh sprouts out the top of the dogs head, giving him a very funky hair do! The Play-Doh also comes out of his mouth, making it look like he's sticking his tounge out. Very amusing for little ones.

      The 'dog food' mixer is a strange little gadget. It's quite long and has a hole in the middle, you must put Play-Doh inside the hole (don't overload it though, otherwise it becomes hard to mix) and put the lid on. The lid has a handle on which must be turned - this grinds up the Play-Doh (or the dog food) and dispenses it from the small holes in the bottom (shaped as a triangle, star, square and circle - although they all look pretty similar when they come out). The dog bowl should be placed underneath the mixer to avoid it going all over the floor/table! My daughter really likes this aspect, although I would personally say this is the weakest part of the set it terms of quality - the lid can be awkward to get on and after use it is impossible to get the last bits of Play-Doh out of the mixer. These bits of Play-Doh usually have to be left to go hard, then we can shake them out and throw them in the bin (what a waste!). This is somewhat true of the dogs head too - sometimes there is Play-Doh stuck right inside that we just can't reach.

      There seems to be a sufficent amount of Play-Doh to use with the set, but you can always use Play-Doh from other sets (or buy more tubs of Play-Doh) if you wish. As long as the Play-Doh is put back in the tubs and the lids are tightly sealed, then the Play-Doh will last for a LONG time. If the Play-Doh isn't looked after, it will become useless in no time. My daughter still has a lot of the original Play-Doh left but I will probably need to buy a couple of new 'top up' tubs soon. The colours are perfect for the set - you can make white bones, brown/white/ginger puppies, orange bacon etc. However be aware that the Play-Doh doesn't take long to mix up, most of my daughters creations are now done with a 'marble' effect! This doesn't bother her though.

      The Play-Doh Puppy Playtime Playset was widely available when I brought it. I got ours from Amazon for a reasonable £10.00. It's still available from some places, although you may have to hunt for it a little now.

      Overall this is a great little set, that my daughter still often plays with now. It's great fun, is good value for money, encourages creativity and requires imagination.


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