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Postman Pat Fuzzy Felt

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Manufacturer: Toy Brokers / Type: Fuzzy Felt Set

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2012 12:47
      Very helpful



      watch you don't hoover it up!

      This fuzzy felt set was created by Toy Brokers. Various characters are available but I will be discussing Postman Pat.

      There are a few different sets available. Our set is presented in a large, blue tin featuring various characters from the show on the front. Our tin is labelled as being a collector's tin. Inside the tin, there is a plastic tray with 5 sections to hold all of the felt. The set is suitable for children over the age of 3 due to small parts.

      Our set has :

      *a leaflet with various ideas
      *2 fuzzy felt playboards
      *over 70 laminated and felt pieces

      The idea of the fuzzy felt set is for your child to create various scenes from their favourite show. The playboards are used as a base on which the felt pieces can be added to. This set is said to encourage colour recognition and sorting skills. It also encourages imaginative play and story telling.


      The set we have can be bought from Amazon UK for £16.00 which is excessively expensive. For a more affordable £9.99 head to www.childtoystore.co.uk. A smaller set can be bought for around £4.99 from ebay and Amazon.

      ~Our Thoughts~

      My son adores Postman Pat so was delighted when he received this for his 3rd birthday. It is something different and was well received at the time. Unfortuantely now, it isn't as well appreciated.

      The tin looks good as it is bright and colourful and is a good size. The tin is however, easily bashed and ours as took a few dents. We now cannot get the lid to stay in place. Our playboards are a good size and are rectangular. They feature a board back and felt top. Some sets have green boards though ours has a black board and a yellow one. Bold colours though not exactly brilliant if wishing to recreate Postman Pat seens as we do need green or blue! It is worth noting that the boards attract every bit of dust and fluff and ours has started to resemble a partially shaven sheep!

      ~Fuzzy Felt~

      Before he received this set, my son had never used fuzzy felt and wasn't quite sure what to do with it. Neither was I to be honest but we got on with it. There is lots of pieces inside the box and they vary in size. The laminated characters feature a felt backing and resemble the characters in the show. There are approx 25 laminated pieces including Pat, Ajay, Pats van, the Greendale Rocket train etc so a good variation.

      The other pieces of felt are soft pieces of material in various colours and sizes. There is plenty of tiny little pieces including stars and clouds and some flowers. There is also some larger pieces resembling icicles and trees. These pieces of felt get everywhere. The first week we had this, my son played with it non stop and would tip every piece out onto his table despite the tray inside being fine to hold them all well. Bits would fall to the floor and stick to the carpet and I got so fed up of picking up stars, I started to hoover them up! Bad Mummy I know!

      After the first week, I started bringing one board out and only half the felt pieces and this was plentiful. This set is great if you have 2 toddlers to keep amused as there is 2 boards so my son and nephew can create scenes together and not fight over whos turn it is next. There is plenty to go around them both and for them to create various scenes. Some of the felt pieces are odd and do not really resemble anything from the show. I do feel they are just designed to be fillers.

      This set is very easy for my son to use at 3 and a half. The felt clings to the board quite well though needs to be smoothed over to be a bit more secure. Once the pieces are secured, the board can be placed upright and none of the pieces slip off. They felt can easily be removed by myself or my son and placed back in the tin.

      I wouldn't say this is my sons favourite activity as he does get bored after a short while of playing. Despite there being over 70 pieces of felt, the actual "realistic" scenes that can be created are limited. My son usually places Pat, the van and a few others bits on the board but unless your child puts nearly every laminated piece on, the board will look a bit empty. The other, smaller pieces of felt can be used to fill the board up though it does get a bit boring and samey.

      I would say most of the pieces could relate to any fuzzy felt set had it not been for the laminated characters so creating actual scenes from the show is difficult. My son would have preferred for the boards to already have a scene on them that could be added to or even some pieces featuring the buildings in Greendale. My son usually puts some bits on the board and then gets bored and starts again or moves onto another activity or toy.


      I wouldn't say this set is worth £10.00. It is lasting well though the pieces are too easily misplaced when playing with the set. My son doesn't seem to gain much enjoyment and would rather colour in a picture. On the rare occasion that he does play with the set, I can see him concentrating and searching through the pieces of felt to pick the ideal piece for his scene but I do not consider it to be anymore educational.

      Overall 3 stars from us and recommended if you can pick it up really cheap,

      Thanks for reading x


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