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Pritt Childsplay Magic Craft Glue

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Brand: Pritt / Type: Craft Supplies / Age: 4 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2006 10:22
      Very helpful



      A great glue for young children, just make sure you aren't near a carpet!

      ~ What is it? ~

      In short, this is a pink craft glue which clears when it's dry.

      It has a screw top with a built-in brush attached to the lid. (For those of you who use ciao, it is NOTHING like the photo they show!)

      It's great for sticking all kinds of materials to create collages, pictures, models, papier mache.

      I have used it on a huge amount of items from shells to plastic and have never had any problems with it's adhesive properties.

      It's washable, solvent free and therefore safe for children to use.

      ~ How to use it ~

      As with most adhesives, you just spread the pale pink glue on to the surface or material and stick it down.

      It does say not to apply with your fingers, I can only presume that this is so that it doesn't irritate sensitive skin but then again even when children are using the brush they always end up with gluey fingers and hands.

      ~ My Experience ~

      This is a strong adhesive whilst at the same time being child friendly.

      The pale pink colouring is a great advantage as you can see exactly where you have already applied it and which section needs it.

      They do 'boast' on the back of the product that the angled brush means that it's good for both general and precise application. However, the brush is approx 2cm at it's widest point and 2cm at it's longest, with a 0.5 cm or less width. This isn't really meant for intricate crafty work in my experience. If you want to get in to nooks and crannies I would suggest applying it with a cotton bud or similar.

      When the bottle is very full another disadvantage is that the whole of the plastic stick that attaches the brush to the lid gets covered in glue and it drips all over unless you 'train' children to meticulously wipe the brush and the 'stick' against the side of the bottle, but let's face it, that isn't much fun for little ones, they just like to slap the glue all over and the quicker, the better!

      ~ Care Instructions ~

      Accidental spillage on fabric or furnishings should be cleaned immediately using cold water.
      Spillages on clothing should be soaked overnight in cold water followed by a warm wash.

      My niece and I had an 'accident' with this glue a while ago.........one of us had left the bottle on it's side and the glue poured out on to my Mum's carpet / rug. It was an absolute nightmare to get out and even my Mum who is far better at things like that than me, couldn't get it out........she has since changed her rug! So be warned it isn't quite as easy to get out as they profess but granted, it was almost half a bottle of the stuff on the carpet!

      ~ Pritt's Range ~

      Pritt supply a range of office, school and art products ranging from adhesives to correction fluids.

      Pritt introduced the first multi-purpose non-liquid glue stick in 1969 and continued innovating with the first adhesive roller in 1988 etc

      I have listed some of the products below:
      * Pritt Glue Stick
      * Adhesive Rollers
      * Correction Rollers
      * Multi-Surface Adhesive
      * Childsplay Stick Adhesive; Glitzy, Glitter & Blue

      ~ Price ~

      I can't remember the exact price I paid for these as I bought them in bulk quite a while ago, just shows how long it lasts but www.mayfairstationers.co.uk (where I bought them from) are currently selling packs of 12 for £30.00 incl vat so it works out at about £2.40 per bottle.

      It's a great glue for young children, they can see exactly where they are putting it, thanks to the pale pink colour. Just watch out that they don't spill it on carpets etc.... I actually prefer it to pritt sticks for very young children as it's easier for them to use and apply.


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      21.11.2006 18:10
      Very helpful



      A must for anyone making Christmas cards with children!

      Pritt childsplay glue

      With a little miss who loves craft activities, and the colour pink, this was a must!



      The bottle is quite a sturdy red bottle with a twist off yellow lid. Well, it does twist off until the glue sticks it down, but more of that later

      Unscrew the top, and attached to the lid is a brush which is obviously used to apply the glue. The glue itself is a lovely pale pink colour and is satisfyingly gooey and odourless! However, saying that, it’s not overly runny, so as long as children are reminded to brush the excess glue off at the side of the bottle, there shouldn’t be too many accidents.


      Obviously, from the point of view of a 5 year old who likes anything pink, one of the main advantages is the colour. Pale pink, but we know now that it will dry clear, and none of those little pieces of art will be affected.

      It’s also solvent free and non toxic. Yes, great advantage, it's not going to poison anyone- no nasty fumes or poisonous ingredients, although I wouldn't advise anyone to encourage eating or licking the stuff. It may not be poisonous but it's not a food product. I never make an issue of it being non toxic, because I always wonder whether someone would challenge me on that point!

      Another great advantage is that it sticks things! Not such a ridiculous comment, because sometimes, cheaper options are not the best. There is nothing worse for a child than painstakingly producing a carefully made Christmas card, only to find that the sequins and glitter comes off as the glue dries. With this, they are able to put lots of the glue on their card, drop their bits and pieces into the lake of glue, and know that the result will be what they had in mind.

      So…I always stick (HA!!) to Pritt because whilst it is a bit more expensive than a lot of gluey products, it does sticka lot of things without any problem. It is ideal for sticking paper and card but also sticks the aforementioned sequins as well as things like feathers and tissue…lots of card making resources used in the classroom and at home.

      Pritt glue is usually quite easy to remove from hands and surfaces. I do say "usually" because so far I have had to get it off only hard surfaces…carpets and sofas I can't comment on! One of the nice things about craft glue is picking it off your hands when it dries, although beware, some children hate the feel of it, especially when it’s wet.

      Once the glue has been used a few times, it’s incredibly difficult to get the lid off, so young children will be unable to use it without supervision, and so your furniture is protected. If it does stick hard, run the lid under hot water, and I think this must soften the glue, because you will then be able to unscrew the lid.

      • Some children don't like the stickiness of it on their hands
      • Not suitable for gluing heavier resources.
      • The lid sticks firmly once the glue has got round the edges of the bottle.
      • Can be more expensive than other similar products
      • Young children find it difficult to take the top off so will need help!


      Not suitable for children under the age of 3 because of the small parts, such as the cap, although looking at the size of this cap, I can't see it being a great danger.


      That depends on useage and how well you look after it. If you use it infrequently and put the top back on carefully after use, then it lasts ages. If you have made Christmas cards with the bits and pieces swimming in glue, then it lasts for only that batch of cards, as I have found out with an over zealous miss. One good thing, though; unlike glue sticks, it doesn’t seem to dry out, even if the cap isn’t screwed firmly back in place, so no worries if little one just puts the brush back in the bottle and leaves it like that.



      Information on lots of the products…we particularly like the glitter glue, which seems as though it’s going to be our next seasonal craft purchase. We are also going to try out the Pritt blue stick, although obviously, this doesn’t have the pink appeal!

      **WHAT I THINK**

      As I said, I do recommend Pritt for sticking needs. We frequently use the Pritt sticks, but for sequins and such like, a craft glue tends to have more stickiness, and keeps the things in place.

      The glue is a good consistency for ease of use, and because it goes on with a colour, it’s got novelty appeal. It doesn’t take too long to dry, so there is no mild panic about whether the craft make is going to look like a pink gunge.

      If it gets onto any fabrics or soft furnishings, it’s suggested that the glue is washed immediately with cold water, but I always use it at the table away from anything which can be ruined as I don’t want to spoil her creations by rushing her away from the area to clean. It does wash out of clothes if they are soaked and then washed, and a soap and water wash gets it of hands- alternatively, pick it off as I do.

      Good stuff, and one which I will continue to use.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela x


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