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Pritt Power Stick

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  • It works well
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    6 Reviews
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      09.04.2015 18:50
      Not Helpful


      • "It works well"


      In conclusion it's is a very good product and it worth buying.

      It's probab the best glue stick you can find. I use it all the time, it works better than all other glue sticks, it doesn't make your hand sticky and it can easily glue things together without too much effort, the only comment I proba have is price, but it certainly works well especially useful in school. It's also clean and don't make a mess.


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      03.02.2014 17:37
      Very helpful
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      A clean and efficient glue stick

      ===The Product===

      19.5 grams Power Pritt Stick.
      Multi purpose and extra strong.
      Made by Henkel of Dusseldorf.
      Solvent free, transparent and washable at 40 degrees.
      Suitable for children to use.
      Setting time of 15 seconds.
      The Pritt website states that the strong stick is suitable for use on:
      Foam Material.


      I paid £2.70 at Tesco. It is available at numerous outlets and online at places such as Amazon.

      ===My Opinion===

      Most people are familiar with the red and white tubes of Pritt Stick glue which is great for sticking paper. However sometimes you need something a little bit more secure and for that they have brought out Power Pritt, which is housed in a platinum silver tube.

      My 19.5 gram twist up tube is just under 4 inches long.

      The sticks of glue are whitish but transparent when applied. The tube has a pull off plastic cap and the solid stick of glue is raised as necessary by twisting the base to either raise or lower the glue.

      This Power Stick is more expensive than the ordinary Pritt Stick but is stronger and better to use if you want to make sure of a good bonding.

      I have not tried the glue out on all the items listed but can vouch that it will stick fabric, paper, pictures, card, plastic beads and metal.

      I find these sticks clean and easy to use.

      I enjoy doing craft projects but do not like to use super glue for fear of getting my fingers stuck. Also some glues have a very strong aroma which needs good ventilation.

      The Power Pritt is solvent free and has no discernible odour so can be used with the windows closed without any problems - or by children. It will not stick your fingers together either and if you do get any on your hands it just washes off - though as the tube is so clean and easy to use you should not really get messy in the first place.

      I normally use a general Pritt Stick for doing our village scrapbook, but when doing something a little more important I will use these Power Sticks. The last job I used one for was to make a large display of photographs onto a backing board in the shape of '70' for a person's birthday. There was no need to completely cover the back of the pictures with glue - just round the edges and a cross from corner to corner held everything very securely - even when some pictures were overlapping. Also as I had to travel with this large board and given the rain and winds that day not one photograph became dislodged - so a great result.

      I have also use used the stick when doing craft projects with tiny bits of felt - it does hold then onto stuffed figures etc but for permanence I would also use a few stitches around the edges as well.

      Great if you are making collages or such projects. I must admit that I mainly use it for photographs but have just tested it on a metal key and a plastic bead and it worked fine - though I was also to pull the bead away. The website states that it can only be used for certain plastics - but not PE or PP.

      Admittedly if you want a 100 bonding on metals or plastic you should go for something more like a super glue - but for my little craft projects I find this a good half-way product between that paper glue of a Pritt Stick or the permanent qualities of a super glue.

      I like that this is clean and easy to use and has no smell.

      It is easy to keep one in the drawer for when it is needed - but they do dry up eventually if they are not used for many months - so they do not keep forever.

      The only thing I have found it did not work on was when trying to glue part of a Christmas card to a red Tesco gift bag - it may be that the bag has some sort of coating - but it does not bond on there - but otherwise I have had no trouble.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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        11.09.2012 20:58
        1 Comment



        It did the job

        Pritt Power Stick - available in 19.5g sticks

        OK so here comes the big confession. I broke my boyfriend's favourite mug. Only the handle but I knew I was going to be in trouble, and would be doing the dishes for a week. So for the sake of my hands I figured I should 'repair' it.

        According to the blurb (from the website) this will stick:

        Paper, Cardboard, Cloth, Felt, Photos, Styrofoam, Cork, Glass, Wood, Leather, Metal, Plastics and Foam Material...

        Any way I figured it would do for a temporary fix until I could figure out a way to tell him (or find a replacement)....

        Any way the best way to stick with this is to make sure both 'items' to be stuck are clean and dry, apply, and then you have 15 seconds to move the items until they are in place.

        Now to be fair to the product it lasted quite well while the mug was only in very occasional use (I bought us both 'matching' mugs so he felt compelled to use the new one)... Ironically every time it was used I did the dishes, to make sure it wasn't bashed or dunked more than it needed to be. I should have manned up and taken the original sulk session!!!!

        However he then took the original one into work, and in the first week the handle came off while the mug was soaked overnight. (Woo Hoo!!!) I wasn't blamed...

        The product was great and fit for purpose while the mug wasn't being dunked in water constantly. It has been used in the place of super glue around the house quite often since also, and it works well.

        I would highly recommend this product as it works when you're stuck in a corner.


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          06.04.2011 21:46
          Very helpful




          It is always useful to have a couple of different types of glue around the house, after all a super glue can be a bit of overkill for some jobs and I occasionally turn my hand gto card making for special occasions and so a softer glue that has good qual;ities of adhesion but also allows a lottle movement of the pieces being stuck together is a good idea to have and that is where the regular Pritt sticks come in useful. However if you want a little bit more strength then the Pritt Power Stick is the product for you.

          At £2.99 in my local shop it is more expensive than the standard Pritt however it does provide a stronger bond. This is useful when sticking card and also when I get the chance to reuse a stamp that has not been post marked you want to make sure that it holds otherwise your letter may not get delivered. It is a tube and the solid block of glue appears the more you twist the black base.

          Certainly I have been impressed with how strong the bond is that is formed when using this. I have used it on a layered card structure to build some depth into a card and have also used it to attach felt to card as well and it has worked really well. The glue is solvent and PVA free according to the packaging. If you get any of it on clothes then it should wash off in the washher at a normal temperature for the garment, I have not had to find that out for myself so cannot comment whether it does happen or not.

          It is easy to use and apply and the design that has worked for so long continues to work well with this stronger glue.


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          28.03.2011 18:01
          Very helpful



          a great addition to the Pritt family

          Can you believe that Pritt celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009 and is sold in over 120 countries worldwide?

          I have being using the regular Pritt sticks for many years for all types of projects at school, college, university and even more now since I make a lot of items relating to cardmaking and scrapbooking. It was only recently that I found the power stick and now I rarely use any other type of glue.

          When I first saw this in our local craft shop I thought it had been mispriced - I usually pay £1 for a stick, but on closer inspection I saw that the £2.19 was for 20g of the glue shown in the picture., so Pritt have not just changed their colour scheme from white to pale grey !

          It seemed a bit pricey but I thought I would buy the small size to try out ( it is available in 40g and 90g) and I am really pleased that I did because it does exactly what I want it to do.

          As everyone probably knows these tubes work just as lipsticks do which is good because there is very little waste. You do not get horrible gluey smell, in fact it smells quite floral, and it is repositionable for a few moments which means you can change your mind. (unlike when using double-sided tape).

          I have used it on paper, card (up to 380gsm),lightweight chipboard shapes and some fabrics. I would not use it again on silk but it dragged slightly but I have used it successfully on suede, felt and cotton. Not only is it an accurate way of sticking but everything stays where it is supposed to which isn't always the case when using cheap glue sticks.

          Apparently it can also be used on light plastics, lightweight metals, cardboard and polystyrene but I have not tried these out to date.

          I love the fact that it is solvent-free and PVA free but, best of all it is acid-free which means I can use it for photos in my scrapbooking pages. Moreover I like the way it does not make the card or paper crease/ bubble or crinkle when the glue has dried as I have ruined many a project in the past due to either the wrong type or a cheaper product.

          Recently I managed to get some of the Pritt on my jumper sleeve but, as stated on the cardboard sleeve, I washed the garment at 30 degrees and all trace of the glue was gone..

          If you need a good quality, quick and accurate glue stick rather than using your children's one, then I would highly recommend trying this Pritt Power stick as I think it is worth paying a little extra because it saves time in the long run plus the results are better.


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            02.04.2009 13:11
            Very helpful



            Pritt Upgrade

            We've probably all used 'Pritt Stick' at some point in our lives, as it's undoubtedly the world's best known glue-stick - but did you know that there is a super strong version available which is an altogether more versatile product?

            The original Pritt Stick was invented in 1969, and was apparently inspired by the ease in which lipstick applicators work. Since that time, the manufacturers Henkel have turned Pritt Stick into a truly global product which is now sold in over 120 countries.

            Available in a 20 gram tube, the glue-stick is housed in a grey plastic container with a red, white and black logo. The bottom features the traditional twistable black ring (which raises and lowers the glue), whilst the top end houses the removable cap. Costing around £2 - £2.99 depending on the retailer, Power Pritt is more expensive than the regular variety.

            The solvent free glue has a soap-like smell - although it's not as strong an aroma as the original Pritt Stick - that said, I don't recommend going round sniffing adhesives, as we all know that can be a dodgy pastime.

            The sticking power is very efficient - as long as you give it enough time to dry. Wheras regular Pritt is designed for gluing paper, Power Pritt claims it can stick felt, fabrics, some plastics, cardboard, and even wood.

            I personally don't use it on anything as ambitious as wood, but I do rely on it to hold in place the various bits and pieces which are in my design portfolio - I certainly wouldn't want that to fall apart when i'm showing a client some of my work - and so far it hasn't! The beauty of Power Pritt Stick is that it doesn't make paper bubble and warp like PVA glue can. When I have used PVA in the past to stick photos to paper, the result has often been a horrible and crinkly mess - Pritt Stick thankfully doesn't have this effect, and is completely clean to use. That said, due to the fact that it contains ethylbicyclooxazolidine, the product is unsuitable for anyone under the age of six.

            In conclusion, Power Pritt Stick is a reliable product which does its job incredibly effectively. Yes, it is more pricey than the regular Pritt Stick and the generic cheap supermarket versions which you can buy nowadays - but what price to pay for peace of mind? Highly recommended.

            P.S - I would never try anything as morally reprehensible as attaching a feline to the ceiling with this stuff... I would probably use superglue for that.


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          • Product Details

            Extra strong, solvent free, multi-usage glue for use with wood, PVC, polystrene, styropor, felt, fabric, cork, paper etc•

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