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Robin Double Knitting Yarn

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Brand: Robin

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    3 Reviews
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      06.06.2014 18:45
      Very helpful



      Good product, love the colour choices, great price.

      I've been knitting and crocheting for years and for the first years of my knitting and crocheting life, I thought this hobby would be very expensive for me. Until I found this yarn in one of the local shop. What I like the most about this yarn is the price. It is very affordable and the quality is more than what I paid for. It comes in many colours and each goes well with the other, so it is great for mix and matching when you are crocheting granny squares. You could go for a quirky contrasting colours or a nice ombre or gradation colour.

      It is very soft although it is 100% acrylic. It's thick and warm so it's a really nice material for garments.

      It works very well when I knit with it, and it feels really smooth and glide really well in my aluminium needles. However the yarn sometimes splat when I crochet with it. I know it could be my fault or because of the bad cheap hook I've been using, but I rarely have this kind of experience with other more expensive yarn.

      Most of the time I had good experiences with Robin DK yarn, only once in 10 balls (oh yes, I've been using this yarn a lot since the first time I've been introduced to this amazing yarn), I found a knot. Which I have to admit, is very annoying because you don't want a knot in the middle of your beautiful jumper (especially if you are going to gift it somebody).

      I like the product. Overall it is a good product. Of course you get what you paid for, and if you are not so fussy about quality, this is a great product for being crafty.


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      27.06.2013 01:58
      Very helpful



      A good quality wool, - just make sure you buy the same batch and dye number

      =Robin Double Knitting Yarn=

      Knitting is something that I was taught by my mum when I was a child and I always remember knitting handbags and skirts for my Sindy dolls, I have tried teaching my daughter, she has knit a scarf, but unless it grows there and then she gets fed up.

      Knitting did go out of fashion, but now seems to have come back with a bang and everyone is at it.

      My love of knitting has never changed, and I love knitting baby cardigans, as my favourite pattern I can knit a Cardigan for a baby for 1 ball of wool.

      =Quality, Price and Availability=
      This ball of Robin Double Knitting Wool is 100grams in weight, and I buy mine from a local independent wool shop , and I pay £1.70 a ball.

      (There have been times when I have seen wool for £1 in our local pound shop, but the quality of that wool is very poor, and when knitting with it, it would take another half of a ball compared to the 1 ball of the Robin Wool)

      =The Yarn=
      The Yarn is 100% acrylic, and is machine washable at 40C.

      It is recommended that you knot with double knitting wool on a pair of no 8 (4mm) needles, and the recommended size for a square (which is a guide to how your tension is) 24 stitches, and 32 rows would give you a 10cm square. If your square is bigger than 10cm you would need to change your needles to a thinner pair eg 3.25mm (no 10), if your square is smaller than 10cm, then you would need a bigger needles, eg a no 6 (5mm) needles.

      Robin has a wide selection of colours, from what I call baby colours, such as White, pale pink, mint, lemon, pale blue, through to the bright colours such as orange with most shades in between as well.

      I find the quality of the Robin Wool is excellent, it is strong in terms of the wool, gentle in terms of the texture of the finished garment, and the wool knits to the pattern, in terms of if the pattern says 100grams, then this wool will knit to that pattern, you know you won't need to buy a 2nd ball of wool to match.

      If you are buying more than one ball of a colour, although say it will all be white, you do need to check on the ball band, as there is a dye number and batch on each

      eg found some white wool and want to buy 2 balls, but there is 3 balls there, so i need to check the dye and batch numbers.

      Ball 1 Dye 545 Batch556 / Ball 2 Dye 545 Batch556 / Ball 3 Dye 545 Batch 989

      With those numbers above, you would choose Ball 1 and ball 2, as these both have the same dye and batch number, - this means they were dyed at the same time, and there would be no difference i n the colour.


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      15.10.2012 18:56
      Very helpful



      A great knitting yarn

      In my last review I explained that I love to knit baby clothes - mainly hats - and sell them on EBay. In order to make sure that they sell reasonably often I have to keep the price right down. To this end I need to buy good quality yarn at the lowest price that I can find.

      Here in Llandudno we used to have one of those shops that sell all sorts of different things at low prices and they used to sell 100g balls of yarn at £1 each which was brilliant - sadly the shop has now closed so I have had to find another supplier.

      The yarn I buy nowadays is Robin Double Knitting yarn which costs me £1.60 for a 100g ball or, if I buy a full pack of 1,000g at a time at £15, the price per ball is then reduced to £1.50. To be fair I only tend to buy in bulk when I buy the white wool which is the one that I use the most.

      This yarn is 100% acrylic - it was never going to be pure new wool at that price now was it? It is lovely and soft and is machine washable at forty degrees. It is very easy to knit with and sews up nicely too. The resulting garment looks smart, feels nice, can be washed in the washing machine and is inexpensive to produce - obviously not taking into account any of my time that I use.

      If you are interested the ball of yarn - when unravelled - would measure 300 metres. Knitting on 4mm needles 24 stitches and 32 rows would give you a piece of work 10cm square. It's not something I have ever bothered about but I know some people like to check their tension before they begin knitting.

      Robin yarn is available in a wide range of colours from white and the pretty pastels right up to the brightest colours. In fact last year a lady wanted me to knit her some baby hats and mittens to sell at a London market and she ordered them in grey, royal blue, purple, pillar box red, bright yellow, emerald green and navy blue - she said that they sold better than the pastel colours! I found Robin yarn in every colour that she ordered.

      I have been knitting with Robin yarn for many years now and I have never had any problems with knots or any other faults for that matter. The yarn itself is strong and the knitting I produce with it is neat and it lies nice and flat.

      The important thing for me is the fact that, not only does it look and feel nice, I can then offer it at a low price meaning that I have more chance of selling the item. Unless it is something for a special occasion people tend not to want to spend a fortune on something that a baby is going to grow out of in no time and this yarn helps me produce just that!

      So there you are then - an excellent budget yarn which is a pleasure to knit with making a garment that looks really smart, feels nice and soft and is machine washable which, to be fair, is exactly what you want isn't it?

      I would recommend this wool without any hesitation.


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