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Spin Master Bendaroos Cute Pets

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Manufacturer: Spin Master / Type: Crafts

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2011 18:51



      Great activity for crafty children

      My daughter is very crafty and I am always looking for something new to give her for Christmas. I had seen these sets during the year but always thought they looked expensive for what you got. However I managed to get 2 packs for £10 in the run up to Christmas which seemed reasonable.

      Basically you get several different coloured bendable sticks - each colour packaged seperately in a clear resealable plastic bag and an instruction leaflet showing you the basic bends/twists and some examples of what you can make.

      The sticks themselves are approx 20cm long and are made of something like wax. They are not sticky, do not leave a residue on your hands but do hold their shape and stick to themselves. They are pretty much mess free although you would not want to tread them into carpet.

      My daughter enjoyed playing with these and prefers them to plasticine. The finished shape can be stuck to windows which is bit of a novelty for children!

      You can also resuse the sticks if you can bear to take apart previous creations.

      I would recommend this product for approx age 5 upwards. It keeps children quiet for quite a long period of time, they don't get messy and can do it without adult help.


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      31.01.2010 12:16
      Very helpful
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      I like the idea, ive read great reviews but am still on the fence

      Bendaroos were highly advertised this christmas and they looked huge mess free fun! My 9 year old niece was the first to ask for them and I managed to get the full set for under £20 delivered but this prompted my four year old to start asking for Bendaroos too.
      Well, Spin Master the manufacturers really were on a money spinner here and they released many smaller sized theme packs.

      One such pack was this 'cute pets' pack that I purchased from Amazon for £4.99.
      For this you will receive a colourful card box containing 80 Bendaroos and an instruction leaflet. The Bendaroos are split into seperate colours individually packaged in air tight resealable bags. The colours are split as follows: 8 white, 16 yellow, 16 orange, 16 blue, 16 hot pink and 8 black bendaroos sticks.
      The only reason its called a 'cute pet' pack is the pictures on the box and the suggestions on the leaflet but in reality these can be made into anything your imagination will allow!

      Basically these magical sticks are wax covered, bendable, poseable and flexible whilst being safe to use and mess free. Simply roll, wrap, twist, bend or fold them to make your desired shapes. They join and stick simply by pressing together. The larger packs contain tools for cutting and pressing / joining the Bendaroo sticks but the smaller theme packs do not. The tools in my opinion are not necessary hence these theme packs are good as a starter pack but also good as an add on pack to your collection.

      The instruction booklet included in this pack has instruction diagrams to make a cat, rabbit, bear and a dog. They tell you how many of each colour bendaroo sticks are required and how many you will need to cut for example make the black bendaroo stick into black dots for eyes and nose. If you dont have the cutting tool then scissors cut these very easily.

      Bendaroos are aged 5+ and not suitable for children under 3 due to choking hazard. As previously mentioned this set was purchased for a four year old. She has enjoyed playing with her Bendaroos but hasnt been able to make any of the pets unaided, instead she is happy twirling them and making pretty patterns.
      I have attempted the pets and have to say that I found the wax didnt really stick against itself very easily BUT we are in a house currently with no central heating and I am giving this the benefit of the doubt as I think our 'room temperature' is just too cold for these to work properly.

      Our Bendaroos are currently away awaiting the spring but will definately come out again when the temperature has risen in our household!


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