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Spin Master Paperoni Magic Movin Pets

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2 Reviews

Spin Master / Paper craft toy, with moving animal toys.

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    2 Reviews
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      05.07.2011 12:59
      Very helpful



      tomorrow's landfill, enjoyed today

      It's been Birthday time again in our household and, now that the party detritus has long been cleared up it's time to work our way through the pile of toys. So far one of the most successful gifts in the eyes of my (just) five year old at least, has been this Paperoni set. She loves it, has made it and has played with it constantly since she got it. I have to admit that when she opened this I was expecting it to be a dud, having had a bad of experience of paperoni a while back, however this newer set is an improvement of previous sets in my opinion, though it's not without its flaws it undoubtedly is a winner with kids.

      What's in the box?

      The set contains all you will need to make three pets and their habitats. There's a rabbit, a dog and a hamster. All three pets have some element of clockwork in them and once made they can be wound up and played with. Each pet comes in a separate package in the box and there are full, easy to follow and well illustrated instructions. Basically paperoni are small paper straws - they are solid as opposed to hollow, that can be stuck on 3-D or 2-D sticky surfaces. The set contains a mix of both. The 3-D items (the animals) come with a stand to put the bodies on whilst you are working, and add on ears, tails and sticky eyes. There is a pair of tweezers and also the aforementioned habitats - the rabbit has a 2-D garden and carrots and the hamster has a working wheel, whilst the dog has a kennel; you are supposed to be able to push the bone so that the dog scurries out. All of the elements to this toy work to a greater or lesser degree.

      Is it any good?

      The first negative about this set is that there is a lot of waste and very little creativity. Before you even start you have discard a plastic cover for the 3 bodies (one per pet) and there a 1500 paper straws included which is more than you are ever going to need - we have a whole cereal bowl full left over. Apart from the packaging you also have to throw away the 3 plastic stands, which didn't seem to be recyclable. The toys once made aren't either a particularly durable or long lived affair, as I shall explain.

      That said the actual making of this set was something that my daughter really enjoyed. Basically you have to stick straws all over the bodies, and you can choose whatever colour you would like. There was some confusion that the bunny's nose wasn't purple as per the box but a bog-standard pink, but bar this my child found the set easy to use and she enjoyed doing it. I'm not sure there was quite the "hours of fun" that the manufacturer promised, but it certainly kept her quiet and gainfully employed for an hour or two. Probably the least satisfying part was making the 2-D roof tiles but bar this she enjoyed making the animals and selecting her own colours, though she did need some assistance adding ears and the like which even I found tricky as they had to be slotted in quite firmly.

      Once made the toys are designed to be played with, this aspect of the toy is where results are varied. The hamster has a tail which you pull and then he can scurry across the floor or be put in the wheel. The hamster wheel is on castors, it does turn round quite well and the hamster is fairly durable though, inevitably as with all the animals the actual paperoni do fall off with play - they are attached with sticky glue which doesn't seem to dry firm. The rabbit hops, sometimes, but the turner is quite hard for a child to turn and the clockwork is a bit erratic. The dog runs around quite well, but the bone you are supposed to press to release him from his kennel doesn't work at all.


      All in all then it's a good toy on the basis that my child instantly loved it and enjoyed making her pets and likes playing with them. She has played with her pets far more than I would have thought possible, it was a great gift and I've actually bought another set for our present drawer as it is currently reduced to £5.99 at Argos - at that price it is a bargain, even given all the packaging waste. Elsewhere the set seems to be priced at anything up to £20, personally I wouldn't want to pay anything over £10 for it. I think that this set has given new life to the Paperoni concept - though I wish it didn't involve quite so much waste, we have lots of left over straws that we could, in theory, use for other craft, but I suspect are going to throw away - that will make it probably near on half of the set being waste, which I find hard to forgive.

      Ultimately, the bottom line is that my child loves this toy, and her sister would have liked to get her hands on it too - I think for a child over 5 this set is likely to be a winner - so despite its negative I am being quite generous on how many stars I give it. Child recommended.


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        28.10.2010 01:25
        Very helpful



        More ornamental than a toy!

        It was my middle son's 7th birthday on Friday and amongst all the gifts he was given was this Paperoni magic moving pets set.

        I had a quick search through and couldn't find it anywhere on dooyoo and suggested it and it came through really quickly, so a big thanks to dooyoo!!

        My mum bought this in Argos at a bargain £9.99 rather than the usual £19.99 as it's currently on a half price offer, so if your planning on buying this I would recommend you get it now rather than later as I think £19.99 is too much for this toy!!

        It comes in a cardboard box with slightly curved edges, it's quite small in size and doesn't seem to look twenty quids worth!
        The front of the box shows you what animals can be made. There's a rabbit, a hamster and a dog.

        I suppose the good thing about this particular set is that the animals do move. They are just simply wind-up toys that hop, run and spin and scurry (run)!

        We sat at the kitchen table and opened the box, inside the box we found 2 packets of 'paperonis' these simply being tightly wound small pieces of tissue paper, all in different colours and sizes.

        You also get a little plastic stand which holds the figures for you to decorate them, I didn't really find this much help, neither did my son so we just held the figures by the feet and stuck the paper on that way instead. Each one has it's own holder/stand.

        There's a little plastic pair of tweezers with a pokey stick at the end, this is used for picking up the bit's of paper and for prodding into the ends of a paperoni to make it unwind (a bit like when you hold a roll of paper and the middle all come's loose.....) Also instructions and a few other bit's were included......

        There was the rabbit figurine, the hamster and the dog. Also a hamster wheel and a dog kennel.

        Rabbit ~

        I did this one as my son said it was too pink for him lol!!

        The rabbits body came in a little plastic pack, this is to protect it as it is all sticky ready for the paperoni's to stick to. The body of the bunny is entirely pink!
        The tail, ears, nose and paws needed to be attatched after the paperoni pieces had been applied.

        I poured the 2 bags of paperoni's into 2 seperate bowls and picked out lot's of the pink ones. My son did the same by picing out the colours he needed.

        I used a cocktail stick to poke thought the ends of the paper but my son used the tweezers, he didn't have any difficulty in doing so, so it is an easy simple toy to play with.

        After doing so I started stick the paperoni's to the rabbit body, they stuck on simply as the body was already sticky. I carried on doing so untill I had completely covered the whole body. It wasn't hard but it was fiddly, my son found it easier with the tweezers as the pieces of paper are really small and fiddly to hold.

        I then attached all the body parts such as nose, ears, tail and paws and then stuck on the eye's.

        Now, the rabbit is supposed to hop, it did, before the paper was added, but I think the weight of the paper has stopped the poor bunny from hopping!! There's a little wind-up handle on the side which blends in with the paperoni nicely.... Hubby couldn't find it at all lol!!

        I also had 2 little gardens, and 3 carrots to decorate, these were simply card pieces with sticky surfaces. Very simply but made it look more of a playset.

        Hamster ~

        My son did this one.
        Again the body came in it's own seperate little pack as it is sticky. The body of this is completely white.
        All three of the different animals come in their own bag with the bits and pieces together.
        Upon opening this we had a hamster and a wheel with a stand, which moves. The stand has wheels so the the actual hamster wheel goes around.
        The hamster can then run on the wheel, via pulling a pull cord on the hamsters bum.
        Again the ears and nose were sepaerate and we added these when he had finished decorating it with the paperoni's. He followed the colours on the box and now has a white, brown and blue hamster!!
        It's really cute and I love how he runs on the wheel.
        My son found it very simple and easy to do. And he enjoyed doing it, without getting bored and running off to watch the telly!!

        Dog ~

        Again my son did this one and again the body comes in it's own little plastic case to protect the stickiness of it. The body of the dog is completly brown.
        The dog comes with a little kennel, that has a plastic base and front, then the other sides are card, the roof of the kennel has the sticky stuff so this can be covered in the paperoni pieces to make it looked tiled!
        He followed the colours on the box and the puppy is so cute in his brown and white colours.
        The kennel has a little bone shaped button on the side, when the dog is in the kennel and it's pressed the little pup jumps and scoots around.... It's sweet!!

        Overall it's a nice little set, but once they are done, they are done! The toy's can be played with over and over again but they can't be decorated again. My son has decided to line them up on his window sill and whilst they do look cute I don't feel they are worth the money.

        You do have to be careful when playing with them as the paper pieces do have a tendency to fall off. They are probably more useful as ornaments!

        The box simply says not for children under 3 years due to the small parts.

        For £9.99 I would buy it if your child want's it but I think the £19.99 price tag is too much.


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