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Staedtler Fimo Soft Starter Set 8023 10

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Brand: Staedtler / Type: Clay Modelling Kit

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2012 08:15
      Very helpful



      A nice kit but not massive

      When I was younger I used to love making little creations using fimo clay and as my son quite likes art and crafts I asked my friend to pick him up a fimo starter kit as his Christmas present. She purchased the kit from amazon where it cost just short of £13.00 but I noticed as I came to write this review that the price has dropped to £11.99.

      The fimo starter kit my friend purchased for my son is made by Staedtler and comes in a thin plastic case which basically pulls apart when you initially open it and is practically impossible to close back up again after use! On the front of the box there is a picture which shows various pencil toppers made from fimo on top of pencils in the tub. The picture is bright and looks quite fun in my opinion.

      Inside this starter kit you receive the following:

      -9 coloured blocks of fimo clay
      -a cutting tool
      -a small plastic mat for working on
      -a small jar of varnish
      -brief instructions

      All of the blocks come sealed in a thin plastic wrapper and are uniform in size. They aren't particularly big at 25g each but you don't really need to use much of it per model as you don't really make big models using this stuff in my experience. There is a good selection of colours in this kit I think with red, yellow, white, black, purple, green, brown, orange and blue available for use.

      My son just opened all of the blocks as we had decided to have a good little model making session in order to warrant putting the oven on to bake the clay. The clay is quite hard so it is a good idea to use the cutting tool to cut a bit off when you need it we have found. As you create things with the fimo it does become more flexible and easier to mould.

      Now a major issue for me with this kit was the fact that the instructions basically said stick your creations in the oven for about twenty minutes on a 130 degree heat. This was even quite difficult to find in the information too as it was presented in various languages! There was no booklet with examples of things you could make using the fimo which I found really disappointing because I feel it would have been beneficial to give my son some instruction and inspiration. Instead we took a few minutes to google "fimo creations" but it wasn't the same as having something as a guide in front of you and I think this is especially the case for a child who often likes to have something to start them off on their idea.

      We noticed that it was definitely advisable to use the mat provided to work on because the fimo stuck to the dining table a little. It also colours the fingers as you work so it is important to wash your hands to avoid transferring colours to the other blocks as you wouldn't want to transfer black to white for example.

      My son and I made a few small models and perhaps used around a third of the fimo in doing so. After baking them in the overn we allowed them to cool down before I painted them with the varnish and left them to further harden on the plastic mat. The varnish does make the models look nice and shiny and they feel sturdy too but I did end up covered in the sticky stuff so I would advise an adult does this part really.

      All in all this is a nice set and it is a good activity to do with your child. I do think that given that it is a starter set some form of illustrated booklet and perhaps some magnets, pin badges or keyrings would have been a very good addition and that perhaps my son would have enjoyed the activity even more had he had these extras.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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