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The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Cute Kittens

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Manufacturer: Orb / Type: Stickers / Age: 5 Years+

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    1 Review
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      30.06.2013 10:06
      Very helpful



      A lovely set

      Sticky Mosaics Cute Kittens

      My eldest daughter has recently turned 6 and she has already had two of these sets as previous presents, knowing how good they are and how much she enjoys completing them I told my Mam to buy another for her birthday and as we had just got a little kitten named Izzy she thought this was rather apt.

      We started out her mosaic creations with a Crayola set but we have found these sets to be much better and she loves to give her creations to people, 2 of this set are heading for the teachers at school as she says she is going to miss them when she moves into year 2.

      Price and Availability

      I had only ever seen these sets on Amazon and then my mam rang me and as she had seen some in Toys R Us so she wanted to ensure she was buying the right brand which she was so I can now reliably say they stock them too. On the Amazon site you can buy this set for £13.99 with free delivery, the previous sets I have bought her have been a pound or so cheaper so I think they may have gone up in price slightly.

      There are a number of different parts to this range, you have the standard sticky mosaic sets for ages 3 and up and then you have sets called my first mosaics from the makers for younger children which I am planning on buying my younger daughter for her birthday. There are plenty of different types of sets mainly animals and then there are sets aimed more at boys such as pirates and dinosaurs so I would say you could find something to sui t every child in the range.

      The Box

      The box is very brightly colours, you have the Orb Factory logo in the top left hand corner then a little key for what number each sheets is underneath. You have a picture of one of the completed kittens on the front of the box which looks really sparkly and pretty, it states that this set is suitable for ages 3 years and up over although my nearly 3 year old helps her sister with this although she gets the pieces off the backing rather than putting them on the pictures. The box is really sturdy and opens with the full front of the box lifting up, we have always found these boxes to be really sturdy which is great as you don't want loose stickers everywhere.

      The Contents

      Inside the box you find a leaflet about other products in the range which I thought was great as my daughter was able to use this to point out which other sets she would like pretty much means all of them since she loves all things bright and sparkly.

      You get an instruction leaflet which is simply a small piece of brightly coloured paper which shows the four finished Kittens and has a little diagram showing how to remove the mosaic pieces from their backing and place onto the template, even the instructions are great quality being on a thick glossy piece of paper. On the instruction sheet you also get a key with the numbers from 1 to 14 written across the sheet and then pictures of which sticky piece goes with each number pictured above it, Sophie finds it very easy to follow the key which is great as it means she can play with the set independently.

      There are 4 rectangular sheets of board which have rounded edges and a Kitten pictured on each one. There is a bright blue Kitten wearing a crown and sitting on a pillow quite obviously a pampered Kitten, there is a lovely pink Kitten about to pounce at a butterfly in a lovely outdoor scene with a colourful rainbow in the background. Thirdly you have a orange Kitten which has a fishbowl tilted towards in and a paw inside and a Fish cowering down in the corner which I Sophie finds very amusing and then lastly there is a yellow Kitten which is laid on it's back playing with a ball of wool.

      The Shapes

      I think the sticky shapes are lovely and colourful and there are also little gems which just about any little girl is bound to love. There are 9 small square sheets each one containing lots of little tiny squares, there a plain colours in yellow, orange, purple, pink and white and then there are metallic and holographic effects in dark purple, pale pink, dark pink and blue. There are a number of gems to use to accent the pictures which Sophie is always thrilled with and she says that they are really special, there is a pink teardrop, a pink heart, a silver round, a gold round and a pink round.

      All the sticky pieces are real girly colours, the gems and squares are very small so could be hard for younger children to handle and we did find that Sophie was a little rough with previous sets and the top layer came off a couple of them but now she's a bit older she can handle them perfectly and none of them get damaged.


      This is a very easy set to play with as I have said the instruction simply tell you to take a piece from the backing and place on the picture although what the instructions actually misses out is that there are numbers 1-14 on each template and you have to match the correct sticky shape with the correct number. As this is sticking by numbers it wouldn't really be any good to a child who doesn't recognise numbers up to 14, my daughter knew her numbers so she could play with the set easily and we have found this time that she has created the pictures alot quicker than with previous sets.

      My daughter is really loving playing with this set and she has completed 2 of the Kittens and has 2 more to do, we have found this time she is more precise and she manages to get the stickers directly onto the number so there is nothing showing underneath which she is really proud of herself for.

      Our Opinions

      This set is fantastic, it is great value for money and every piece of it is brilliant quality. The templates are very strong and haven't got any damage to them at all, the numbers of the templates are very clear and written in bold black writing so they are easy to recognise. The sticky pieces are great and even though some of them have glitter on them there is no glitter transfer and we have found with previous sets that there are extra ones provided which I think is great as younger children may drop some.

      Sophie is very proud of the results she has got with this set, she has given the first Kitten she has completed to our Kitten Izzy although i'm not sure exactly how much Izzy appreciates the work she has put into it! I did wonder with this being Sophie's 3rd set if she may get a little bit bored with it but she hasn't and she has asked for more of the sets so she really does get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

      I cannot fault this set in any way and Sophie loves the set too so I rate it 5 stars from 5.


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