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Tobar Tap Tap Art

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Brand: Tobar / Type: Decorating

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    3 Reviews
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      03.02.2014 13:17
      Very helpful



      Great fun

      Tap Tap art is the perfect way for your child to tap into their creative side without making too much of a mess. As long as you don't mind standing on the odd tack this artist piece is right up yours and your child's street!! Your child can create funny pictures with this set and have lots of fun with it whilst continuing to improve their hand eye coordination skills as well. Both my son' s aged 6 and 4 years old enjoy this simple fun and I have to admit I do too.

      *****Tap Tap art*****

      Tap Tap art consists of a piece of cork board, some wooden shaped pieces, some bronze tacks and two hammers. These items put together make for some great fun!

      The cork board is a nice thick piece of cork that measures 24.5cms by 17.5cms. It is quite a robust piece of cork but as you would imagine with any cork it could be picked at if you let your child do so.

      The set includes a total of 126 pre drilled wooden pieces. The wooden pieces come in many different shapes and sizes and are all brightly coloured. Within the set the wooden pieces are either red, blue, green or yellow. Even though they are few colours that doesn't stop the creativity in making some great pictures. The wooden pieces rage in shape they are some long thin pieces, circles of different sizes, semi circles, squares, moons and much more.

      To attach these shapes to the cork board the set comes with some bronze tacks that fit nicely in the pre drilled holes and can be hammered into the board. The tacks are a little on the sharp side so your child does need to take care with them but both my boys have been absolutely fine with them. They hurt more when one is left upright on the floor and you stand on them!

      To hammer the tacks in the set comes with two small all wooden hammers. They are perfect size for you children's hand and perfect size for the small tacks.

      To help your children the set comes with 14 small cards of which have design ideas on them. All the pieces used in the design are within the set. On one side of the card is a coloured design so your child can copy exactly and on the other is a black and white design so your child with have to come up with the colour scheme themselves.

      And that is the set complete!

      *****Opinions *****

      My eldest son who is nearly 6 years old loves this particular set it is simple yet fun and he can be creative with it. He instantly got the technique of tapping the tacks in carefully. He found it relatively easy to be fair. To begin with he used the designs provided to make the pictures but as he became more confident and learnt what pieces were available in the box he began making his own designs up. There are plenty of pieces to be really creative with it. The only problem I have with my son is he doesn't like taking things like this apart. He is the same with his Lego creations. We know have a folder on the computer of all the photos I have taken of all his creations that we have had to take apart!

      My younger son also likes to play with this set and I have found it has really brought his hand eye coordination skills along. His creativity maybe isn't on a par with my older son I just don't think he is a creative kind of guy but as the set includes designs he can have as much fun still. Copying the design does take my younger son quite a bit longer but he is very proud of himself when he has completed a whole design. He gets a lot of satisfaction out of it. Tapping the tacks through the pre drilled hole onto the cork was a little tricky for him to begin with but he has slowly improved his technique.

      I love the simplicity of this set and I love to see the enjoyment my boys get out of it. It is not something they play with all the time but every time we get it out they really enjoy it. I have to admit to having a go myself and it is quite enjoyable. When people visit the house and it is out I have seen them having a go with it too. My only disappointment with this set is the fact it comes with two hammers but only one piece of cork. The piece of cork is a good enough size for one creations but two children would struggle to share it, well my boys do anyway! It would have been good if two pieces of cork had been provided as there are plenty of wooden pieces and tacks to go round. That said I still love the set and would highly recommend it to others.

      *****Availability. *****

      Tap Tap Art retails for around the £10 mark. It is currently available on Amazon for £7.99. I think that is a very fair price and your child would certainly get their money's worth out of it. Creative and fun what more could you want. I managed to get the set for my children at a local charity shop all complete for £2.50 and it was perfect condition. I feel like I have got a fantastic bargain.


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        03.02.2013 15:12
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        not worth it

        At the pre-school I work at we have tap tap art as we have done for years. I absolutely hate this toy. Children love to tap them with the hammer though.

        Tap tap art includes 126 wooden shapes (not that i've counted, i'll have to trust the box), 100 tacks (which is a little strange as there is more shapes than tacks), 1 cork board, 1 wooden hammer and 14 ideas cards.

        The shapes come in a variety of shapes and colours. These include circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, semi-circles and in the colours of red, blue, yellow and green. They each have a hole in the centre where the tack goes, this is plenty big enough for the tack.

        The shapes are a variety of sizes and when put together on the board can make many different pictures. You just put the tack in the hole and tap it with the wooden hammer. The hammer is about the size of a pencil which is the right size for childrens little hands. There are idea cards for children to use with different pictures on which are easy to follow.

        The problem I have with this toy is the tacks. I wouldn't give a child pins to play with so I don't know how this passed as safe for a child's toy. The tacks are just as sharp as pins and are made from brass. We always make children play with this on a table as the pins are sharp, we never leave the toy unsupervised. Despite this they always get them on the floor. The floor under the table has a long furred rug so the tacks get lost in it and you can't see them. As children always play on the floor we always wear slippers and nowadays they don't always have hard soles so if children or adults stand on them you don't know until you've done it. The amount of times I have nearly stood on one is too many to count. The other day when I was putting slippers away I noticed one tack had gone right through a rubber sole on a slipper, luckily it was a thick sole and only just came through on the inside but if it wasn't it could have gone into the child's foot. Ouch. This is why I hate them so much. I am also always getting them hovered up as you can't see them but you hear as they go in the hoover (hopefully one day I will have hovered them all up!)

        This toy is recommended for ages 5+ and can be bought for around £10.

        They may help with fine manipulative skills and imagination but they are dangerous and there are other toys which are safer and teach the same skills.


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          29.12.2010 18:10
          Very helpful



          Love it and so many different things to design with it.

          Thank you Dooyoo for adding this suggestion for me, I was surprised to not already find it on here.

          What is Tap Tap Art?
          It is a picture building set using wooden, tacs and a hammer. It is made by and can be viewed at www.tobar.co.uk.

          My son got this from me as a Christmas present after he had enjoyed playing with one at a friends house. I had never seen them before but apparently some schools and preschools have them.
          I paid £9 on ebay for it which included postage. On their own website they are £9 and also noticed Early learning centre sell them at £10.
          The age suggested is from 4years of age but honestly my son just turned 5 this week and he is at the right age for it really.

          The contents of the colourful box are
          1 cork board approx 25cm
          126 pre drilled wooden shapes
          2 hammers
          picture cards
          & 100 brass pins

          The idea is for the children to design the pictures using the coloured shapes. The set includes some cards which have pictures already on so these can very easily be followed by the child. One side is coloured so they can copy it exactly while the reverse side is in black and white so the child chooses the colour scheme to use.
          Some of the ideas given already on the cards are a juggling clown, trains on the tracks, house, boats, smiling faces and so much more. My son has no problems following the pictures but he also likes ignoring the cards and designing his own things, usually trains lol. One of the circle shapes has a face on it which can be used for a person or animal face. There is so many different things to be made and when you are finished you can start again on something else.

          To design the picture you position the chosen shape on the cork board and place a pin into the pre drilled hole and then hammer it into place to secure it, then it won't fall off when lifted up. The hammer is made totally from wood but it can still hurt if hits you on the head! Yes I was playing around with it and it hurt my head when hit myself, lesson learnt.

          Now the brass metal pins are real therefore would hurt if stood on, I've stood on way too much Lego since Christmas which hurts and no way want to stand on a pin too. I have given my son a small plastic tub to keep the pins in and he can only play with it at the table to avoid chances of losing bits all over the place.

          My son loves playing with this set. I think it makes them feel more grown up be able to use a hammer and pin. The colours are nice and vibrant and the various shapes give even more help with teaching them shapes. The shapes are various but include, circles, half moons, rectangles, long pieces, triangles etc.

          Please take note of my advise about the pins if purchasing this for your own child.

          Just to add also that even though a hammer is used you can easily push the pins in with a finger. They also come off the board by pulling off.


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