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Toy New Stick & Style Mosaic Art Fashion Vanity Mirror Jewellery Box

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Manufacturer: Toy / Type: Stickers

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2013 09:12
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      Not recommended


      My eldest daughter has had a few of the Orb factory Sticky Mosaic sets and really loves them so when my mam was looking for a few gifts for her birthday she range me and asked if I thought she would like this set, it sounded like something she would love so my mam bought her it. I have never actually seen this on sale but my Mam said it was in one of the discount style shops and cost her £6.99 which compared to the other sets we buy at about double the price it sounded great value.

      ==The Packaging==

      The box is mainly pink in colour which is always attractive to my little girl, it states there are over 1000 pieces and has a little diagram showing your child to stick the stickers on top of the printed numbers. The set states it includes everything you need to make a mirror, a lipstick case and a jewellery box and each one of the items is pictured on the box. I personally thought the items looked cheap when my daughter opened her present so wasn't expecting much from this set.

      The box states that the set is for ages 6 and up however the other sets of this type are for ages 3 and up so I think this one is aged too highly and there is no reason a smaller child couldn't play with it as long as they had help recognising their numbers. It states that under 3's shouldn't be allowed to play with the set due to small parts being a choking hazard.

      ==Inside the Box==

      Inside the box there are no instructions which I found poor so all your child has to go from is a small picture on the front of the box with the instruction of stick the correct colours to the correct numbers and a little guide on the back of the box for the colours. The guide on the back shows that grey is umber 1 which I think is meant to be silver but as it's cheap is a dull grey colour which is not pretty at all, white is number 2 and is actually a nice crisp white, number 3 is pale pink but is a sickly pink colour, number 4 is bright pink and finally number 5 is purple. The colours are not the nicest and they have a shiny coating over the top of them which I think makes the colours look worse, there is also some shiny stickers in the set made on the box to look like gems but they are actually flat however no instruction for where they go your child just sticks them on where they want to.

      All the pieces of the set are made of hard purple board with little swirly designs drawn on them in different shades of purple, the main pars are a pink shade of purple and the detailing is a blue shade of purple so I don't think the colours actually even look nice against each other.

      The lipstick case is a rectangular box without a lid shape and then a second piece of board folded over to create a lid and flap. The flap of the case is supposed to fasten with Velcro but the glue holding the Velcro to the box is not as strong as the Velcro itself so it came off straight away. There is a small rectangular mirror on the inside of the case however it isn't proper mirror just a cheap imitation and it is so scratched that it isn't possible to see in it.

      The jewellery box itself is a rectangular box shape which is only about an inch deep and opens in the middle all the way around, the box has o fastening and the lid just sits ajar so it is completely useless to be able to put things in as unless the items are very small they would just end up sticking out.

      The mirror is the sort of mirror shape you would expect to see as a princesses mirror in a Disney film, it is very large in comparison to the other pieces of the set and is made of the same mismatched colours. On the back there is an area to be decorated by your child and then on the front there is the same with a circular mirror in the middle which again is scratched and out of focus so totally useless as a mirror.

      ==In Play==

      The set is very easy to use even without any instructions, the mosaic pieces are about 1/2 cm square so are easy for my daughter to handle and stick onto where they need to be. The stickers come in sheets of 100 and they stick onto the board really strongly however on one sheet we have had the backing come away as the stickers don't stick to that very well and it has made a full sheet useless as they have ended up losing there stick, this happened whilst it's been packed away in the box so we weren't aware until Sophie got it out to play with.

      Sophie has stuck a few bits on and has stuck all the shiny stickers on but she hadn't realised these were extras and so has put them over some of the square shapes where the foam mosaics were meant to stick so now you can see the rest of the square outline underneath the circular sticker, I feel if there had been instructions for her to follow this wouldn't have been the case. Sophie has very little interest in this set and she hasn't finished any of the pieces, in her words the set is useless.


      Basically the set is cheap and useless, the stickers don't stay on the backing, the colours are attached on top of the foam pieces and are not uniformed shapes and the tops are bigger than the foam underneath. The stickers stick well to the boards and the board is thick and durable. The colours are mismatched and not very nice colours, I would have expected lovely pink and purple shades for a girly gift like this not dull colours and grey.

      I cannot see this set being played with anymore, Sophie gave it a go and she was downstairs within minutes showing me that the lipstick case had broken, she played with this for about 5 minutes but gave in and put it away. Sophie has been completing her decent mosaic set instead of playing with this and I think I will sneak it in the bin shortly as even as I am sat writing about the set she has no interest in taking it off me whereas usually if I am writing about her toys she is trying to play with them at the same time.

      I give this 1 stars, the stickers stick on well and it's a cheap item, I think we might have thought more of it if she didn't already have experience of mosaic sets, from this experience I will not buy any more items from the Stick 'n' Style range.


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