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Uni-Ball 120SC Signo Scents

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Brand: Uni-Ball / Type: Drawing

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2013 11:47
      Very helpful



      A good quality pen, that writes well and smells great!

      Item: Uni-Ball Scented Pen
      Colour: Pink
      Scent: Bubblegum
      Price: £1.99
      Bought in: Staples

      Why did I buy this?
      I love stationery and love to have a nice pen to write with. There is a Staples store near my work and I often pop in to get myself a little treat.

      Packaging and design:
      This is a gel pen and comes in a clear plastic container. The lid and end of the pen is the same colour as the ink and you can see the ink through the clear pen shaft. The pen is 15.5cm long with the lid on and when in the lid on the end in ready to write position it measures 17cm long. For me it is easy to hold this pen and even though the top section of the pen is octagonal and maybe wouldn't be comfortable to hold. The Section your fingers rest on to write is smooth and round and comfortable to hold. You can see the colour just by looking at the pen and there is a label on the lid to advise what he scent will be.

      What do I like (love) about this pen?
      * The colour - it is a really girly bubble gum pink colour. I use this when writing birthday cards to my girl friends and it just makes them a bit more girly and exciting.
      * The smell - oh my word, if you have read any of my other reviews you will know I love to sniff everything from nail polish to stain remover soap so for a gorgeous pink pen to smell like bubble gum, I AM IN HEAVEN!! This pen truly does smell like bubble gum, old school chewy gum made for blowing bubbles. The smell lasts for quite a long time too, so if I write a birthday card and send it to a friend they will be able to smell the scent when they open the card up. It just makes writing a bit more fun for me.
      * The way the lid attaches at the top of the pen - whether you are closing the lid after use or popping the lid on the end to start writing, the lid actually clicks in to place so the lid is always secured in place. No fears of it falling off.
      * How it writes - as this is a gel pen the ink glides out on to the paper and writes in a really smooth and satisfying way. Even though this is a colourful pen it writes well enough that I wouldn't hesitate to use it for writing a long letter or for taking down important details as it writes as well as a regular blue ball point pen.
      * The lid has a clip - I can clip this over the edge of my note books when I am finished writing. Most pens have a clip on the lid to do this but not all are a decent size and don't hold on. This pen has a clip that is actually longer then the lid so it makes it attach more securely to the note book covers.

      Would I buy this again or recommend it?
      YES. ABSOLUTELY. I love this pen and after brining it home I have loved using it. I didn't realise there was so many other colours available. Staples only had a few there when I saw them (bubble gum, cola and strawberry) but I have since seen a cherry cola (red) one available so will be getting that one next. The pen is high quality and I have been able to use this for as long as any other pen I have owned, no reduction in use due to it being scented. They pens are fun and I like that as well as writing in something other than the usual blue/black I can also get a lovely smell as I write too.


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