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Wilko Bumper Craft Pack Multi-Coloured

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Brand: Wilko / Type: Collage Set

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    2 Reviews
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      20.06.2013 16:28
      Very helpful



      A good array of items and a great price, Wilkinsins give bigger retailers a run for their money

      =Wilko Bumper Craft Pack Multi-Coloured=

      Over the February half term, I had one of my daughters friends come for a sleepover, and this friend likes making arts and crafts, so if I am out and about and see bits of offer I will get them ready, so we have a under bed storage box which we use for the crafts.

      Whilst I was wondering around Wilkinson I saw that this craft pack had been reduced to £1.25 instead of £2.50, it was called the Bumper Craft pack. This was available in store and can be ordered online.

      =Age 3+=
      This kit is recommended for children aged 3 and above, but as my daughter and her friend are 10, I didn't have to worry about that element.

      =Plastic Wallet=
      All the items were held together in a zip lock clear plastic wallet, although when I got mine home, I looked at the zip, it didn't look like it would last long, so I put the bits into food bags.

      =Good array of items=
      I found that there was a good amount of items within the kit, you just needed to supply your own glue and scissors.

      -Craft sticks - There was about 25 of the craft sticks (look like lolly sticks) and there was 5 of each colour, pink, green, blue, yellow and purple.

      ( uses- we stick 4 together as a square over lapping the corners and then the bottom 2 corners we stick 2 plat to make a instant photo frame.
      A 2nd use - use pom poms or stick on jewels and make bookmarks)

      -Pipe cleaners - Different colours, thicknesses (used them to make flowers, adding tissue paper, wrap around pencils for gift sets and pictures)

      -20 pom poms - mix of colours, and sizes, - used with the lolly sticks to make book marks

      -Google eyes- we used them on the pom poms for book marks

      -EVA shapes - they've been used on pictures, decorations when we have covered notebooks.

      -Feathers - they are a variety of colours and these are soft and easy to glue down, they have been used for photo frames, note book fronts, pictures

      -Packet of sequins - We have used on book marks, photo frames, notebooks, pictures. There was a good array of colours, and shapes.

      -About 100 foam shapes - there different colours, sizes, shapes from squares, to flowers, cats, to dinosaurs. They are easy to stick with a glue stick.

      If you were to buy the items in separate sets, the cost would soon have added up, but even at the full price of £2,50 this set is still value for money.

      =The Girls=
      The girls had a brilliant time with this set, and I wish I had of got a couple more as I have used a few of the bits myself when I have made some cards.

      =Worth it=
      There is a wide range of craft items in Wilkinson's and they are really good value for money, and I would highly recommend not only this craft set but the whole.

      =Included couple of ideas=
      I have popped a couple of quick and simple ideas to give anyone a head start with the kit, hope you have as much fun as we all did.


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      08.06.2013 14:30
      Very helpful



      A great budget craft set

      Although we normally purchase the majority of our arts and craft supplies from the ELC, when I saw that all own brand Children's crafts were half price at my (not so) local Wilkinsons I took the opportunity to restock our craft drawers at a bargain price. One of the items I picked up was this Bumper Craft Pack, that has a standard price of £2.50, although I picked it up for just £1.25. Held within a zip-lock clear plastic wallet there are lots of bits and pieces that are ideal for creating collages and greetings cards, all you need to add are glue and paper/card. Although the recommended minimum age for this set is 4 years, I've been sharing it with three year old Freddy over the last couple of weeks as we have had a few birthdays along with Father's Day to prepare and make cards for.

      While the zip-lock wallet is a nice idea, in practise it didn't work very well, with the cheap plastic zipper falling off the first time I attempted to close it, so it's a good job most of the smaller pieces are held within their own bags (which do reseal using their sticky flaps). As far as craft materials go, there is a reasonable selection within the wallet, with a reasonable amount of each item.

      There are a total of 25 coloured craft sticks (lolly sticks) that are ideal for creating fences or as the sticks for puppets. While the colours aren't the brightest they are quite pretty, with there being five each of pink, green, pale blue, purple and yellow. There are also 24 pipe cleaners in a variety of different colours and thickness's, including a couple that are a rather pretty red and white candy stripe. We don't really use pipe cleaners very much yet, but they are great for lots of different activities and can be easily bent into different shapes and then glued to card to create a 3D effect. These pipe cleaners are of fairly good quality and do not shed much fluff when used whole, although they do lose a bit when cut.

      There are also 20 pom-poms, again in a variety of colours, including a few glittery. These pom-poms are a bit small if I'm honest and all the same size, which reduces their versatility somewhat. We tried to make some little pom-pom animals, but they didn't really work out as we would have liked. As with all pom-poms these do require a generous coating of glue to help them stick to card or paper. The pack of 11 sets of googly eyes (in a range of three different sizes) are a nice addition to the set, albeit one that we have again made minimum use of. We did attach some to our attempt at pom-pom animals and Freddy decided to add some to his Father's Day card, but we've still got 7 sets left.

      The pieces that we've used the most would have to be the EVA shapes, sequins and feathers, all of which Freddy loves to use as embellishments on his home made cards. The packaging does not state how many feathers you actually get (other than approximately 4g), but there is a generous amount of real feathers that have been dyed a variety of colours. The feathers are a range of sizes and feel very soft and fluffy. Freddy loves to feel the feathers before glueing them to his paper and thinks they are "tickly". We find that the feathers stick nicely to card with the bare minimum of glue (not that Freddy ever uses a minimum) and they are a lovely way of adding an extra dimension to Freddy's collages. We must have used at least 10 of the feathers and it barely looks like we've touched the packet, so 4g is a very generous amount. One word of warning is that if your child (or you) are allergic to feathers then you will probably want to avoid using these.

      The amount of sequins is similarly generous, the packaging states there is approximately 8g, which translates to at least 100. There is a good variety in these sparkles, both in colour and shape, with there being hearts, circles, stars and leaves in a range of colours. As well as enjoying sticking these onto his cards and collages (which doesn't need too much glue), Freddy loves to name the different shapes. As with the feathers, we've used lots of these sequins but it doesn't look like we've touched the pack, so Wilko have been very generous with these shiny bits.

      The final element in this set are 100 EVA foam shapes, that again cover a range of colours and shapes. I do like that the shapes are all easily recognisable, especially as Freddy is just about learning his basic geometric shapes. There are squares, triangles and circles which Freddy can easily recognise along with petal shapes, flowers and hearts, meaning that with a little imagination and creativity Freddy can even create pictures using these. We made a picture with a bunch of flowers using these, which was very pretty and perfect for Nana's birthday card. Being so lightweight, these foam shapes again require the minimum of glue to stick to card or paper, although I do have to admit that we use PVA glue rather than glue sticks.

      All in all this is a cheap and yet useful addition to any child's arts and craft drawer. There is a excellent range of materials held within the wallet, all of which are of at least as good quality as their more expensive counterparts (ELC). My only real issue is the wallet itself does betray the price paid and is very flimsy. Other than that I will be buying this again as the elements are used up, as I feel that even at full price this is excellent value for money. If I had known how good the different elements were, then I think I would have picked up several more packs when they were half price, as Freddy has really enjoyed creating many works of art using this set.


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