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Wilko Craft Time DIY Velvet Mask

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4 Reviews

Brand: Wilkinson / Type: Painting / Age: 6 Years+

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    4 Reviews
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      13.12.2013 23:18
      Very helpful



      A fun craft item

      Both my son and daughter took art at GCSE and both needed a lot of stuff. One of them did a project on masks, mostly tribal (we got asked to move on once because we were taking pics on my daughters phone outside a shop...)

      I had to get loads of bits, masks, feathers, paints etc it cost a fortune so when we saw a mask in Wilkinson for under a pound I got one, it even came in a box with elastic and paint. They have them selling for a bargain 75p and 3 for 2, although the mask advertised at the moment doesn't appear to have paint included with it (as far as I can tell) the mask however looks like the same one.

      Wilko's website says the masks are suitable for age 4+ and definitely not for the under 3's. The mask is a plain white velvet covered face, it has a uni sex look but does veer towards feminine it would however depend on how you decorated it. Another craft mask I bought was small but this one would cover a face. It's not bad quality and was just about strong enough not to lose shape whilst decorating, and when being lugged around in an art folder.

      The mask has eye holes and nostril holes but no mouth. There are holes at the sides to thread the elastic through to wear the mask around your head. When the mask was painted up, there was enough paint in the little pots to cover it. Being slightly flock helped the paint adhere and dry quicker, the other mask I'd got was plastic and trickier. The material of the mask allowed feathers to be poked through the edges with the aid of a compass which looked effective.

      Would I recommend this mask? yes I would.

      5 stars from me.


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      20.02.2010 18:09
      Very helpful



      Keep the kids entertained for a pound!

      Last easter I made the conscious decision not to buy any of my friends
      children any big easter eggs. Everbodys houses always end up jam packed with chocolate that it takes months to eat. Instead, I bought them one of these each!

      I thought a craft toy was an excellent compromise for kids and parents
      alike. It will keep the kids entertained for a little while during the
      easter holidays, which gives the parents a bit of peace! Plus it means no
      excess chocolate.

      These masks only cost 99p each in Wilkinsons. They are velvety to touch,
      but are basically a blank version of your plastic Halloween face mask, and
      they come with elastic to secure them to your child head. They come with
      pains and brushes so your child can decorate them in whatever way they

      They are suitable for boys and girls because they can do what they please with them - and I got some lovely pictures after easter of the children in their masks so I could see how they had decorated them (spiderman was popular, as were princesses - but some had decorated them in an easter theme like bunnys or with eggs on them!). They encourage childrens creativity and they get a fun dress up toy at the end - which for under £1 you cant complain about.

      They suugest they are for ages 6+, but i dont think that this is necessary so long as they are made with adult supervision (and thats more to do with the mess than they toy).

      Im definitely going to look for something similar for this easter after
      last years success... I'll let you know if I find anything.

      All in all, these make a cheap and great alternative to eggs.


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      15.01.2010 12:41
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a brilliant rainy day activity for all ages.

      I bought this velvet mask as a little stocking filler for my ten year old daughter this Christmas. Here is what I thought of it

      What is it?
      Well it is a plastic mask that has been coated in velvet. It is white and the face is quite neutral so could be painted as a male or female face. It comes with cut out eyes, so there is no need for any scissor mishaps (been there done that !!! ). It also comes with two tiny cut holes at the sides, for you to thread the elastic through. The elastic is provided.
      The kit also contains a set of paints and a paint brush. The paints are those tiny plastic pots that are attached to each other in a row and almost impossible to open. You get six colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and pink. Despite their small size, the tiny pots give you ample paint to decorate the mask, my daughter covered the entire mask in yellow before decorating it and there was still some yellow paint left.

      Who would it be good for ?
      The box says it is suitable for Children over six, I think younger children would be able to do it with supervision. It could be for boys or girls, although I bought my son a similar thing that was a monster mask instead of a face. (maybe another review coming up ?!?)
      It would make a great present and it s a lovely way for the children to express themselves and go wild with their imagination.
      They can literally paint it as anything, my daughter painted a giraffe face and even attached little pipe cleaner horns, but you could do animals, people, pirates, or a pretty fairy.
      It would be a brilliant activity to do at a party, with little stress or mess they could paint the mask and then take it home with them.

      I want it, where can I get it and how much does it cost ?
      This is the best part, the paint your own mask kit is just 99p, complete with mask, paint, elastic and paint brush all for under a quid.
      You can get it from one of the 337 Wilkinson stores, most towns have one. If you can't get to a store then you can order it online, although the postage is a whopping £5.50.

      I think this is totally fabulous and excellent value.


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        04.03.2009 21:25
        Very helpful



        See review.

        I have always tried to instil good methods of working for a wage with my kids from a very young age. What I mean by this statement is that my kids (currently 7 and 4 years old) have to do specific chores for the few pounds pocket money they receive.
        Now due to the amount of money they get, my kids have to be quite thrifty with what they spend it on, even in a credit crunch there are some pricey things around! Normally my kids will go for a "spree" in good old Poundland but after spotting this lovely little set in Wilkinsons last week I knew I had to review it and let you lovely people hear about it!

        The set I will now review is - "Colour your own velvet mask" set, Wilkinsons own brand.

        As with the other products in Wilkinsons own branded craft range, the packaging is simple yet effective.
        The colour scheme is grey and orange in colour, this is to differentiate the own branded products from all the other different sets they seem to stock.
        On the front of the box is all the relevant information this being a brand name, product name and contents list. There is also a large clear plastic panel through which the set of paints included and the velvet mask can be seen.

        In the set there is of course a velvet mask, this is a plain white and very thin plastic mask with a velveteen front, this aids the paint sticking to it.
        There is a set of 6 colour paints, these are very small pots that are attached together, I found these were not quite big enough or at least didn't contain enough as my son tends to drip rather than paint with them! Do not expect to have any paint left after painting the single mask.
        You also get an extremely thin paint brush and finally a length of elastic to turn this into a proper mask once the paint has dried.
        What this set doesn't contain is glitter, even though there are two packets of glitter advertised on the outer box just under the mask!

        The instructions for use are really simple, open the paints dip in your brush and paint, even I could do that!
        Of course the masks on the box are painted intricately and the effect that we ended up with was less Van Gough and more van driver, but that is the same with most of these types of products.

        My son decided to paint his mask so it looked like it was bleeding, I know such a delightful child, we are so proud! LOL.

        Once the mask has dried, which with the velvet cover takes very little time at all, around an hour, not bad considering the paint was about ½" thick! The final step is to attach the elastic through the holes on either side of mask to finish it of, we never bothered with this set preferring to attach it to a chopstick thus making a ball type of mask, my daughter loved this idea!

        As mentioned earlier this was purchased from Wilkinsons, the reason we chose this over the many products available from Poundland is due to the price, which was £1.00.

        There are a few different sets to be had in the range, all staring from £1.00 with the most expensive retailing for around the £5.00 mark.

        For more information visit - www.wilkos.co.uk

        This is a lovely set that was a little different and kept my kids amused for a good hour, recommended!

        Thanks for reading x


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