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Wilko Craft Time Foam Handbag Set

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Wilkinson / Type: Crafts / Age: 3 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2013 05:25
      Very helpful



      a great value craft set for young girls to make a handbag bargain for 97p everything included

      Wilko Craft Time Foam Handbag Set

      This is not quite the thing I would buy a 10 year old for Christmas, but my daughter received this for Christmas, and after I saw them priced at 97p in store, I was not going to take it back, so for a bit of fun, it was left to mum to do.

      The packaging is basic, it's a clear packet, with a label on the front and a picture showing the finished product. This is suitable for age 6+

      The million dollar question, there was none, but in defence, it is petty self explanatory what to do and there is the photo on the front if you did get stuck.

      There are 3 foam parts to make the bag up, a front, back and a middle to hold it all together in. The holes are pre-punched for you, although the odd one of two I just had to push through. It also includes a plastic needle and plenty of thread, you have 4 pieces of thread included, which are cut to the length you need so you don't need to even go near scissors.

      =Two Bags=
      There are components to make 2 bags, a pink one and a purple one.

      The front of the bag is already decorated with a flower design, and the fastening is a little plastic popper.

      =Let the fun begin=
      The needles are quite large yellow plastic, they don't have any sharp points, the bag was easy to put together, at this stage my daughter came to help just to make sure I was doing it right, It was easy to make, the handles just knotted in, and there was no chance of error with the makeup as every was done to simplify the process.

      =Made Up=
      They looked good made up, even if I say so myself, - fit wise you would get a small Childs purse in there and a key ring,

      =Value for Money=
      I really think that this is really good value for money, although it says 6+. if you had a child of 4, I am sure with adult supervision that they could make them up themselves.

      One plus point was that there was two needles included so if you had 2 girls together, they could both be doing at the same time. Its creative and gives them pride in something that they have done.
      We gave ours away to a friend who looks after her granddaughter for the dressing up box.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this set for 97p, you get a brilliant bargain, and a good time for the girls.


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        01.02.2010 19:11
        Very helpful
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        good value childs craft kit

        I purchased this for my 3 year old daughter to do as she loves crafty type stuff. I thought they may be a bit old for her as it involves 'sewing' but at 97p I wasn't complaining too much - worst case scenario I make them up and mini me plays with them.

        The packaging is exactly like the Dooyoo pic above. Its nothing special - basically a cellophane bag with a label on and a little photo of the finished products. It can be found only in Wilkinsons as it is an own brand product and it will be in the art/craft and stationary aisle.

        On opening the bag there were no instructions but it was pretty self explanatory what you needed to do to make the bags up. There are 3 foam parts to each bag - a front, back and middle bit. All of the holes are already punched out (sort of) so its easy enough to get started. When I say they are sort of punched out - the bit is there but to make the actual hole you need to take this bit out . It would be fine for an older child but I sat and took each hole out to make it easier to see where to put the needle. I now have tiny pink bits of foam over the sofa, floor and anywhere else! The front of each foam bag is alrady decorated with flowers and there is a plastic poppa attached to keep your bag closed.
        One bag will be pink and the other purple so no confusion over which belongs to who! The threads that you use to sew the parts together (4 in total) are included and already cut to the right length so you don't even need scissors. Likewise with the pink strap to wear your bag simply knot it through the punched holes.

        You might be thinking what sort of idiot gives their 3 year old a needle!?! Fear not - there are 2 big yellow plastic needles included in the pack and they have a small ball like feature moulded into the end of them so there are no sharp points. So unless my daughter is poking it in her eye, up her nose etc she's quite safe.

        The bag was easy to put together and my 3 year old managed it with some help. The packaging says suitable for children over 6 years old but use your common sense and supervise your child and I'm sure you'll be ok.

        I like the fact that everything is cut out, punched out and measured, you don't need to add anythign at all to make the kit. I also like the fact that there are 2 needles included so that 2 children can make one at the same time.

        Once the bags are made up they look fine, big enough to fit a childs purse, some sweets and a couple of jungle in my pocket in so my daughter is very happy! It didn't look too much like a child had made it and I wouldn't mind if my daughter decided to take it to the shops with her as it looks alright and kind of cute! The foam is quite thick and a reasonable quality. She is over the moon that she has made her own bag aswell so has been good for her creative skills and her confidence as she has enjoyed and produced something that she is proud of.

        I think it is excellent value for 97p.


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