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Wilko Paint Pots Non Spill

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2 Reviews

Brand: Wilko / Type: Paint Pots

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    2 Reviews
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      15.05.2013 23:37
      Very helpful



      Their great value for money, but would be even better if they could put reseable lids or a seal

      =Wilko Paint Pots Non Spill=

      I know these are for children aged 4+, but I brought some last year before October half term, as when one of my daughters friend stays over she loves doing crafting, and even if I plastered the wall and floor with plastic she would find a way of getting glue or paint everywhere.

      =Paint Pots=
      I found these in Wilkinson, and they were a pack of 3 "Non Spill Paint pots" in Wilko's own brand and were £1.00. I brought mine in store but they can also be purchased on line, although there may be delivery costs

      =The Pots=
      The pots are made from a clear plastic, and they have a pull of lid, with a hole in the middle, the set we had the pot lids were yellow, blue and red.

      =My Views=
      The pots are ok, there not the best quality, I thought they were thin in texture, but they do seem durable and fit for the purpose.

      The brush fits easy through the hole, ok we cheat and I use the pot for glue, but the difference it has made to the tidying up process is brilliant, as during use if you get too much glue on the brush you can just tap the brush at the top of the hole and it drops back into the container.

      =For all Ages=
      I appriciate they are really for children, but I even use one myself when crafting as I can squeeze some glue as I try card making and other bits and dabs,

      =To Clean=
      I just empty any glue back into the tub and just wash in soapy water, the same principle would be if you used paints.

      =my daughter=
      My daughter is 10, so doesn't need the paint aspect, but for anyone with younger children, I would say this is a product that should be in everyone crafting set, i can see the potential that they are worth their weight in gold.

      =What would I change=
      What I would like to have seen would be another set of lids that you could use to keep the paint fresh, as it can be a mess trying to pour the paint back into containers, even if they added 50p extra for the lids, this would still be excellent value for money.
      To sum up, what can you get for a £1 that lasts - very little bar these pots


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      05.05.2013 13:57
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      do the job but not our favourite way to store paint

      The week before Christmas 2012, I found myself rushing around the local shops to find some suitable 'extra' and stocking filler gifts for my four year old son. He had recently took a shine to painting which I was strangely delighted about as he had previous refused to engage in crafty activities with Mummy as he didn't like mess! I ended up buying a selection of paints, accessories and also Play Doh!

      ~Paint Pots~

      Wilko offer quite a varied selection of own branded craft products and today, I will be discussing our use of the 'Non-Spill Paint Pots'.

      Each box contains three paint pots which are suitable for use by children over the age of four (adult supervision required). Each pot is made of clear plastic and features a coloured lid with a hole in the middle. Our box included a yellow, blue and red lidded pot but colours may vary.

      ~Where To Buy~

      A pack of three paint pots is available in Wilkinson stores and from www.wilko.com priced at £1.00.

      ~Our Experience~

      I thought these would come in handy for Boo to use when painting but having used them for a few months now, I do wish I had went for a different set as these aren't as practical in use compared to the more expensive ones from stores such as Early Learning Centre. For a pound though, they do the job fine.

      The pots are of an acceptable quality. The plastic isn't the thickest but they do appear to be durable. The pots aren't huge but they are the ideal size for a pre-schooler to use. The lids secure on perfectly fine and I can remove them fine without causing any mess but my son finds it more difficult (thankfully!).

      Boo has quite a few different colours of liquid paint so we don't always pour the red paint into the pot with the red lid - we mix and match as the colour of the paint is visible through the pot anyway. It is good that they do offer the primary colours but a more varied selection would be good for those who like to match colours to lids.

      These paint pots are very basic but my son finds them very easy to use. As the adult, I have the job of pouring the paint into each pot. I only ever pour enough in for that particular painting session to avoid wastage and then pop the lid back on. The pots sit on a flat surface without any issues. The hole in the lid is in the centre of a dip in the lid and is quite big which makes it ideal for both thick and thin paint brushes to enter. We own different sized brushes and every one can be used with these paint pots.

      Boo can pop his brush in the pot and tap off any excess paint so mess in minimal. Of course the odd splatter may end up on the lid but nothing that cannot be cleaned. These pots are ideal for use during any painting session with young children as if they are knocked over, the paint inside won't immediately pour out. It runs into the dip inside the lid and everything is contained. The only time paint may pour out is if the pot is held upside down.

      My issue with these paint pots is that there is nothing included to cover over the hole in the lid. Other brands offer some for of cover for the hole to allow the paint to be stored overnight. With these paint pots, I only pour a small amount of paint in each and then at the end of our painting session, I wash out the pots as leaving the paint in the pots would most likely result in the paint drying out. As we use water based paints, I find these paint pots easy to clean with some warm, soapy water. They come up like new. They can be stacked if the lids are removed and are easy to store.


      In conclusion, these little paint pots are super cheap and are fine to use but I am planning on buying a set with lid covers for Boo as this would be a more practical and paint saving option in the long run. They do perform well at keeping the paint contained and therefore reducing the potential for spills and splatters. They are worth the £1.00 I paid for them but as a parent, I would prefer something a bit better. Boo highly recommends them though.

      Thanks for reading :)


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