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Xyron Create A Sticker

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Xyron / Type: Sticker Making Machine

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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2013 16:36
      Very helpful



      great for a quick sticker

      When Xyrons first came out I really liked the idea. I had this small one for Christmas whilst my mum bought the larger one for herself. We share craft stuff anyway so I get use of both.

      The Xyron is an X shape and made from strong plastic. Mine is red.

      The idea of the Xyron is to make a sticker.

      To do this you place the item you wish to become a sticker face up in the top left hole of the X. If this is put in the wrong way your sticker will be backwards.

      You then pull the paper from the bottom right and it covers it in a sticky plastic. This can be replaced when it is all uses up.

      Next pull up the plastic covered paper to the teeth and rip off. You have to be careful not to rip the sticker, because of this I always need a lot of refills.

      To get your sticker peel the plastic off and it will be sticky other than where your sticker is. When you peel your sticker off it can be stuck anywhere.

      This is brilliant for small things like sequins as double sided sticky tape is a hassle on something that small.

      Unfortunately if a small detailed shape is put through e.g. a flower with a hole in the centre, the sticky stuff will sometimes stay in the middle like a film over the hole.

      Another problem is that you can only fit tiny things through. Bigger things go though the bigger Xyron but I can't always be bothered to get it out.

      Overall this is a useful device for small things, a shame it only works with little shapes.


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      19.11.2010 16:35
      Very helpful



      The easy way to create a sticker

      The Xyron 1.5" create-a-sticker is the smallest sticker maker available in the Xyron range. It is a really useful machine which can turn a multitude of small items into a sticker and is a very handy tool for card making and scrap booking. It will stick items up to 3.5cm wide and around 3mm thick and is suitable for use with paper, card, chipboard, buttons, ribbons, vellums, fabric and many more.

      The Xyron 1.5' comes in two pieces:

      - The base unit - which is a 'X' shape made from plastic and measuring 9.4cm high, 10.2cm in length with a width of 5.6cm.
      - A removable adhesive cartridge which consists of a plastic cage, 1 roll of adhesive tape, 1 roll of transparent film and a central roller system. There are two different adhesive cartridges available permanent and repositionable. It is the permanent cartridge that comes with the Xyron 1.5" and the repositionable must be bought as an extra. Each cartridge is 3.5cm wide and 6m in length.

      The item is available in most good craft shops as well as online. The price does vary depending on store but is normally in the region of £6.00 - £9.00 with several different colour options and the refills are typically around £4.00 - £4.50.

      The product is easy to use, lightweight, requires no heat, electricity or batteries and uses non-toxic, acid-free adhesive. The product is suitable for use by children although I would recommend adult supervision because of the cutting blade, it is only plastic but still quite sharp.

      How to use the product

      To use the product you first need to insert the adhesive cartridge into the base unit. This is really easy you insert it into the bottom right and push gently until you hear it click into place. Once inserted you are ready to create your sticker.

      To the top right of the base unit is a feed tray and it is into this slot you slide the item you wish to apply the adhesive to, the item needs to be fed into this slot face up. Once the item is place simply pull the tape from the bottom until the item you placed in the feeder comes out on the tape then tear off using the cutting blade.

      The item comes out of the machine sandwiched between the cream coloured adhesive tape and the transparent film. To complete the sticker making process all you now need to do is gently rub around the edge of the item and peel of the transparent film, this will leave you with the item stuck to the remainder of the adhesive backing paper. The item can be removed from this paper and stuck onto in desired position straight away or can be left on the backing paper until needed. You will find the backing paper itself is completely dry and adhesive free as all excess adhesive has transferred to the transparent film which you simply throw in the bin.

      How does it work?

      The adhesive cartridge has the roll of adhesive tape on the bottom, a roller system in the middle and a roll of transparent film at the top. Both of the rolls are then fed through a roller system and come out the other end pressed firmly together. When you place an item in the feed tray it slides down and sits on the adhesive tape and as the tape (the two pressed together rolls) are pulled from the other end the item travels through the rollers on the adhesive base and is covered with the transparent film, the adhesive transfers to the item and any excess is transferred onto the transparent film leaving the uncovered adhesive tape completely dry and stick free.

      My thoughts on the product?

      I make a lot of cards and find this a really useful tool, it is so easy to use and best of all is mess free. I'm not the neatest of workers and when I am crafting do tend to get glue all over the place often spoiling my work so for me this machine is perfect. It is a bit restrictive due to the size as you can only stick things up to 3.5cm wide but it will stick any length so is great for things such as ribbon. I also find it really handy for sticking vellum, vellum is notoriously hard to stick as it is very difficult to disguise the adhesive but when using this machine you really can't see any trace of adhesive through the vellum what so ever. I have had my machine for just under a year now and have stuck everything from buttons, gems, and foil right through to chipboard, paper and card all of which it sticks effortlessly. I also like the fact that you can get both permanent and reposistionable adhesive refills. The permanent sticks items in firmly in place where as the repositionable allows you to stick down, lift off and stick down again which can be really useful for times where you don't get your item in the right position first time round.

      I guess it is not the most environmentally sound product in the world as there is quite a bit of wastage, both the backing paper and the transparent film ending up in the bin but that really is my only criticism of what is essentially a great little machine. A useful addition to any craft box.


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