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4 Reviews

Online Auctions, buy, sell or place wanted adverts. Books, Cars, Jewellery, Clothes, DVD, Electronics. No standard auction listing fees.

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    4 Reviews
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      21.02.2008 10:50
      Very helpful



      this site will be better than ebay, just give it time.

      Tazbar.com is basically a cheaper and better version of eBay. I have been using this site since the beginning of January , and so far so good. The site is well laid out and easy to use, and best of all there are no listing fees. Yes, its free to list! Free!


      Tazbar is set up in a very similar way to eBay. People can list items either in an auction style , buy it now (BIN) or both if you want. The items are listed for a specific amount of time (as many days as you want up to 14 days) and bids are placed or the item is sold through BIN. The item is then paid for and sent to the buyer. After this feedback is left for both the buyer and seller in a very similar way to eBay.

      -Listing Items-

      Listing items is very simple. You can either use the Classic three page form or the new live preview form. Both are easy to use, but I prefer using the classic form because the live preview form doesn't always update what you write, and then you have to fill out the entire form again. The classic form has no such problems.

      Live Preview Form

      This form has a preview of what you listing will look like at the bottom of the page. On the left hand side it has a list of all the sections you will have to fill out with a cross or tick by it depend if it is complete or not. At the top of the page is the first section you need to fill out. Once you have filled this out and clicked continue, the preview should update and the next section you need to fill out displayed.

      The sections that have to be filled out are:

      Title & Subtitle
      Categories (can choose 2)
      Times (can schedule the listing to start on another day)
      Payment (Paypal, nochex, google checkout, Cheque)
      Returns Policy*
      Counter (page views)*

      * Optional

      This is a nice looking and easy to use system, but for some reason every time I use it, it doesn't work properly. After I fill about half of the sections out it forgets what I have written in some of the other sections and I have to rewrite the whole lot again.

      Classic Three Form Page

      This is obviously split into three pages. The first page is; Title, Categories, Description and Images. The second page is; Quantity, Pricing, Options and Upgrades. The final page is review and confirm.

      All of the categories listed in the live preview section are also found in this section.

      This section is set out very simply. Each page is split into sections which you fill in. once you have filled in all the sections on one page you move to the next. Once all pages have been filled out you can see a preview of the listing.
      I prefer using this method of listing as it works much better (for me) than the other one.


      All of the standard listing things are free. This includes a picture which will be listed in the gallery, a subtitle and listing in 2 categories.

      There are a number of upgrades that you can use to make you listing stand out. They are;

      Front of Category
      Home Page Featured
      Forum Featured
      Browsing Featured

      Using these upgrades will cost you money, but they are relatively cheap when compared to eBay.

      I don't use any of these upgrades, as a basic listing is free and I personally don't think it is worth spending money making the listings a tiny bit more visible.

      -Final Fees-

      There is a fee if you item sells. It is 3% of the selling price, but a minimum of 15p. If you have listed your items for free then 15p isn't that bad. On eBay you will be paying to list your item and then paying a lot higher selling fee on top of that!

      -Membership Levels-

      There are 3 membership levels available as well as the basic (free) level. Each level has different upgrades which you get for free.

      Level 1 - £4 a month with £10 worth of free upgrades
      Level 2 - £8.99 a month with £24 worth of upgrades
      Level 3 - £18.99 a month with £46 worth of upgrades.

      All the membership levels include no final selling fess. That means you can sell you items for no fess at all! (only the monthly membership fee).

      Upgrading to different levels of membership is only worth doing if you are going to sell a lot of items. If like me you are only selling a few items a month it is not worth it. Items will sell if you use these upgrades or not, so definitely not worth the money. But as I said if you are selling 20 items or more a month then it could possibly be a good investment, as it could increase you sales.


      Another feature that makes this site so much better than eBay is the forums. They are great! Everyone there is really friendly and will help any new users to get their first sale. If you are new to tazbar and need some advice this is definitely the place to go.

      -The Downside-

      There is a sight disadvantage to using this site. That is the number of people using it. It is no where near the amount of people using eBay and as a consequence there are less sales. This is however starting to change as they have just got new management who are going to advertise the site a lot more. If you are patient enough you will get a sale, its just a matter of time.

      -What I Think-

      I think this website is great. It is quite possibly the only alternative to eBay that is actually going to last. So many other auction websites are set up and disappear because they can't keep up, but I don't see that happening here. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to eBay this is definitely the place to be.


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        24.09.2007 18:20



        Watch this site closely I think it has great potential.

        This is a very promising looking site. With the internet full of of out of the box $300 auction sites it is no wonder that people have no faith on alternative venues. Tazbar on the other hand is totally bespoke which means it has some great features. I have only bought on there so far but all of the transactions I have been involved in have been perfect. There are some great traders, mainly people from the UK at the moment but I am starting to see more US$ listings.

        I think this could be the one that Ebay need to watch closely.


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        14.05.2007 17:29



        Whatever you are looking for to buy or sell, then try tazbar.com first

        tazbar.com one of the smaller and newer auction sites. Free to list items including 1 photograph, free auto re-list for as long as you want the item listed.
        For a small fee you can have a sellers gallery. Much cheaper FVF than other sites. You can use paypal and google checkout as well as other payment options. Informative and helpful chat forum...for buying, selling, business questions or just general family issues. Many items cheaper on tazbar than other sites because of the free/cheaper costs to the seller. This week saw the launch of tazmotors, if you have a car/caravan/motorbike/moped/ or anything related to this area for sale, take a look at the better deal you will get with tazbar compared to other auction sites. I have been a buyer and seller with tazbar now since December 06. I do not have any complaints about sellers or buyers or tazbar.com


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          09.05.2007 15:30



          Tazbar.com is a great place to be to buy and sell. Meet new friends and enjoy the community!

          Tazbar is by far the best auction site I've had the honour of being a part of. It's warm and welcoming colours on first look urged me to see what it's all about. The site is easily laid out with tabs at the top to go to each section I desired. It isn't cluttered with unneccesary ads as it should be. It's all about TAZBAR!
          I've purchased many items since I joined and have nothing but excellent feedback to leave the hard working sellers. I also sell on tazbar and find it's a site of community, people from all over who care for the site and each other. Tazbar, I have to admit, is my family and I wouldn't leave it for anything! It's easy to join, free to list [btw the first pic is FREE] so you don't have to pay for gallery pic - of course any added pics are charged at an incredible low, low price!! Ok, now, go and buy, sell and enjoy being on Tazbar.com!


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