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Altec Lansing ACS340

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    2 Reviews
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      17.10.2010 23:02
      Very helpful



      Good, but not if you work in a stylish office!

      I came into possession of these very plain looking speakers more than
      three years ago, and they have served me very well indeed since that
      day. They may not be surround sound, but two powerful speakers and a
      large sub-woofer can cause some serious noise pollution, believe me!

      As mentioned, the small collection of devices included are very plain
      and ordinary looking, despite their unique quality and loudness.
      Covered in a yellowy-grey plastic exterior, the speakers do better to
      match an old early 21st-century PC with its large screen and pure
      white colouring than a regular LCD flat-screen.
      The speakers are rather square and unimpressive as a whole. A
      grey area in the centre of each cube covers the reasonably small
      speaker area.
      Altec have placed one small logo/trademark image on the bottom of
      each speaker, as well as one on the sub-woofer.

      Crystal clear sound of monumental quality is produced from both the
      speakers and sub-woofer. Personally, I managed to pick these up for
      free off a friend, and when I finally got round to opening up the box and
      plugging them in, you can imagine my delight.
      Adjustable treble and bass allow you to find the perfect balance for
      each album or track, and if CD quality is played, you'll find it hard to beat
      this kind of quality at this kind of price.
      The quality in the manufacture of the set its self is good. Yes, it lacks in
      style, but pieces are strong and sturdy, and seem as though they could
      last a life time. Also, because of their simplicity, there aren't any little
      bits to be broken off or warn away!

      The speaker heads revolve slightly allowing you to position a general
      field of sound well. However, this is not needed, as the base of each
      speaker can be revolved and position with less hassle anyway.
      Bass and treble controls are found on the main speaker for ease of
      access. This makes changing volume, bass and treble for different
      songs (or other uses) extremely quick and easy.
      Regular cables for power and connectivity to computers are supplied
      as standard, allowing for maximum compatibility.

      The speakers themselves come with extra long wires to suit different
      office and home environments, allowing you to stretch each speaker a
      considerable distance away from the woofer they are connected.
      The bass box has an 8inch 27 watt driver unit, supplying at impressive
      level of bone jittering vibration.
      The range of treble and bass frequency through the two speakers is
      also very good.

      Overall an impressive collection that has been around for over a decade
      and is still managing to impress, even at today's heightened standards.
      In recommend these for home and office use, if you want something
      with a little more fire.


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      28.02.2001 04:59
      Very helpful



      What you get… Single page setup diagram that even a monkey could understand. The bass box with an 8” 27 watt driver unit. Two Small satellite speakers one with volume control and treble bass adjustment. The satellites also tilt to obtain optimum sound quality. A three-page user guide is also included in many languages. The speakers were very easy to set up, plug the hefty 4 amp 12v power supply “brick style” into a 13amp socket and the other end into the sub / amplifier unit. Place the unit on the floor somewhere as the bass unit is not magnetically shielded. A piece of carpet may be useful under the bass unit if you have a hard floor. You then plug the right hand satellite speaker into the bass unit with an all in one lead for volume control bass etc. and then plug the left hand speaker into the right hand speaker. And there you go! The bass unit hands over to the satellite speakers at a pretty low 150Htz but is fine for most types of music and games. The bass does tend to drown out the top end a little with bass music but this can be easily adjusted using the bass and treble controls, which give a wide range of adjustment. There is little distortion at higher volumes and the bass unit does not feel like its about to shake itself to bits. Although the total power output is no where near the claimed 40 watts, there is plenty of punch especially you will probably sitting close to the satellite speakers. The bass unit has a captive signal input lead (3.5mm mini jack) and the power and satellite leads are separate. On the control satellite unit there is a headphone jack for private listening and a power switch round the back to switch the system off. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and would be happy to recommend this to any home / semi-pro user. More compact bass box and a tighter more controllable bass would greatly improve an already excellent prod
      uct. If I could choose a more accurate rating for this product it would be 9 / 10 NOTE: I bought these speakers from a local independant retailer. The speakers were still bought brand new and still has packaging manual etc in an unused state but was not sold at the full RRP.


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