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Creative Inspire P5800

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    3 Reviews
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      15.10.2009 08:24
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great product, Great Sound quality, Great Realibility! Its Perfect!

      I gotta say, these speakers are just of great quality, like every creative product. I bought this multimedia home theater speaker system exactly four years and three months ago. I have not had a single, tiny, little problem with it.

      They work fine until now, and i enjoy them everyday. The sound quality is just great.

      The system came with five speakers, one sub-woofer, cable remote for the volume and an AC Adapter. Connects very easy to the sound card. I used this system for various things until now, and they are harmless.

      The connectivity of the products allows you to hook it with game consoles, television, mp3/mp4 players and i even played my guitar on them.

      You have a great 72 Watt system here, and although its not available for purchase anymore, if you find someone selling this system, you should go and get it right now.

      The fact that this product is so old only shows that the creative home theater systems made afterward are with greater quality. If i ever think of buying a new multimedia home theater speaker system, i would go right now and buy a "Creative" one.


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      04.08.2007 22:44
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A good buy.

      I purchased my Creative Inspire PC multimedia speaker system a few years ago,
      A friend of mine already owned this set and I knew from experience they were good all-round for listening to music, movies and for playing games,
      And after a lot of searching and comparing price and performance I eventually settled for the same set my friend had.

      This is a 5.1 surround sound speaker system and so consists of 5 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer speaker,
      they come in all black and are a simple and clean cut cubic design with the 5 satellite speakers having detachable mesh grilles,
      All of the speakers stand flat. (No legs) or can be wall mounted except the Subwoofer...

      SETTING IT UP……………

      The instruction leaflet and installation CD is really easy to understand and gives clear step by step instructions on how to set up and position the speaker system,
      The subwoofer is the main body of the system and the largest of the speakers and it’s on this speaker that the smaller satellites are connected,

      When the satellites are connected it is then time to connect the subwoofer to the computer and the electrical socket.
      It’s simply a matter of connecting the wires to the appropriate sockets and doesn’t take long at all

      THE SUBWOOFER……....

      The subwoofer is the largest of the speakers and is made with reinforced wood to give a better Dynamic Bass and is an impressive 22 Watt,
      It has line-in connectivity which allows it to be used with games consoles and home audio,
      I keep this on the bottom shelf of my computer desk as it’s handy as the wired remote control is connected to this,

      The remote control has a simple wheel movement which operates the volume and bass control both of which can be set to very loud,
      The remote control also has a headphone jack which I’ve found very useful when someone wants to play music or play games while someone else wants to watch TV.


      4 of the satellite speaker are 8 Watt and 2 of these have a speaker cable length of 2m and the other 2 have a cable length of 4m,
      The 5th speaker has a cable length of 2m and is slightly smaller in height and longer in length than the other satellites and is to be used as the central speaker in the surround sound and has a more powerful 18 Watt output.

      SOUND QUALITY……………….

      The total output power of the speakers are 72 watt and is really quite powerful when on high,
      The sound quality on the system for me is really quite impressive,
      But whether its watching movies , listening to music or playing games I usually have the volume between low / medium and the sound is crisp and clear,

      My sons (24 and 22) and nieces and nephews have listened to music and played games and are satisfied with the quality, and my sons are actually quite impressed by the sound quality and amount of speakers I got for the price as my older son paid around £200 for his system.


      All of the speakers have a protective coating for durability but I am still careful when cleaning them,
      I dust them down with a feather duster and if I have to, I wipe over with a damp cloth only, with NO detergents as this would damage the surface,
      And every now and then I will take the mesh grilles off and with the cylinder vacuum on low I go over them gently with the small brush attachment which is designed for this type of job.


      At £40 I got a bargain, I did a lot of searching and comparing before I bought these and found there are a lot of other speaker systems for sale at a much higher price for a lot less i.e.…………….not as many speakers and not as high a wattage,
      There’s also a lot for sale that have the same specifications but at a higher price,
      I’ve had my system just over 3 years and never had a problem yet,

      I like the simple cubic design, I never did like the type on legs or the long thin type either so all in I’m really happy with my choice, although I do find the speaker wires could have been a bit longer, but I suppose if I really wanted it would be easy enough to have them lengthened I just haven’t got round to it yet.

      This is a really good quality sound system combining value and performance which I highly recommend,
      It looks good sitting on my computer desk,
      And has given me and my family lots of enjoyment,
      And it’s a good set for a first time buyer, who doesn’t know much about them,

      I paid £40 for mine on Amazon but they no longer have them in stock, but I have seen them online elsewhere for the same price and recently saw them on E-bay for a lot less which makes them an even better buy.

      Thank you for reading.


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        13.02.2006 14:32
        Very helpful



        All in all a good, solid set of speakers

        Time was when the sum total of a computers sound output was a couple of chirrups and a beep! Not anymore. Nowadays the computer has replaced the television as the integral piece of multimedia equipment in many households, with television, DVD and music playback no more than a mouse click away. Of course you have to have the equipment to do justice to these multimedia experiences, a minute CTR monitor and tin-pot speaker setup will offer a rather unsatisfactory result, which is why I found myself looking into a surround sound speaker setup for my computer. After dismissing a 7.1 setup (not enough room) and a twin speaker setup (not good enough sound) I elected for a 5.1 speaker system from Creative labs, I had used their sound cards in the past with good results so it seemed only right to try out their speakers. The 5.1 relates to the number of speakers the system contains with the 5 being the number of smaller speakers to be positioned around a room for surround sound and the 1 relating to the larger subwoofer.

        What's in the box?

        Firstly you get a rather large subwoofer, slightly bigger than a shoe box this part of the setup is where the various wires and sockets converge. Fashioned from finest wood it encompasses a 'flared port' for a cleaner bass sound and a 'long-throw driver' to make the sound deeper. This all adds up to twenty-two watts of sound power. Four small satellite speakers come next - each boasting eight watts of power. The two rear ones supplied with four metres of cable to the front pairs two metres - all have a universal socket to plug into the corresponding port on the subwoofer. The one central satellite speaker is similar to the others although it is laid on its side and offers a more powerful eighteen watts of sound; again two metres of cable ensure optimal positioning is not a problem. Also worthy of mention is the fact that all of the smaller speakers can be wall mounted. The wired remote control is next, which is designed to be positioned for optimal use. It boasts bass and volume controls offer superb user control depending on the sound required. A plethora of cables including a 5.1 audio cable and an auxiliary input wire are joined by a bulky looking power pack, each have good lengths of cable and are colour coded to make setup easy. Finally a quick start guide covers the basics - but not much else - while a twelve month warranty card covers your investment should there be a problem.


        Of course all these fancy speakers need to be setup and positioned correctly to deliver optimum results; place them too close to each other and you may as well have saved your money! Luckily the quick start guide seems to be written in plain English so that even the most computer illiterate amongst us should find it a straight forward experience. Once the two rear speakers are determined (they have the longer cable) they should be positioned as far behind the user as the wire will allow; they plug into clearly labelled sockets on the subwoofer, which should be placed no more than a couple of feet from the computer screen. The two front speakers also need to be positioned each side of where to user will be seated, again no more than two or three feet away. Finally as far as the speakers go the central one needs to be placed as near to directly in front of the seated position as possible, this is to give the best cinematic audio experience possible apparently. Once the speakers are positioned and plugged in it is time to connect the setup to the computer; the colour coded triple wire makes connection to your sound card a simply task, the quick start guide also offers help. Plug in the wired remote control and position it handily and plug in the power pack and that's pretty much the hardware setup complete. Those using Windows XP simply need to start the computer and let the drivers update while users of older versions of the operating system should insert the Supplied CD and follow the simple installation instructions.

        My thoughts

        I knew little about computer speakers prior to doing some research while buying this Creative Inspire P5800 setup; I toyed with the idea of going wireless but the amount of batteries required would have been impractical, not to mention expensive. My sound card would have supported a 7.1 setup (7 small speakers and a subwoofer) but as my computer room is on the small side I considered it would be speaker overkill and not deliver a much better sound that the 5.1 setup I went for. The last time I bought speakers I used my computer for web browsing and little else so a cheap duel system was all I required. Now though it is a different matter; the advent of broadband means I listen to radio online while the recent purchase of an ipod makes downloading and listening to music a major part of my computer usage. Add to that DVD playback and video streaming and it really was time to do these various operations justice with a top notch speaker system. And what a top notch speaker system the P5800 is!

        All components are good looking and deliver sublime sound feedback; the subwoofer delivers low and deep bass without any booming or humming. Voices and music are crisp and clear and are delivered without crackle or interference. Turning the solid feeling volume dial on the wired remote up high while music is playing produces a clear, and very loud, result with no adverse effects to the sound. The subwoofer is perhaps a little on the heavy side but as I do not plan to move it from its position this is not a problem. My only real gripe is that the remote control is wired rather than fully remote, this means that while watching DVD's you need to keep getting up to get the volume to the lever required - not a major problem, more a small annoyance. Available for around £40 on the internet I do not consider this setup to be overly expensive, particularly when the sound they produce is more than a match for speaker systems that are two or three times the price - all in all a good, solid set of speakers which I give four stars out of five.



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