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    1 Review
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      19.10.2013 23:51
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      Great little speakers that are just what you need for PC use!

      The Product:

      Dell AX210CR - Speakers - for PC - wired

      About Dell:

      In order to accurately review this printer, I recently visited the Dell website and found it impressive and easy to navigate. Dell's homepage is user friendly and as you would expect from a global computer business is slick and self promoting. For example did you know that Dell are sponsoring the 2014 Commonwealth Games? I didn't until I visited the website.

      Dell started out as a cheaper solution to computing needs and some of their earlier laptops took a bit of a bashing in the media. The computers we use in the UK now are mostly made in Czechoslovakia, so if air miles worry you, they have not travelled as far as they might have. I did not realise that Dell was founded in 1984, nor that it now has various community initiatives or that their full history can be found on the website. I will leave you to decide if you want to check it or not, the point here is to review the computer speakers, but the website is: http://www.dell.co.uk/ should you wish to check it out?

      Today, I think it is safe to say Dell is a leading brand in home and business computer solutions.

      The Speakers:

      I bought these speakers as part of a package from Dell almost 4 years ago and I am very pleased with them. Here is the technical information from the website:

      "Product Description Dell AX210CR - speakers - For PC - wired

      Product Type Speakers - PC multimedia - wired

      System Components 2 speakers

      Speaker Type Active

      Nominal Output Power (Total) 1.2 Watt

      Audio Amplifier Integrated

      Speaker System Details 2 - 0.6 Watt
      Product Type Speakers - For PC - wired
      Speaker System
      System Components 2 speakers

      Speaker Type Active

      Nominal Output Power (Total) 1.2 Watt

      Audio Amplifier Integrated

      Additional Features USB powered
      Speaker System Details
      Speakers Included 2 - 0.6 Watt - wired"

      Dell Say:

      Transform your PC into a high-end stereo system with the DellTM AX210CR USB Stereo Speakers. With these speakers Dell offers a true upgrade in audio quality, speaker aesthetics and functionality. Whether you're enjoying the latest DVD movie, playing an action-packed game, or participating in a video-conference, you will be at the center of excellent sound. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system."

      My Personal Experience of the Speakers:

      First of all although they came with no set up instructions whatsoever, they were very easy to set up. Each speaker has the initial L or R on embossed on the back, thus it is easily apparent which is which speaker, unlike my last speaker set they have a wire connecting them together and then a single common wire to plug into the PC. The leads are quite long and I have a large L shaped desk and before I moved I had the speakers set out at each end with lead to spare. In my current home, although I still have the desk I sit at it differently, so I heave the speakers either side of the PC screen and this works fine too. The right hand speaker controls the sound level independently to the computer by the simple application of a twist on/off volume control.

      Whilst, wearing headphones I can hear every nuance of a song and critique the recording, it would be a big ask to expect that sort of quality from these cute little guys. The sound though is good, stereo balanced and the sound level can be quite loud. You wouldn't expect these to power a party, but with just 2 or 3 people in the room, they are great at offering background music, watching a film or catching up on iPlayer. For personal use they are ideal. I can listen to something quietly without disturbing anyone else or getting out a set of headphones. If I'm listening to downloads or Youtube I can crank the sound up a bit with no distortion or problems and for general listening they are fine. The right speaker also features a light that shows that the speakers are on, I tend to leave mine to power up and down with the PC, but if they are turned off at the speaker or plug for any reason the light goes off, which is handy because if you notice there is no sound, it is quick and easy to check whether the speaker is live or not, for example Google recently decided to mess about with the sound on Youtube videos and I was able to quickly establish that my speakers were working fine.

      I have not personally used them for gaming, but apparently they are "great".

      Any problems?

      No, none at all!


      The speakers stand about 18cm or 7" high are about 7cm or 3" in diameter and are sleek, black and stylish, they are a rounded triangle shape with a plastic looped foot sticking out the back for stability. They feature the Dell logo on the bottom, so no trying to fob them off as a more expensive brand!

      So why did I choose the Dell AX210CR?

      Well, I was updating my home PC, my existing speakers were old and not that brilliant anyway, so it was easy to put together a whole package to buy from Dell. Also, I was amazed at how much these speakers offered for such a low price.


      The AX210CR speakers go really well with my PC are still going strong after a lot of use, I am sure they would work just as well with a different brand of PC or a laptop.

      I find these speakers, useful, aesthetically pleasing and functional - in short I am so glad I bought them, probably the best bit of kit for under £20.00 that I have bought!

      I love these little speakers and they seem better than their 0.6w output suggests!

      Who For:

      Anyone who wants stylish, general, useful, PC speakers at a low price.

      Price and Availability:

      I bought mine direct from Dell on-line, they were delivered promptly, when expected and were well packaged. They are £18.00 from Dell at the time of writing and at this price, I would not even consider looking for used ones.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope you found it useful.


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