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Genius SP Q06S

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    2 Reviews
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      29.03.2011 13:00
      Very helpful
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      see review x

      The speakers

      The speakers are really basic, but look very nice also. They are black in colour with a Grey cover over where the sound comes out. On the back of the speakers, it tells you their make and model number. Also it tells you which is the left speaker and which is the right speaker, which to be honest I don't really think this would make much of a difference which one goes where.

      The speakers are pretty plain at the front, and the only words imprinted on them, are the words genius on the bottom of the left hand speaker, Apart from that they are plain but also look pretty sat next to my computer.

      How to set up

      To set them up is easy, simply plug the main plug into the mains and then plug the USB lead into an available slot and the computer will do the rest, they are then ready to use. The speakers do only use one USB port.

      How they work

      This is yet again simple, as I said these really are basic speakers, On the right hand speaker you have a button that can be pushed in this is your on/off button. To turn the speakers on you just push in this button, and a green light will come on. To turn off just push the button again and the light will go off to show that your speakers are off.

      The second button I was on about is your volume control, this is used by turning the nob left or right to turn it up and down to get your sound to your desired setting. And that's all there is to it.

      Sound quality

      The speakers are loud enough, and I do like to blast my music out, so the volume does get turned up quite loud at times. There has never been any muffling at all with the sound and the sound usually comes out perfect. Although I have noticed that when you turn the speakers down as low as they can go, they seem to go a little funny and the left speaker seems to crackle a little and then gets a little bit louder. I never have them as low as they can go so this is really not a problem for me. Also you can not turn the volume right down to mute, to do this you will have to switch the speakers off.

      My overall opinion

      I do like these speakers and they were second hand when I bought them, as I bought a computer off my friend for £150 which was a bargain in itself, and the speakers came with this. She had the computer for 2 years before I bought it off her and the speakers are still as good as new.

      I am not sure how much these would cost to buy new but they are the prefect speakers for me. The sound good and look good, and really are basic, which is how I like them, I don't like things too fancy and hard to understand and work. So they are probably the best and easiest speakers to use. And to be able to blast out my music and still understand every word is great.

      As to if I would recommend these speakers then I would say yes, I would be stupid not to.


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        03.10.2010 17:48
        Very helpful


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        Versatile and affordable set of low wattage of speakers

        ~*~ The Company ~*~

        Founded in 1983, the multi-million KYE Systems Corporation has its headquarters in Taiwan with branch offices located around the world. The firm manufactures computer-related devices for companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, whilst also maintaining their own brand, Genius.
        In 1996, The Company had made a global note worthy mark as the first company to manufacture a computer mouse with wheel. The corporation continues to develop innovative and quality products.

        ~*~ The product under review ~*~

        I didn't personally choose these speakers. My son bought these speakers to up-grade my previous ones that were poorly designed.

        The company list this line as 'Q' {Queen Series, whereby the shape is supposed to resemble 'the pyramids of Egypt and is similar to a queen's crown'. Unless I read this, I personally wouldn't have recognized this parallel. The dimensions of the speakers are width 9cm, depth 11.6cm and height 16.5cm. The frontal design being wider at the base with a gentle curvature then with a slight widening at the top; hence, why I didn't notice the design similarities the company notes!

        ~The sound quality~

        It would be so simple to explain the technical aspects of sound, but not for me! Therefore, I will only touch on the basics connected to these particular speakers.

        These sound devices have Sealed Speaker Enclosures. Enclosures, which affects how sound is produced, are usually built with a solid material, these being plastic, which will effectively absorb the driver's vibrations. These enclosures serve various functions.

        As everything's in one unit and the drivers are kept in the right position, they work together to produce good sounds. Enclosures are completely sealed so that no air can escape which means the forward sound wave travels outward into the room, while the backward sound wave travels only into the box.

        The down-side is that these enclosures are less efficient than other designs because the amplifier has to boost the electrical signal to overcome the force of this air pressure. But the force serves a valuable function as it does act like a spring to keep the driver in the right position, making for more precise sound productions.


        For me, the speakers are much easier to set up, with just one audio line-in. By simply connecting the speaker cable into the corresponding jack to the back of the PC, and plugging in the unit to the electricity outlet, the speakers are up and ready!

        ~Design features~

        > The Genius Logo is on the speaker that is connected to the one with the volume controls.

        > A practical feature of these light weight speakers is that the controls for the power, volume and headphone jack are on the front panel which affords easier access.

        > Another useful feature of these miniature speakers is that they are versatile in that they are suitable for use with computers, portable CD players and many more equivalent products.

        > I have found these to be a dependable pair of speakers. At the push of a button and turn of the volume dial I can alternate the sound as required.

        > The total output volume is only one watt but this is all the capacity one really needs for localized PC sound.

        And finally....

        I would recommend these speakers to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive, low technical but consistently good sounding outlet. We purchased these neat little units for £5 on-line.


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