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Harman Kardon Speakers HK395

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2012 20:08
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      Why doesn't everyone have a pair of these?

      So in general with items of technology you get what you pay for, and for speakers this saying still stands, however there are a few products on the market that really are better than their price tag says. These speakers are just one of those products and I am so glad I own a pair and may even look for another pair to go into another room. Being a student I am always price conscious, so this product performing so well is a great bonus considering their price.

      I bought these speakers around five years ago now in a computer fair for around £30 but they can be bought off the web or I have seen them in high-street stores. For the money I was just expecting some half decent speakers that would stop me having to listen to music through my laptop speakers but actually they have proven themselves to be so good my dad now has a pair for his computer and another for a small TV in the spare room.

      Well this product isn't going to win the award for the best looking speaker but actually I don't think the satellite speakers or the subwoofer looks too bad. In fact, the styling is quite simple but effective and the matt black colour scheme allows the product to fit in with almost any surroundings. The subwoofer has a plastic front and actually just a material covered rear and sides but you cannot notice this so there is no loss. The satellite speakers are actually quite small which I find is preferable over other products as it gives me much more room on my desk without compromising the sound quality. The front of these speakers is covered by a grey fabric mesh but I think this further simplifies the design and doesn't contract from the overall feel of these speakers which is somewhere in the middle ground in terms of price and aesthetic looks.

      ---BUILD QUALITY---
      As I have said, I have had these speakers for many years now and they have lasted me well with no maintenance ever needing to be carried out on them. Part of the reason for this may be down to the fact that most of the wires between the speakers unplug so you cannot break the wires by pulling on them hard as they will just unplug themselves. Another reason why these products last so well is the fact that the subwoofer is made from dense plywood so it is strong and durable, this thick and dense material may also be contributing to the excellent sound quality these speakers give off. As I have mentioned the speakers are very sturdy so they are almost impossible to actually knock over and even at full volume these speakers will not 'blow themselves up'.

      ---SOUND QUALITY---
      Personally I think that these speakers give off an excellent sound quality with very minimal distortion. This is reinforced by the thousands of people that have bought this product and also written excellent reviews on these speakers - I actually haven't come across a bad review of these speakers yet. The bass that these speakers produce is actually quite deep and certainly much better than similarly priced products; with a tuned bass port enclosure this product gives you real immersing vibrations of bass to enhance any kind of music. When it comes to the satellite speakers they have a very high frequency reproduction of 250 - 20000 Hz with magnetic shielding, which I think is great for this product being sold at this price. You notice the difference over a cheap pair of speakers immediately and you won't beat these speakers unless you are willing to pay double or even triple what these speakers cost.

      ---EASE OF USE---
      All knobs are easy to locate and move freely when you alter them. As I have mentioned this product sits well with a desk - the satellite speakers on top taking up little space and the subwoofer underneath and out of the way. The master volume is on the right satellite speaker for easy access while the bass and treble controls are on the subwoofer itself, though this is no problem as they are out the way and don't need to be altered very often. During use all the speakers stay firmly planted even at high volumes so there is no jumping about and extra vibration noise generated. This is due to the very sturdy bases that also stop the speakers being knocked over when hit which is another great advantage over other products.

      At such a low price these speakers are an excellent addition to any computer, desk or TV and give off a really decent sound at many volume ranges. With knobs to adjust different levels and enough bass to blow paper 15 feet across a room (I have tested this), you cannot go wrong with these speakers and I cannot rate them highly enough. The only downside if I had one is that you need somewhere to put the subwoofer as it may get in the way on a desk.

      * Manufacturer: Dell
      * Model: HK395
      * Part# 7E840
      * Number of Speakers: 2 Speakers + Subwoofer
      * Max. Power Output: 30 Watt (RMS)
      * Connection Type: Cable
      * THD: 10 %
      * Satellites:
      o Frequency Response: 250 - 20000 Hz
      o Dimensions (W x D x H) 3.4 in. x 4.2 in. x 4.9 in.
      * Subwoofer:
      o Frequency Response 45 - 250 Hz
      o Dimensions (W x D x H) 6.3 in. x 10.6 in. x 12.2 in.


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