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    1 Review
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      23.06.2009 14:09
      Very helpful



      Cheap and cheerful portable speakers for an mp3 player - best for kids.

      I posted a review several weeks ago for the Sanza Fuze mp3 player I bought for my daughter.

      Well, one of the joys of having a child is you buy them something and then they ask you for accessories, and this was no exception - I needed to get a wall charger separately and she also asked for speakers.

      Most of the content my daughter has on her mp3 player is on her laptop, for which I bought her high quality speakers that give her excellent sound quality, so when she asked for speakers I told her I was only going to get cheap portable ones rather than spend a lot of money on something that would merely duplicate what her laptop does.

      Given she isn't particularly fussy about sound quality, she was happy to go along with this and I did a little research online in search of something that would fit the bill. A lot of the speaker sets are designed for the iPod, and I struggled to find any that the Sansa Fuze could sit on flush like my iPod sits on its speaker set. I did find one but it was outwith my budget.

      I eventually found what I wanted, in, of all places, Morrisons. They were selling these JVC SP-A220 speaker sets for £9.99. My daughter was with me and liked the fact you could indulge in a little colour change with the sets, so I duly bought her one.

      The speakers are not for those who want high quality sound - I have to state that from the off. They are, however, good for children or if you want to listen to music on the go as they are fully battery powered, taking 2 AAA batteries.

      They also take any mp3 player as you link the player to the speaker via the headphone jack, making them pretty universal. The mp3 player does not, however have a place to sit flush on the speakers.

      They are small and lightweight - measuring just over 6 inches in length.
      The speakers are made from silver coloured plastic, and you can change the colour tab in the middle using one of several they provide, including black, orange and red. As my daughter's mp3 player is red, that is unsurprisingly the colour she opted for. To do this you just choose the piece of coloured paper provided with the player, remove the plastic protector in the middle of the player, pop in the paper and replace the cover. This is a nice touch and enables you to ring the changes if you so desire.

      The speakers are very simple to operate, with only an on and off button to deal with. There is a power on indicator light too. This seems to help extend battery life which is pretty good - my daughter has had these for a couple of months now and has only had to change the batteries once.

      Once you have connected the speakers to the mp3 player, you just use the mp3 player as you would if you were listening to it through headphones - selecting songs using the controls on the mp3 player, and changing volume that way too.

      The speakers are not particularly powerful - you couldn't use them for a party for instance - but my daughter listens to music at friends' and family members homes on it and sometimes in her own room if her laptop is off or a friend is using it.

      I tried playing several songs on full volume and the sound quality was terrible - very tinny and hard on the ears. If you turn the volume down a little it improves greatly but still will never be able to match the sound you get from higher quality units.

      My daughter also uses them to watch the numerous video clips she has added to her player but it's not really ideal for that as you have to balance the player up against the speakers or hold them in separate hands. The wire that links the player to the speakers isn't very long so holding them like this isn't particularly comfortable.

      You can also play the radio through the speakers which my daughter does occasionally. Similarly the sound quality is fine so long as you don't turn the volume up to the maximum.

      My daughter is perfectly happy with these speakers but I would only recommend you buy them if you are looking for something for a child, or portable speakers that will allow you to listen to your music on the go, say camping or using to listen to music at a friend's house for instance.

      The one good thing about the short wire and jack on this is that it can be stowed neatly on the bottom of the player - you just wind it round the groove on the base and press the jack into the area designed for it. There is a clear plastic cover that goes over this too.

      Overall for £9.99 these fit the purpose perfectly well but if you are looking for high quality speakers for your mp3 player giving high quality sound, you will need to look elsewhere - this is purely for people who want to listen to music and are not too fussy about what it sounds like.


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