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Logitech Pure-Fi Dream

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2010 15:11
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      Great iPod dock!

      I'd been searching for the perfect iPod/iPhone dock for about a month, and unfortunately had bought a few and taken them back. These included a Sony alarm clock unit which was around £60, and the big boy JBL Radial, at £160. Neither of these really done it for me, but then I saw this Logitech on sale for just £100, and after going home and reading all about it and watching some Youtube videos, I got very excited and went and bought it the very next day, and I haven't looked back since!

      Firstly, the sound. Obviously, it's not as good as the JBL Radial I used to have, but is that's a 9/10 this is a 7.5/10, easy. It does sound very good, and keeps the sound quality throughout it's while volume spectrum. It has controls for bass and treble, and when these are both set to around ¾'s the sound is very balanced. There's also a widening feature, which sometimes works well and sometimes makes things sound weird - it all depends on the production of certain albums.

      Also, the options for the alarm clock are absolutely fantastic. I mainly wanted a really nice sounding iPod dock that let me have a charging point beside my bed and could wake me up with my iPhone's music. This delivers, big time, as it is also a dedicated alarm clock, with dual alarms and many alarm features, including snooze length, how loud you want your alarm music to be, what play list to play, and so on. And don't worry, if you set an alarm to go off with an iPod/iPhone playlist, but there's nothing docked, it'll use it's default 'beep beep' alarm sound - which can also be used regardless of an iPod being present.

      Its big party piece is the motion sensors on top, which when activated case all the backlit buttons of the unit to light up. To keep things all present and correct, the fantastic remote (not one of those horridly thin 'credit card' remotes, thanfully) also has backlit buttons. The motion sensors also work to snooze the alarm - just float your weary hand over the top and snooze is activated.

      Small disadvantage is that this unit takes a while for the music to kick in when you press play. After hitting the button, you get a high pitched sound from the tweeters powering up, then a small thud from the midrange speakers, and then the music comes on. It's less than 2 seconds, and it only does it if the unit's gone into standby mode. This doesn't occur with general pausing/unpausing. This never really bothered me, and I love the idea that it sounds like it's powering up.

      I love this thing, I'm really happy with it! This unit doesn't leave me wanting. It's a fully-fledged alarm clock, and a very impressive iPod dock.


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