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Logitech Z 313

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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2012 14:15
      Very helpful


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      Great speakers at a great price!

      It may surprise many people that music is just like video, if you buy a 3D Blu Ray movie from a shop, you want to watch it on a large 3D TV because that way you will get the benefit of the great image, and why is it any different with music, I am shocked to find people spend a fair deal off money on music and movies with fantastic audio tracks and listen through their laptop speakers or through generic speakers, where the sound quality of the track is gone to waste!

      Music is a brilliant and wonderful thing and it should be enjoyed at its most and it doesn't require you to spend hundreds of your hard earned pounds!

      ===Logitech Z313 Speakers===

      Logitech is a well-known company in the computer industry; they are probably the leaders in computer accessories and can provide you anything from computer mice to microphones, speakers, keyboards, webcams, you name it, they probably have it. The great thing about Logitech is, they have their products ranging to the high end, best of the best to the cheap of the cheap; however they maintain their good quality builds and you essentially pay for the performance you want from the product.

      The Z313 Speakers are what you call the mid-range speakers, they won't cost you a fortune, but it is a price you'd think about before paying, as they come to around £30 - £40. For this price you get a full 2.1 Sound System and my favourite part, a little controller which you can switch the speakers off and on with, and toggle the volume, and it has a 3.5mm jack for your headphones too. In fact I was surprised to find these speakers for £10 in a second hand shop in my local town!


      The look of the system, although isn't a main worry for me, can be the selling point for most people. I must say that the 2 speakers aren't the prettiest set you'll ever come across; in fact they are pretty plain as seen by the picture. The speakers look identical as they have no volume control on them (done by control pad), and the only variant is the 'R' and 'L' on the back for left and right, they have an air intake hole on the bottom and the speaker itself at the top with a silver plastic trim. Nothing special or eye catching, the subwoofer is just a black box with an air intake hole, and a bass distribution cone on the bottom which isn't visible.

      All in all, not a handsome set of speakers, but I personally don't care much for the look but rather the quality of sound.

      ===Quality Build===

      Logitech are known for building some of the better hardware accessories, and I in fact still have a webcam I bought from Logitech in 2005, it was cheap back then and 7 years later still functions without any problems.

      These speakers are no different, straight out of the box you can tell they are very well built, the plastic used doesn't fell cheap, and although the system is quite light (as all are, it's basically just air), the plastic does add some weight to them so they aren't so flimsy.

      I've dropped the speakers on numerous occasion of my desk due to it being a large cluster of papers and whatever else, things get pushed off, although it is a meter drop at most, they speakers seem to have survived and function fine, so they are knock resistant to say the least.

      A small complain I may have about the build, the little remote pad which comes attached to the subwoofer/speakers is kind of light and the problem with that is that I've had to tape it to the desk to keep it in the same place, if it had some weight to it, it would remain stationary and not be knocked away.

      ===Sound Quality===

      Sound quality is the thing you buy your speakers for, as that is their primary function. It's hard to describe the quality of sound other than simply saying it is very good to say the least. The audio is very crisp and even at 25 watts RMS, ("Root Mean Square" the true loudness of the speakers), and 50 peak Wattage, you won't be going death in comparison to a Night Club system supporting 500 peak watt speakers, but it's loud enough to get neighbours complaining. The subwoofer although small and under the desk friendly can really shake the furniture when some bass kicks in.

      At top volume with a good 320 kbps track (Basically a good quality music track), I can hear no distortion in the track and all levels of the track can be distinguished. You won't get a track cluster with vocals and back beat fighting for control basically, as you'd in £1 earphones.

      Simply put, my friends in my apartment block have invested in many Stereo systems with massive speakers with built in Bass Boost and crazy flashing lights. Yet still come into my room with my humble speakers on the shelf and sub under my feet and are impressed!


      Unfortunately there are some minor issues I discovered. Although the speakers are suitable for most desks with reasonably length wiring, I was attempting something more creative, and was a failure due to the shortness of the wiring. The remote is attached to the Subwoofer, and the wire is about 2 metres long. So the Sub has to be close by. I managed to get an extension 3.5mm to get my speakers away a bit though.

      Also as mentioned, the Remote is a little bit light and tends to just disappear of the desk. It would be good if it has some weight and grip. I solved it by getting some Sticky Foam Tape and it now doesn't move.

      ===Possible Upgrades?===

      Logitech have a very LARGE range of products in most lines. Speakers seem to be their favourite as they have a lot of choice. If you are willing to spend a few extra £/$, you can upgrade to the Z323 speakers, offering to AUX ports (TV + PC together?) and a more 360 sound distribution, but no remote. If you're up for an audio battle with the neighbours the Z626 would be perfect until you upgrade to the 5.1 speakers, my next set will be the Logitech Z906 Surround Sound 5.1 System, but that's for another review!


      If you're after some reasonably priced speakers which are quality and truly built to last, the Logitech Z313 system will square you away and you will be satisfied! Don't except poor, distorted audio ever again!


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      01.07.2012 19:50
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great value speakers that provide great quality audio.

      I bought these speakers originally for my bedroom at university just so I could listen to my music without having to use headphones or rely on my laptop speakers, which are dreadful. I was impressed straight away, they sound quality is very good for a product as cheap as these and the volume can reach a very high level. They are easy to use and set up, all you have to do is plug-and-play. All you need is a device which uses a headphone jack, such as a laptop or an MP3 player and you're all set.

      If you are looking to play very loud music, and when I say loud I mean very loud, then these are not the speakers for you, as when turned up to the maximum volume on the controller, music starts to distort and the quality drops drastically. For normal listening however these are fine. If all you are looking for are normal speakers, for a reasonable price that produce good quality audio, then these are the speakers for you.

      They need to be connected to the mains if you intend on using the subwoofer and controller, but a big advantage is that you can use the two right & left channel speakers, without a power source, by just plugging them into your laptop or MP3 player.

      I've had these speakers for a year now and they have served me well at university, through all the small knocks and occasional drops and I haven't encountered a single problem yet. I'd recommend these to anyone.


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  • Product Details

    With a convenient control pod and big, balanced sound, this speaker system is the easy way to kick back with your music.

    Technical Data

    Product Description: Logitech Z-313 - speaker system - for PC - wired
    Product Type: Speaker system - PC multimedia - 2.1-channel - wired
    System Components: 2 speakers, subwoofer
    Speaker Type: Active
    Nominal Output Power (Total): 25 Watt
    Audio System Max Output Power: 50 Watt
    Response Bandwidth: 48 - 20000 Hz
    Audio Amplifier: Integrated
    Speaker System Details: 2
    1 x subwoofer
    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty