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Logitech Z 506

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4 Reviews
  • Easy set up
  • Sounded good
  • Broke after 2 months
  • Lots of thick wires
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    4 Reviews
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      14.08.2015 17:02
      Very helpful


      • "Easy set up"
      • "Sounded good"


      • "Broke after 2 months"
      • "Lots of thick wires"

      A pretty great product!...for about 2 months

      If I was writing this review a month after buying these speakers, I'd be giving them 5 stars. Unfortunately, I'm writing it now, 40 months after purchasing it, and roughly 37 months after they stopped working. When I purchased these Logitech surround sound speakers I thought, for £60, I cant really go wrong. Oh how wrong I was. No matter how cheap these were when compared to other products, or how good the sound quality was while it lasted, £60 for a product that lasts less than three months in poor.
      I bought these speakers for the low price and nice design/ look. I have a very small bedroom and (wrongly) assumed any surround sound system, including this one, would have long enough wires to put the speakers wherever I wanted them. I purchased these speakers hoping to not only use them with my iPod, but also have them connected to my TV/ xbox; which I did for 2-3 months before they became useless.

      The price (as well as the aesthetics) is was initially attracted me to this product. I paid £60 but it can currently be purchased for £55 from Amazon.com. When compared to other surround sound systems, this is very cheap; as they can range in price from ~£50 to £1000+. For this price, the Logitech Z506 outperformed my expectations , in terms of sound quality. If this product had lasted longer than 2-3 months, and had maintained the sound quality, then this would be a very different review, and I would be strongly recommending this product. Unfortunately I only have experience with this sound system and no others, but from my experience, I would advise spending a little bit more money, and readings reviews before buying.
      What you're paying for:
      - 5 'satellite' speakers as shown in the picture
      - 1 Ported, down-firing subwoofer
      - 3.5 mm and six channel direct audio cables (RCA cable not included)
      - Color-coded speaker cables
      - User documentation
      The Cables:
      - Front: 2 meters
      - Rear: 5 meters
      - Center: 2.7 meters
      - Accessory cables: 2 meters
      75 watts RMS
      Satellites: 48 watts RMS (2 x 8 W front, 16 W center, 2 x 8 W rear)
      Subwoofer: 27 watts RMS
      Total peak power: 150 watts
      Frequency response: 45 Hz–20 kHz

      Works with:
      - Computers, music players, TVs, DVD players and other audio sources with 3.5 mm or RCA audio out
      - PlayStation®2, PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360® or Wii™ using the AV cable that comes with your console

      The initial set up was both pleasant and disappointing. It was very quick and easy, you simply plug the colour coded cables into the colour coded holes, put the speakers where you want them, plug the subwoofer into the mains, connect the subwoofer to your TV/ console/ iPod and you're done. I thought this was great, a pleasant set-up process. However, my disappointment came when I initially took everything out of the box. The speaker cables were unattractively thick, and annoying short. I must admit, I did not read the specifications in great detail before purchase, as I saw 'surround sound' and assumed the cables would be a decent length. Eventually I arranged the speakers as best I could, which was when I faced another problem. As I was setting this up in my bedroom. I didn't have a solid sturdy surface in all four corners of my room, and my TV was in one corner. Eventually, I built some small wooden shelves and attached them to my bedroom wall where I wanted the speakers. I then had to make adjustments to the shelves to allow the cable to come up through and into the back of the speaker, as I found without this, the speakers did not stay on the shelves. One slight knock of the cables trailing around my room, and speakers would be falling over left and right. After all this, I could finally start using it, and it was great.

      If you like how it looks in the picture, your'e going to like how it looks when you take it out the box. It all looks very stylish and looks great in any room, however, I feel I must mention that it is not as shiny/ glossy as it appears in the picture, and all the speakers are made of plastic, which is obvious when you look at them. For me, the aesthetics of this product were great, except for the wires. The short length, above average thickness of the wires and the abundance make them very difficult to hide. This didn't really bother me, but then again, I'm a student so my room has never looked very tidy! If your'e looking for a very discreet surround sound system, then this isn't the product for you.

      For me, the sound quality of this surround sound system was the most impressive aspect. For £60 I wasn't expecting much, but these little speakers certainly delivered. They played at a great volume, louder than I ever needed, and produced clear, deep sound. The subwoofer also features a bass and treble control. The bass control was amazing, allowing me to choose exactly how much bass I wanted when using these speakers.
      Not only was the sound of great quality, there was absolutely no loss of quality throughout the volume range; something that cannot be said about many cheap speakers. The sound volume wet up loud enough that my neighbors could hear the music, and had a great range when connected to my iPod, meaning i could comfortably choose the exact volume I wanted without the volume increasing/ decreasing massively with every touch of the volume control. At this point I was very happy with my purchase and thought I'd got myself a bargain. It is for this high quality sound, that I would have given this product 5 stars, if it hadn't stopped working after 2-3 months.

      After ~2 months I started noticing some 'fuzziness'/ a low buzzing noise from 1 of the speakers. This then progressed to two of the speakers. Before I knew it both of these speakers played absolutely no audible sound, just a muffled noise. After 3 months two speakers were completely useless, and another two produced a buzzing sound. Only the subwoofer and one speaker worked as they should; thus eliminating the 'surround-sound' aspect of this product. For a while I continued to use just the sub and the single speaker, but it was no better than the £30 iPod docking station I already owned, and provided absolutely no surround sound; which the reason I purchased the product, and the primary function of a 'SURROUND SOUND' system.
      I considered attempting to get a refund/ new product as it was clearly a problem with the speaker system and not user error, but I decided against it; out of pure laziness. I did read a few other reviews however, and discovered that this is a common problem with this product. The same thing has happened to many other people. It is for that reason that I must strongly recommend you do not purchase this product, no matter how tempting the price may be!

      As you have probably already gauged from this review, this product would have been pretty good considering the low cost, good sound quality and easy setup. However, it lasted 2-3 months before it became utterly useless, and for that reason alone I cannot recommend this product.


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        19.04.2012 07:19
        Very helpful



        Generic 5.1 kit, doesn't sound bad by any means, but doesn't stand-out either

        I feared the worst When I saw the box that arrived from Amazon; struggling to imagine 5.1 kit could possibly fit in such a small space. Then I saw the subwoofer; smaller than my old T6100 subwoofer. The satellites didn't look particularly impressive either.

        After turning the system on I was a little less worried; oddly the down-firing subwoofer manages to pump out much better bass than the subwoofer it's replacing (or at least as far as I can tell, it's 'fluffing point' seems fairly high) and I can't hear any difference when running the same satellites from the T6100 alongside the Z506's. All is good.

        It is worth noting however that this is supposedly an 'upgrade' to the Logitech X540 - a system which has two drivers per satellite - and by the looks of things these drivers are identical. You're getting one instead of two on four of the speakers. Also, the black glossy thing that looks like a tweeter on each Z506 satellites; it's just plastic I'm afraid.

        Furthermore, the Z506s have shoddy fabric grills as opposed to X540's metal meshes, no separate wired remote control and no way of wall-mounting. I would definitely not say this is an upgrade from Logitech's previous model; rather a bit of corner-cutting. Bad Logitech!

        The Z506s do sound good however. This at least with the subwoofer on. The reality behind the Z506s and pretty much any other 5.1 kit is, that whilst the kit seems like a steal, turn off the bass and you can hear just how cheap the satellites are: tinny with no 'body'.

        At £60, these aren't bad, but I'd be hard-pushed to say they're amazing when I got my acoustically-similar T6100s for £40 about 5 years ago.


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        29.03.2012 15:23
        Very helpful



        For £60 you cannot complain.....It performs exceptionally good.

        I bought the Logitech Z506's after years of using horrible desktop speakers and quite frankly these rock for £60.
        They are straight forward to setup and have colour coded wires so you know where to plug them in on your PC. Take note of the fact that your PC does need a 5.1 audio card. It does work on stereo sound cards and sounds pretty good, but it is nothing when compared to a proper 5.1 audio card. You'd be better off buying a Asus Xonar DS for £40 to go with these. See the audio card as future proof when you buy £200+ speakers.

        The bass on the sub-woofer is nice and clear and has a dial on the back so you can decide how much umph you want the sub to put out. I haven't turned the dial up above 50% since it is more than enough, and I must admit I'm scared of blowing the sub (I don't go past 50% on my 500w speakers in my front room either lol). It can mix stereo sources to surround sound and actually does the job quite well. The speakers really come to life when a properly mixed surround sound film or Tv Show is watched though. It was a joy to watch The Walking Dead, being able to hear the Zombies sneak up on people, just by hearing the footsteps on the rear speakers.

        These can also be used on a XBOX 360 or PS3 (I use them with my XBOX 360). Although it requires either machine to be connected via RCA cables (Red/White audio cables). My XBOX 360 was an elite version, which did not come with the native RCA adapter that some XBOX's are bundled with, so I had to break the casing around the VGA cable so I could plug it in to my XBOX and be able to plug in my HDMI cable at the same time (My XBOX is hooked up to my Dell U2312HM Monitor). An easier solution is to buy the RCA xbox adapter off ebay. Here's a video showing how to do it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__Atx0gMJQM

        Another thing to take note of is that games are upmixed from stereo to surround sound, mimicking the audio to the other speakers. For true surround sound on your games consoles you'll need to buy speakers that work via optical audio. However, games still sound amazing and I must say my KD ratio on MW3 has gone up a lot because of these. I can often hear people running behind me or close by to me a lot easier than before and using the Dead Silence perk has been put to good use thanks to these.

        Now for the bad parts. First off, some motherboards fail to recognize the rear speakers. I had to tell my PC that the rear speakers were side speakers before it actually picked them up. They do in actual fact work as rear speakers in films and PC games even though the side speaker option is ticked (Side speakers are actually used in a 7.1 setup). Also, the rear and centre speakers do have a low buzzing noise which is only noticeable when the speakers are put close to your ears. You wouldn't hear the buzzing otherwise (It doesn't get louder if the volume is turned up high for example) but its still a problem nonetheless. This problem can actually be resolved by plugging these speakers into a separate mains socket (I had mine plugged into a 5 socket adapter beforehand).

        Despite these minor quirks, and possibly a little fiddle with PC settings for 10-15 minutes, these speakers rock and are perfect for a small frontroom and more than enough for anyone's bedroom. It's loud enough for my neighbours to complain about hearing gunfire at 3am lol and that is with the actual volume dialler at roughly 55%.
        If you've got £60 spare and are watching films on tiny desktop speakers, do yourself a favour. Buy these :)


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          13.01.2012 18:29
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Decent sound system for any man or women


          I was looking for a Hi fi system so that I could listen to music in my bedroom because previously I had just been using my Xbox 360 through my Television and the quality was not very good.

          To my surprise on Christmas day I opened this Logitech z506 surround sound system and have been very impressed since.

          What's in the box


          Setellites 48 Watts RBS (2 x 8 W Front, 16 W centre, 2 x 8 W Rear)
          1 Supwoofer 27 Watts RMS

          75 Watts in total


          3.5 mm and six channel direct audio cables (RCA Cables not included)
          Colour coded speaker cables

          User documents

          Pros and cons


          Easy set up
          Very good sound quality
          Can easily fill a small to medium sized room with ample sound
          Custom bass level


          Some of the cables were a little short when testing in my living room

          My Opinion

          I'm blown away with how amazing these speakers are for the low price. I have got the speakers set up with my Xbox 360 that way I can play video games, watch films and listen to music through the speakers with ease this works perfectly for me as the television in my bedroom is only used for media and I rarely watch television in my room.

          It's a good package that you get and really good value for money I feel that these speakers are most suited in small to medium sized rooms, I have tested them out in larger room but feel that the cables did not stretch fair enough away from the television, I could just extend the cables easily but like I said as this sound system mainly used in my bedroom I did not see much point.

          Sound quality

          The sound quality is good considering how small the speakers are. It uses 3D sound technology instead of real surround sound but the 3D Sound technology gives pretty much the same effect as surround sound. I have noticed when watching films that sometimes sound effects are played on just the right hand side speakers and when the effect is needed it works well.

          The subwoofer that is included is the biggest speaker in the set and it gives a total output of 27 watts. There is a controllable knob on the back of the subwoofer which gives you more than enough choice for the level of bass that you will want. For example: I find that when listening to Dance music I have the knob turned onto the highest setting but when watching a film or playing a video game I have the bass setting down low.

          When I have the bass setting turned up to the highest level you can feel the bass downstairs and you can certainly ribble a few windows if you wanted to.


          What you see is what you get, you get 2 right hand speakers, 2 left hand speakers, one central speaker and a dedicated subwoofer.

          I have 2 of them at the either side of my bed and 2 of the others by either side of my television. The central speaker goes just above my television and the bass subwoofer is next to my Xbox 360 on the floor.

          I don't see very much of the speakers and when one does stick out, my central one above my television well it's so small that you hardly see it.


          If you are looking for value for money then you are in luck these speakers are good value for money and I will recommend them to anyone who wants speakers in a smaller type of room.


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