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Logitech Z 5400 Digital

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2012 10:07
      Very helpful



      This system is the perfect companion for watching movies and playing your favorite PC games.

      The Logitech Z 5400 Digital speaker system is perfect for people who enjoy playing games, movies, and listening to music on your PC. I decided to go with a PC compatible speaker system vs a home theater system because a PC sound system offers many features that even the best home speaker setup cant match.

      If you enjoy tweaking ur system setup to make it sound the best possible and your familiar with computers. I would recommend going this route because of the ability to use and tryout different advanced sound programs to achieve the best possible sound, something that a home reciever cant do.
      In the past the only advantage a home system would offer was how loud the sound got, not anymore because this system puts out an amazing 600 watts of total power!

      Now your games will sound lifelike as you will be able to hear almost every subtle detail, thanks to the 5.1 speaker setup. 5.1 surround sound gives the user a 3d sound effect enhancing the audio making it sound more precise and detailed.

      Now when you play your favorite first person shooter, you will be able to hear and frag your nearby enemies trying to creep up behind you. This system has definitely improved my game score especially in first person shooters like Call of Duty and Black Ops.

      The best part of this system in my opinion though is how magnificent movies sound. Action scenes in movies especially take advantage of the 5.1 sound setup and make you feel like your actually in the movie. You will be able to hear explosions coming from certain directions, bullets flying by your head, all in crystal clear THX certified sound.


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