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Sony RDP-X80IP

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2012 15:06
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      Why bother spending £300 on a dock when this one is just as good for half the price!

      I was looking for a portable speaker for my IPod; I needed something durable and of high quality as it was intended for the aisle music and an after party at a wedding in Italy. I had been looking around at Bose units but can't afford the hefty price tags so I took a chance at the Sony RDPX801PB having heard good things about Sony's portable speaker range.

      This is my first Sony audio product since a Walkman so I wasn't sure what to expect, I must say that this is a great device. The design is simple and solid, it is not the lightest dock on the market weighing in at 1.9kg but that's the sacrifice for the quality of the product. The connector fits nicely into the face of the dock via a hinge which protects it from knocks. It has an OLED display which gives a nice crisp display whilst also using less battery life and can be seen from a fair distance.

      Battery Life - The unit comes with an in-built rechargeable battery (easily removed if need be), this lasts for at least 6-8 hours when fully charged. It takes a while to charge so I charge it overnight before taking it anywhere. The dock also doubles up as a useful charger if your outside and your battery is running low on your IPhone; the dock comes with a few different connecters if your IPhone does not fit properly.

      Controls - There are two ways to control the dock,

      1. By the touch sensitive controls on the top of the dock, just need to rest a finger on them to work. They can take a while to register a command when the dock has been idle so don't keep tapping.

      2. The remote, can be used for all of the features and is easy to use. Only problem is that it is small and the dock does not have a place to store it. This was a major problem for me when travelling to Italy with it.

      The dock has full control of your IPod/IPhone's menus so you do not have to remove them when searching for a song/video clip.

      Durability - As mentioned before the main reason I bought this was for a Wedding in Italy, I was concerned about if it would get damaged in transit. It survived the flights and the car journeys without a dent or scratch to my delight. It also survived a week in the sun with temperatures averaging mid 30's, I thought as the dock is black it might melt. It weighs 1.9kg and is quite large so if you have a luggage allowance you may need to look at another device, I didn't want something that would break after being thrown about an airport so I sacrificed some space.

      Sound - Everybody asks where I got it from when they hear the sound quality, I rate it up there with the Bose docks that cost double if not more what I paid for it. Distortion is not a problem until you get right up to the maximum volume setting (which is extremely loud).

      This dock comes with 5 equaliser modes Rock, Pop, Jazz, Vocal and Flat. Each noticeably make a difference to the Bass, treble etc but I tend to leave it on Flat as it delivers an even mix.

      The connector is only for I phone/IPod so you will need to use the A/C cable provided if you wish to use it for any other products. This is not the longest of cables so I would use the money saved from not buying a Bose to invest in another.

      All in all this was the perfect speaker for my trip and it performed its job brilliantly. Nothing I've heard can beat this for value for money, a real bargain!


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      03.08.2011 15:03
      Very helpful
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      The best docking station i've seen. Quality is above and beyond others

      Sony's new iPod/iPhone speakers guarentee a quality surround sound experiance, easily capable of filling the most spacious of rooms with your music whilst keeping audio detail to the maximum.

      Audio Features -
      Although the dock has an amazing capacity to project your music, the number of functions regarding audio is limited. The "Sound" button on the dock allows you to switch between Rock, Pop, Jazz, Vocal and Flat. For more instrumental music i found jazz was the best option but i mainly used Rock as i listen to a lot of metal. These selections really do make the difference depending on your music style.
      The volume that this dock can reach is second to none, the maximum setting i've ever needed to use is 11, which i consider to be plenty loud enough. However it can reach a maximum of thirty, more than enough to fill a house with music.

      Physical features -
      On the top of the panel lies a complete set of controls for the iPod/iPhone connected to the docking station (play/pause, next track, previous track, scroll up, scroll down and enter) as well as volume control. These buttons are touch activated and are extremely responsive in my experience.
      The dock itself is entirely black with an elegant piano black display and has a foldable docking point that opens when pressed gently in order to fit your iPod/iPhone.

      Electronic features -
      The docking station comes with a handheld remote able to control the iPod/iPhone from a distance. It is also capable of charging your device while playing music, even if no mains power is supplied. The dock is completely portable when charged, lthough i found it a bit weighty, it has an easy grip groove in the back of the system allowing you to carry it very easily.


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    • Product Details

      Sony RDP-X80IP features superior sound quality with 20W + 20W RMS output for your entire iTunes music library and quality finish for a stylish addition to any room in the house. Ultra-thin organic light emitting diode display uses less energy and delivers unparalleled picture quality and brightness.

      With this X80 iPod/iPhone portable speaker dock, you can play music or video from your iPod or iPhone and charge it at the same time in the retractable dock tray. You can control your music from a distance and with no cables with the supplied wireless remote with full iPod menu functions. You can recharge the internal battery on your speaker dock to enjoy music from your iPod or iPhone around the house - or take it with you on a trip.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Sony RDP-X80IP - portable speakers with digital player dock
      Product Type: Portable speakers with digital player dock
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 35.6 cm x 16.3 cm x 11.9 cm
      Weight: 1.9 kg
      Speaker Type: Active
      Nominal Output Power (Total): 40 Watt
      Audio Amplifier: Integrated
      Connectivity Technology: Wired
      Speaker System Details: 2 x right/left channel speaker - 20 Watt
      MP3 Player Compatibility: iPod mini, iPod (4G), iPod nano, iPod with video (5G), iPod with colour display, iPhone 3GS, iPod nano (5G), iPod nano (aluminum) (2G), iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano (3G), iPod nano (4G), iPod touch (2G), iPhone, iPhone 3G
      Remote Control: Remote control - infrared
      Power: AC 120/230 V
      Battery: Speaker battery - rechargeable - Nickel Metal Hydride