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    1 Review
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      29.11.2008 14:11
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      I Highly Recomend This For Anyone Looking To Buy An Affordable Set Of Speakers

      These Sony 2.1 speakers are my current set of speakers and my best to date. Let me first mention the old pairs I have, just so you can get an idea of how they have evolved to this point. First I had a creative set which had no subwoofer, but the sound quality was still decent and they only cost about £13, it was good enough for listening to chilled out music. Then I purchased a Logitech 2.1 Subwoofer speakers, forgive me for not knowing the exact model name for the Logitech speakers, but it is irrelevant as I am trying to inform you for these Sony Speakers. My Logitech sub woofer for the speakers stopped working so hence I came on to the market looking for a new set. I took my trusted friends to Curry's Digital in Birmingham and we connected an MP3 player to test out all the speakers there. This Sony set was on offer and had everything I was looking for with a slick, unique design and a Sub Woofer so I bought them for an awesome £30, which was a bargain at the time.

      What Genre of Music Is It Ideal For?

      As mentioned above it has a subwoofer and 2 smaller speakers. I am a big music lover and love all types of music from Jazz through to RnB through to Classical, Opera and Rock. These speakers are made for any type of music, however I found they are mostly ideal with light rock, artists like Norah Jones, John Mayer etc. Not that they do not sound great for other types of music and the Sub Woofer makes songs with a lot of Bass like 50 cent and Linkin Park and basically more heavy sound music sound awesome.

      Anything Wrong With The Speakers?

      The only problem I have come across so far is if you set the volume and bass and basically all setting to full so it is on full blast. The music does become slightly disorientated and the bass makes a strange sound. However this is only on full settings and this should not be attempted unless you want to wake up your street, so this would not be a problem for the majority of people. Only reason I found this out, was due to me wanting to test out the capabilities of the Bass, and the Sub Woofer is great as long as not on full volume.

      How Durable are the speakers?

      I can not fully comment on this yet as I have only had them for six months, but during this time I have not had a single problem. I do look after them well and as it is made by Sony, I am pretty sure I will get another two years out of them, at least.

      How are they compared to your old speakers?

      Compared to my old set these are about 1.5 times better. The Sub Woofer has a better bass and the music from the speakers sounds more crisp and clear and they are good value for money. Above I mentioned that I tried many speakers out in Curry's and there was one set that was supreme to this. The Creative 5.1 speakers which come with 5 speakers and a sub woofer, and I have to say the sound was incredible. I am sure it can go to a very high volume and not get distorted and they will definitely be the next set of speakers I purchase.

      How much would I expect to pay for them?

      I paid £30, but they were on offer and a good six months back. Now £30 is the regular price at Curry's from the moment I am writing this interview and according to Amazon's latest prices they are £28.99, although once you add on postage and packing, the price would come to more than Curry's. So a great price.

      Would you recommend these speakers to me?

      Definitely an awesome set of speakers and a must for anyone who is looking for high quality crisp sound and does not know a lot about speakers. Please message me if you want any more information on them.


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