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Trust Soundforce 2.0 Speaker Set SP-2350S

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2012 10:18
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      A robust little speaker set that has served me well and provided excellent quality sound.

      I have owned my set of "Trust 2.0 (SP - 2350S) Speakers" for several years now, although I will admit that when my last desktop computer gasped its last breath some 18 months ago, the speakers were packaged in their box and put in the back of a cupboard where they remained until recently. For the last year or two I have preferred to use my laptop and have never got around to replacing my desktop computer for this reason. Due to my laptop's own adequate sound system, I never really had a great need for additional plug-in speakers.

      This changed recently however when I started to use my (widescreen) laptop to watch television programmes and films. I have come to find that the volume level on many online 'catch-up' channels and on some DVDs is not as loud as others, and thus I have found it slightly low for my own liking on many occasions - even when my laptop has had its own volume facility turned up full. It was a couple of weeks ago that my husband commented on how my Trust speaker set could be used with the laptop to give us a better sound when watching a DVD or television programme, and thus, it duly got dug out of the cupboard to try it out.

      As I mentioned earlier I bought my speaker set a good couple of years ago now and I purchased it locally in the 'Electricals' department in a large Asda store. Looking online however, I can see that you can buy a new set of the speakers at www.amazon.co.uk for around £9 plus delivery charges. I have also seen them for sale on www.ebay.co.uk for nearer the £15 mark, but with free postage in most

      The Trust speakers are a glossy black colour, and have a slightly 'slanted' appearance so that they are broader towards the top. There is black material covering the speakers and there are a few knobs and buttons located on the right hand speaker. These speakers actually have a fairly 'slim line' look to them too, and they are certainly less cumbersome and 'clunky' looking than other speaker sets I have had before. Indeed, the front of the product's box proudly informs me that the product has "Slim size offering quality sound in space saving design" and I have to say that I do agree. I find too that the speakers are extremely light, meaning that they are completely portable and easy to transport.

      The actual product sizes (as taken from the packaging) are H: 210mm x W: 120mm x D: 77mm.

      Enclosed in the box is an instruction leaflet and a small cardboard box which houses the plug. Ample polystyrene packaging was provided to protect the speakers in transit and storage.

      The speakers are extremely easy to set up and use, and I have never needed to inspect the enclosed instruction leaflet to aid the process, but looking at it now, the diagrams appear to be entirely straight-forward and show exactly what should be done in order for the speakers to work.

      Firstly, they need to be connected to a power socket by way of the adapter enclosed in the box. This can be firstly connected to the back of one of the speakers by plugging it in with the little pin slotting neatly into place at the rear of the speaker. The other end of course gets plugged into the wall socket. I will mention at this point that the length of cable running to the plug is an ample size, measuring around 190cm in length. I have never found any problem with the speakers reaching any socket.

      The speakers also need to be plugged into your computer or laptop and this can be done by plugging the little 'pin' into the corresponding output socket on your computer. As soon as this is done, you can switch your speakers on by pressing the little black button which is located on the front of the right-hand speaker. A small green light next to this button indicates the speakers are on, and are all powered up ready for use.

      There is then the small matter of adjusting the volume. Now, no other speaker set that I have owned has had a "Volume Control" facility. They have simply been plugged in or out, on or off and that's about it. This is not so with the Trust 2.0 speakers however, as there is a little round knob situated underneath the on/off button on the right-hand speaker which can be turned clockwise to increase the volume, or anti-clockwise to decrease it. I have found this is a great little feature and it really helps allow me to find the correct volume 'level' of whatever show or film I am watching, without it being stuck at the same level throughout.

      You will have to forgive my lack of commenting on certain technological terms regarding my Trust 2.0 speaker set as I am not the most "technology-minded" person. What I can tell you however, is that the speakers work very well and produce a nicely-rounded sound, and I have never experienced them having a 'tinny' undertone. Similarly, I have never experienced the speakers making that awful 'rasping' noise that can be caused when they are turned up too high. My husband plays rock and metal music VERY loudly through our laptops and recently this has involved the Trust speakers being used on such occasions. It is fair to say that the speakers have coped well with the 'full-throttle' effect that such music (and its corresponding volume..!) so often dictates.

      To satisfy the 'jargon-hungry' consumer, there is a list of "Technical Specifications" printed on the side of the speakers' box, which includes details such as: 5 Watt RMS Capacity, built-in stereo amplifier, full-range speaker system, 75 - 20.000 Hz frequency range and a few others. For me however, some of this may as well be printed in Double Dutch, such is my inexperience with such terms, so I hope you'll forgive me for describing and explaining this product in basic 'layman's' terms.

      I have found that the Trust Speaker set is very robust and sturdy, even though the design is fairly lightweight and slim line. I have had no episodes of the little connector 'pins' falling out of their respective sockets once they have been correctly inserted. I have also witnessed no major wear and tear to any of the plastic 'housing' surrounding these metal pins, or to the connection cables themselves. I have to admit that the speaker set looks almost as good as new which is fairly impressive given its age and the sheer level of metal music that my husband will insist on pumping through them.

      In the past, when the speakers were used with my home computer, I found them to be completely reliable and just as effective as they have been recently when used with my laptop computer. I would not hesitate to buy another speaker set from the Trust brand in the future, as I have found the "Soundforce SP - 2350S" set to perform perfectly each and every time they have been used.

      The speakers may be used with other devices such as PC's and iPods, according to the box, but as I do not own an iPod I cannot confirm how effective or compatible they are for this.

      I have only ever needed to clean the speakers by removing a few dust particles which I found were removed quickly and easily with a soft duster. They should of course not be allowed to come into contact with water or liquids.

      I am quite delighted to have found the perfect solution to my need for increased volume on certain DVDs and TV shows. I have recently been using the Trust Speaker set most days and have found it is perfect for my own needs. I think it offers a fuss-free solution and I have been so impressed with the speakers - and their apparent high quality and robust design - that I would not hesitate to make a future purchase from the Trust brand.


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