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Trust Soundforce USB Speaker Set SP-2800p

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1 Review
  • good size
  • no need for external power
  • none really
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    1 Review
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      20.02.2015 22:56
      Very helpful


      • "no need for external power"
      • "good size"
      • "nice sound"


      • "none really"

      Trust your instinct when it comes to music loving...

      There are two speakers, giving off 0.4watts per speaker, 0.8watts in total.
      Each speaker is about 100mm high, 75mm wide and just short of 80mm deep. On the front you can just make out the speakers themselves as they try and hide away from life itself. But the material over the speaker lets all the sound out without any muffling.
      There is a little 'R' on one speaker with an 'L' on the other. This means that you can put them to the right and left of yourself without getting confused. To be honest, no matter if you've got them left or right the sound quality is not different. It's like socks, rather than shows. You can put socks on either feet with no problem but you try putting your shoes on either feet and you'll have no end of trouble.
      These sit nicely on a desk, which is ideal if you've got one of those PC's with internal speakers that sound like a mouse is farting inside. These speaker simply connect to the 3.5mm earphone jack, together with A full size USB port and you have external speakers that will give new life to your music files.
      The sound quality is great, considering the size of there speakers, but if you put them either side of the desk you can get some great results.
      If you get more than two of them, together with a couple of adaptors, you can get lots of speakers to give you that 'around sound' effect.
      The good thing about these is that you don't need to have them plugged into the mains as they can be powered via a PC's USB slot. Although you can plug them into the mains but you have to a USB type plug, then you can power these speakers from that.

      These sell on the open market for about £15 - £20, which is pretty good money for the sound quality that they give out.


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