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Typhoon 2.1 Sound System

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    1 Review
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      01.10.2008 18:46
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      A great piece of kit for TV or PC

      I purchased my set of Typhoon 2.1 speakers from LIDL a while ago now, and since have had no reason even to think about getting new speakers for my PC or indeed Home Theatre. They cost me £19.99 and I haven't seen them in LIDL again for a while now.
      They come in 3 various designs, white silver and black. The black units are the one's in the product photo and the speakers for this are substantially shorter than those of the silver unit I will review. They come as a rather neat looking set comprising of a large Sub Woofer which sits under my PC for effect purposes. This piece of the kit is basically just and 8 inch cube with a grey cloth mesh on the front face of the unit, the sounds which come from this section are very deep bass sounds which certainly add a lot of atmospherics to game playing.

      Along side the Sub Woofer comes two substantially smaller speakers which are designed to sit to the left and right of your PC or Home Theatre System. They are about 11 inches high and the front face is again cover with a grey silver cloth mesh, which can be removed for cleaning purposes. The front of each of these units comprise of the main speaker portion which takes up the top two thirds of the size, with the very bottom of each unit showing about 4 inches of silver plastic upon which is the Typhoon name and logo. The sound from these units is very crisp and clear and in combination with the Sub Woofer provide a very realistic and clear sound.
      Perhaps though the most stylish part of the system is the large control unit which stands about 8 inches high by 3 inches wide and another 6 or so inches deep. On the front of this unit there is one power button and here knobs. The two knobs near the top of the unit are about half an inch in diameter whilst the main volume button is about 1.5 inches in diameter. The volume button is lit by a blue light which gives of the appearance of being circular around the knob, but is in fact four small blue LED's situated and north south east and west of the knob. When in a low light situation this is a very neat looking unit, not to say that it is not so neat in normal light. The two smaller buttons are for the control of the sub woofer bass and overall treble from the speakers. If you just want backing bass then the top small button should be rotated fully anti-clockwise and then turned slowly clockwise until the desired sound is acquired. Repeat for the Treble.

      On the very bottom left of the control unit is an input for headphones should you require such an option. To the rear are all the input contacts, those being A PC line out socket, two standard phone sockets for left and right sound input and a small socket for the power supply. Even when set on a very low volume the quality of sound from this system is truly fantastic, but when the volume is pumped up every little sound can be heard which makes gaming a lot more enjoyable. It is however whilst playing music that these speakers come into their own. Every note and sound is sharp and clear and the sub woofer adds that all important stomping bass sound which if turned too high can be felt all along the floorboards to the next room and unless I'm very much mistaken the next blinking house, but it is very seldom that I have the volume set that high.
      The sound from the headphone socket is again exceptional but this will obviously vary according to the standard of headphones you are using. All in all an excellent buy for my twenty quid, and a set of speakers that are not going to need replacing for a while.


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