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All Necessary Force - Brad Taylor (Audio Book)

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Author: Brad Taylor / Publisher: Recorded Books / Narrated by: Henry Strozier, Rich Orlow

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2012 11:46
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      Standard thriller where the good guys race around trying to stop the terrorists before its too late

      All Necessary Force by Brad Taylor

      == Plot Synopsis ==
      This is the second book in the Pike Logan series. Logan works for a top secret organisation known as the Taskforce whose job it is to find and kill terrorists around the world.

      Intelligence from the CIA, FBI and Department of Defence indicates that there is a major terrorist attack coming to the US. They are unable to get any firm details though on what and when it will take place.

      It falls on Logan and his partner, Jennifer Cahill, to discover what is going on and neutralise the threat . . .

      == My thoughts ==
      I believe the author, Brad Taylor is a retired Delta Force officer. I'd say he has a surprisingly good writing style. It is nothing great but neither is it too wooden. He tries to do character development and what action there is, is well described.

      The first book in this series is called 'One Rough Man', from what I can tell. I hadn't read that before I read this, but I had no problems in getting into the story. There are some references made to the first book as there is some history between Logan and Jennifer but you don't need to read the first book to get into this.

      I'd say this story was set in about 2012. Pike Logan is the typical tough guy. He has Special Forces training and can handle himself in most situations. To add some character development, the author makes him have some anger management problems. His partner, Jennifer has doubts about what they are doing and also is conflicted about the feelings she has towards Logan. They aren't lovers at the start of the novel but it is pretty obvious they are headed that way. She is also a rookie at the start when it comes to carrying out missions with the Taskforce but by the end you see her personality change as she becomes more assured, toughened and confident.

      It is written both in the third and first person. Pike Logan narrates in the first person for some of it and the rest of the story is told in the third person.

      I liked the use of technology in this story like Iphones that were adapted for spy craft or the use of special night vision gadgets and the way the equipment was blended into the action without disturbing the flow of the narrative.

      I like reading about different places, and there are a few in this. The narrative moves from Egypt, to Indonesia, Czechoslovakia and then finally the US.

      I also liked seeing the point of view of the terrorists and the way they went about planning their operation. I did find the ending somewhat disappointing though. It is similar to many other novels I've read in the past. AT the end of the novel, it recommends you read Deep Black by Brad Thoar if you liked this. I've reviewed that novel on here previously and I'd say both novels are very similar in their overall plot. However, this is definitely the better of the two in most respects.

      There was one small thing in this that annoyed me and I found too coincidental. There is some back-story to do with the father of the guy who is the boss of the Taskforce. His father used to be a Special Forces soldier during the Vietnam War. He was killed during a mission behind enemy lines, and his body was never found.
      Before he was killed, he took some photos of what turns out to be a traitor inside the US government. His body along with his camera is discovered during the story and it turns out the traitor is linked to the mission Logan is working on.
      I liked reading about the original mission that the father went on back in 1970, but I thought it too much for his camera to turn up right when Logan is working on this mission and to top it all off, Logan is the one chosen to go and retrieve the camera from Cambodia.

      == Audio narration and availability ==
      This is available from the audible site (www.audible.com). From what I can tell, it is only available from their US site and not in the UK. It is unabridged and is 13 hours and 28 mins in length.
      It is read by Henry Strozier with Rich Orlow voicing the parts of the story narrated by Pike Logan. Logan's voice provided by Rich Orlow, sounds quite young and suitable for him, whilst the rest of the story is read by a guy who's voice is a bit more rougher.
      I preferred listening to Rich Orlow I would say as he was able to inject more emotion into his dialog.

      == Summary and recommendation ==
      I give this 3 stars. It is basically a standard thriller novel, which you can predict right at the start but I felt it was well written, with enough there to keep you reading till the end.


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  • Product Details

    Best-selling author Brad Taylor draws upon his own experiences as a Delta Force commander for his exciting series starring elite Taskforce operative Pike Logan.

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