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Amazing Baby Clap and Sing! (Audio CD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Children's Books / Author: Emma Dodd / Edition: Brdbk/Com / Board book / Reading Level: Ages 4-8 / 12 Pages / Book is published 2007-06 by Silver Dolphin

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    2 Reviews
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      31.05.2011 18:15
      Very helpful



      Enjoyable book, well presented, supports GOSHCC and Bookstart.

      Amazing baby - Clap and sing is a sing-along nursery rhyme book complete with a CD. The book was bought for my eldest child's first birthday, three years ago. On the back I can see that it is priced at £9.99.
      Amazing baby is an award winning company, their books are created for you and baby to share, play explore, learn and have fun.

      There is no age range displayed on the book, but the Amazing Baby website recommends that the sing-along books are ideal for children aged 12-24 months. At this age they are more alert and will enjoy trying to sing along with you.

      The book-

      The book is colourful, eye-catching and very well presented.

      It contains the lyrics of 15 well known nursery rhymes. These include old favourites, that you will surely recognise, such as 'Baa, Baa Black Sheep', ' Incy Wincy Spider' and 'Pat- a- Cake'. However there were two songs that I had never heard of before - 'I had a little nut tree' and 'Bobby Shafto's gone to sea'.

      The book is a generous sized board book, about an inch in thickness. There are five pages in total, with roughly three nursery rhymes on each page. I like the fact that each page has a chunky tab which sticks out (rather like a filing system) making it easier for little people to independently turn the pages themselves.
      Each page is bursting with bold, vibrant, colourful drawings that are relevant to the particular nursery rhyme displayed. A lot of effort has been made to ensure that the book is attractive and inviting for both the parent and the child.

      Looking at the back of the book you will find the following quote: 'Amazing-Baby is proud to support Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity and Bookstart'. I think the company's link well together and it shows that 'Amazing Baby' care about children.

      The sing-along CD-

      The sing-along CD is over 30 minutes long. It plays the 15 nursery rhymes that are all displayed within the
      book. It is enclosed within the front cover of the book, where it is cleverly concealed in a little sleeve behind a picture flap.

      The CD is produced by 'Sound Education' and the nursery rhymes are performed by a group called FUNtastic!
      FUNtastic's aim is to promote life values and offer fresh and exciting musical choice for our youngest generation.

      The CD starts with a rather catchy song- 'Rhyme time baby, sign with me, clap your hands one two three', which is repeated several times. It then plays through the list of nursery rhymes in the same order as the book.

      The nursery rhymes are sung in a rather unconventional way. They are very up-beat and there is a strong Jazz/pop feel throughout. The singers put a lot of effort and emotion into singing the nursery rhymes, which I actually found quite humorous. I was defiantly shocked the first time I heard the CD as I had never heard these songs sung in such a way before.

      I believe the style of music and the way the songs are sung are a result of FUNtastic's aim of offering something new and fresh to our children - they certainly deliver just that!

      Our experience -

      I have experienced immense pleasure in reading and singing along to this book with both of my children.

      When my eldest was younger, I used the pictures in the book to teach him the name of different objects.
      Even though he could not speak I used to ask him 'where's the spider?' And he would look through the book and point it out when he found it. This was very rewarding for me, and helped my son with his learning and co-ordination.

      The CD was entertaining for my children as they enjoyed dancing to the upbeat music accompanied by the songs.

      My experience with the CD was somewhat different to my children's. Although I enjoyed listening to the catchy 'new' versions of the nursery rhymes at first, they soon became rather irritating, until it came to the point where they REALLY got on my nerves, even though I never played the CD that often.

      If you are considering buying this book, I would strongly recommend that you visit the amazing baby website where you can click on the 'Listen up' icon. Here you will be able to listen to a short preview of the songs from the book, and you can decide for yourself whether or not you like the singing style.

      Having had the book for three years, I can certainly say that if is of great quality, as ours is still in great condition. We have however misplaced the CD, which I am sure will be floating around the house somewhere, but I cannot say that I am in a particular rush to find it as I have heard the CD too many times, and it does quite frankly get on your nerves after a while.

      I really like the fact that 'Amazing Baby' supports Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity as-well as Bookstart. They all have children's best interests at heart, and it is nice to know that this particular book-brand is really committed to helping children.

      Overall I would give this book 4stars. The reason for knocking a star off is due to the CD, as it really did become rather annoying for me after a while (although my children loved it).

      I would recommend this book to other parents, but would suggest that you only play the CD once in a while.


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      21.09.2008 10:22
      Very helpful



      My son loves this!

      I bought the clap and sing along board book from the book People, this is a company that comes into our work once a fortnight with a variety of different books that are always a lot cheaper than in the shops. I bought this book for £4, the price printed on the back of the book is £9.99, so I made a £5.99 saving!!

      It is a board book of songs that you can sing along to with your little one, there is also a CD with the songs on so that your child doesn't have to listen to your singing, if your singing is as bad as mine that is!!

      The book is green and yellow on the front and has a picture of a cats head and a cow, the cow appears to be jumping over the CD that you can see through the front of the book. When you open the book the CD is in the back of the front cover, it is cleverly concealed behind a cardboard flap that you have to lift up. This is a clever idea as if the child doesn't know the CD is in there and you don't show them then it is well hidden from sticky little hands!!

      There are then five thick board pages, which are very sturdy so cant be torn or easily chewed by your little one! They all have a lift up tab on the right hand side with a picture of an animal on so the pages are easy to turn. There is one or two nursery rhymes on each page, there are sixteen rhymes in total and are as follows:

      Hey diddle diddle
      Round and round the garden
      Row, row, row your boat
      One, two, three, four, five
      Baa Baa black sheep
      I had a little nut tree
      Mary had a little lamb
      The grand old duke of York
      Little miss Muffet
      Incy wincy spider
      Sing a song of sixpence
      Bobby Shafto
      Pat a cake
      Old McDonald had a farm.

      I love this book as I know all the nursery rhymes and I think that anyone else around my age (31) will also know them, I seem to remember singing a lot of them at school when I was small. The book is also filled with lovely, bright colours which certainly catch a child's attention. Whilst Rhys is too small to really appreciate books yet, my 1.5 year old god daughter loved this book. She loved me to sing the songs to her while she sang the songs she knew and we also did little dances to some of them, like the Grand old duke of York!

      The CD is very good, it sings all the nursery rhymes as they are in the book, now im not sure that I would actually sing them like this as im not a professional singer and would probably sound rather stupid attempting to!! They do tend to repeat the nursery rhyme about four times which can become slightly repetitive!! I must also say that they have tried to 'jazz' up some of the nursery rhymes with a funky back beat, I felt that this was quite unnecessary as they are changing the whole nursery rhyme!! So I will play this CD separately to singing from the book to Rhys as it makes for good listening. My son and I are actually listening to the CD as I type because he was becoming rather grumpy and I have to say that as soon as it started he stopped crying and started smiling, so it is obviously something that children even as young as Rhys at 4 months love!


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