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Angel Therapy Meditations (Audio CD)

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Genre: Religion / Spirituality / Author: Doreen Virtue / Edition: abridged edition / Audio CD / Book is published 2008-09-25 by Hay House UK Ltd

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2009 23:26
      Very helpful



      Depends on what you want it for.

      -Doreen Virtue-
      Doreen Virtue is a qualified counselling psychologist, educated to PhD level. She is also a clairvoyant who works closely with Angels. I haven't read any of her books yet but I have used several of her meditation CD's and in my experience although she claims to work with non-denominational Angels, therefore appealing to people of all faiths (but probably not people with no faith) I have found that her CD's are more tailored for people who believe in a single, masculine God, although of course you can interpret her words in whatever way you want.

      -The CD-
      Although the title of the CD would suggest that this is a CD with many meditations on it, it's actually just one long meditation that has lots of different parts that are like mini-meditations. This has it's pro's and it's cons. It's good to be able to just put the CD on and let it run without interuption but it does mean that if you want to do any part of the meditation you have to go through the entire thing and you can't pick and choose which parts you want to use.

      Prior to putting the CD on you should think of an intention for the meditation. You are given time during the medtiation to think of your intention but the first time that I did the meditation I couldn't think of anything in time and had to start all over so I think it's best to think of something before hand.

      The meditation begins by putting you into a state of relaxation through controlled breathing and then you work through the different parts of the meditation. This includes cleansing your living and work space, healing problems caused by past lives, cutting the cords of negativity, releasing blocks and toxins and various other things. It's difficult for me to list the individual meditations because they do all merge into each other and are difficult to distinguish.

      Doreen Virtue's voice did annoy me a bit when I first used one of her CD's but the more I listen to it the more I like it. I guess that depends entirely on personal taste though and if you are planning on buying one of her CD's it's probably a good idea to see if you can get a sample of her voice first.

      -My Experience-
      The beginning of this CD never fails to put me into a relaxed state. Some days I find it easy to go into a meditative state, others I find it next to impossible to concentrate on guided meditation but even when I can't get into a meditative state this CD does relax me. I'm always particularly impressed with the part of the relaxation process that soothes sore muscles and pains. At first I laughed when the CD told me to send breath to my muscles and ask them what was wrong. Talking to muscles is a little bit strange, even for me, but it works!

      After this point I experience the CD in two different ways, asleep and awake. I usually find it difficult to sleep during meditations, or if I do fall asleep I keep waking up. But Virtue states early on in the meditation that it will work regardless if you're awake or asleep and I think this permission makes a big difference. Usually in guided meditation you need to concentrate and visualise but that's not necessary for this CD so it makes it the perfect meditation to fall asleep to. I often suffer from insomnia and find it very difficult to fall asleep and to remain unconscious. When things get particularly bad I put this CD on and find that I sleep much better with it than without it.

      My experience of this meditation when awake is not so positive. I think that all of the meditation that Virtue takes you through are very good, if you did them all while conscious you would probably address every possible issue in your life but it's just too much for one sitting. I always find myself getting bored halfway through and sometimes I even give up towards the end of the CD. It does not aid meditation when you're thinking, is it going to be over soon? There are two major downsides to this (other than the boredom), the first is that although you get the benefit of the earlier meditations on the CD you don't get the benefits of the later ones and because you can't just skip to the next meditation there's no way to address this other than listening to the whole tape. You can't just have the tape on in the background until it gets to the point that you want to take part and then jump into the meditation because you need to go through all of the relaxation and gradually getting into a meditative state that is only at the beginning of the CD. The second is that you aren't left feeling relaxed after the meditation. When you drop out of the meditations halfway through you're left feeling a bit strange, still half in a meditative state and a little bit groggy.

      The first time I did this meditation I thought it was excellent, I made it through the entire CD without sleeping and didn't get bored. It left me feeling uplifted and relaxed. Since then I get bored every time I use the CD unless I sleep through it.

      For those of you who aren't religious this may not be the meditation for you. It does rely heavily on working with Angel's to aid meditation and healing and if you don't believe in Angels then this will obviously not be beneficial to you. I still think it could leave you feeling relaxed and perhaps help you to sleep but it is probably better if you do believe in Angels.

      I actually don't know how I should rate this. I want to rate it five stars because I have finally found something that will help me to get a good nights sleep and leave me feeling refreshed. On the other hand if you want to experience this meditation while awake it's too long, tries to fit too much into one session and gets very boring. This CD would be much better as several different meditations. For this reason I am only giving this CD three stars because it really does depend on how you want to experience the meditations and I certainly didn't buy it with the intention of sleeping every time I use it.

      Angel Therapy Meditations is available for £5.49 on amazon.


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