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Bag of Bones (Audio CD)

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Author: Stephen King / Genre: Horror / Narrator: Stephen King

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2008 12:15
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      a good story well written worth a listen if you can blot out the bored way it is spoken.

      Bag of bones audio tapes are a must for those who have trouble reading. My son is a partial dyslexic reader as he transposes certain letters and figures into the wrong places making reading a little awkward for him. So I bought him a series of Audio books to help him follow the story with the tapes and book together and therefore helping him with his overall reading. The tapes follow the book quite thoroughly and the only draw back I found was Stephen Kings reading of this wonderful book was a bit dull. He sounded bored.
      Listen to the story it is entralling and try to blot out the humdrum way in which it is spoken, you will be in there with the characters and reliving the book. I am listening to the story with my son and we find it comical and sad in places with the twists and turns of the plot it is quite an exciting book or tape or both if you so wish it to be.
      The plot

      The main character a writer looses his wife in freak accident and has to come to terms with her death. This causes a writers block which I think sends him a little off balance in his mind. Maybe he has written too many novals and is finding he is now enveloped with one of his characters or maybe he is just trying to find a way to deal with his wifes death? He does this it seems by talking to her in his mind a lot all the way through the book and with this in mind he decides to go back to their home Sarah Laughs. The town folk are friendly and treat him as if he never left, but of course, know of his wifes death and skirt around the niceties if thatws the right word for it. He meets a young girl and mother by stopping to save young girls life, without giving too much away he gets involved with this pair and trys to help the girl with a custody battle. gripping stuff.
      The house itself appears to be haunted is it, I am not telling as it would spoil the story, but there is more to this unnasumming tail than first meets the eye. Once you get past the droll way the story is narrated it is a must to listen too and a must to read too if you have both tape and book. I believe you can get this on cd too for those modern members out there.
      I found my tape collection and book on ebay quite cheaply I would recommend you do the same as the main shop prices range from £30 upwards. I believe total cost for me on the net was £25. with book. So its worth shopping around. DO give it a try its a most gripping story and well written with lots of twists and turns as only Stephen King can write.
      My son loves it and so do I.


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    • Product Details

      Stephen King's Bag of Bones is a writer-haunted book, too. The spirits of Herman Melville and Ray Bradbury are deeply felt, and so are the tale's two romances (the hero muses on his marriage and falls for a young single mum with a marvellous psychic daughter). There is also good-humoured satire of the real bestseller book world--the hero complains that "the publicity process is like going to a sushi bar where you're the sushi." In its deep concerns with love, sprawling families, the writer's life, endangered children and good old-fashioned storytelling, the book resembles a John Irving novel. It is also absolutely classic Stephen King, packed with nifty turns of phrase, irreverent wit and lurid ghouls who grab you from beneath the bed while you cower under the covers.

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