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Chakra Clearing - Doreen Virtue

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Author: Doreen Virtue / Format: CD-Audio / Date of publication: 01 February 2003 / Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Subcategory: Psychic Powers & Psychic Phenomena / Publisher: Hay House Inc / Title: Chakra Clearing / ISBN 13: 9781401901387 / ISBN 10: 1401901387

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2009 18:19
      Very helpful




      Before you read this review I would like to say that I don't think it's always a good idea to read about a meditation before you do it. I'm writing this review because meditation CDs are expensive and I think it's good to know which ones are good before you pay all that money but at the same time I don't want to ruin the meditations for anyone. I'm going to be as vague as possible while still giving my opinion and hopefully helping people to make an informed decision but if I was buying this CD all I would want to know is that it's worth the money, I do find that it clears my chakras (or at least the second meditation does) and my chakras appear much healthier since I started using this CD.

      -What are Chakras?-
      I'm not an expert on chakras, everything I know I know through reading books and exploration of my own chakras so I'm perhaps not the right person to explain what a chakra is. If you're reading this review then chances are that you already have a good idea about chakras or at least know the basics but for those of you who don't I will give a very brief and simple explanation of them.

      Chakras are energy centres that, according to some writers (including Doreen Virtue) all living things have. They're often described as looking like fans and are all over your body and aura. Often when people refer to chakras they are referring to the main chakras. There are six basic chakras. Starting at the bottom you have your base chakra at the base of your spine, four inches above that you have your sacral chakra, then your heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and then at the very top of your head your crown chakra. Some people include chakras in your hands, feet, ears and at the top of your aura in the main chakras but they are not included in this CD.

      Each chakra has a different colour associated with it and each chakra relates to a different part of your life. I have read quite a few books on chakras and they all seem to have different opinions about the relevance of colour and what each chakra means so if you are interested in looking into this further I would be sure to read books from many different authors and not to take what one author writes as the absolute truth. When using this CD you should also keep in mind that there are some people who would disagree with Virtue's take on chakras.

      -Chakra Clearing-
      As the title of this CD would suggest it is all about clearning chakras. I think one thing that should be established before you go out and buy this CD is that clearing your chakras is not the same (in my experience) as balancing them, opening them up or closing them or exploring them (although clearing them may include this to an extent) so this CD should certainly not be seen as something that can give you healthy chakras on its own but certainly as part of a wider chakra therapy it can be very helpful.

      There are two meditations on this CD, one for use in the morning and one for the evening. Each meditation is about twenty minutes long which I think is perfect because it's so difficult to find the time to meditate in the mornings and sometimes at night time seems to fly away and I'm trying so hard to get to bed early. With such short meditations I can set aside less than half an hour for each meditation, making it really easy to fit around my day.

      As you would expect the first meditation prepares you for your day, clearing away any negativity or darkness in your chakras, ready for the day ahead. I find this first meditation quite difficult to get into because Virtue doesn't even attempt to get you into a proper meditative state. In some ways this is good, the last thing I need before work is to feel groggy from a powerful meditation but at the same time what's the point in taking the time to clear my chakras if I can't really get into it? I find it so difficult to see the colours of the chakras and to visualise them during this meditation (something I don't have a problem with in the second meditation) and without being able to do that you aren't really able to clear them. This meditation is highly reliable on good visualisation so if this is something that you find difficult it's probably not the right meditation for you. My visualisation simply isn't good enough for this meditation to be of much use to me regarding chakra clearing because without a deep, relaxing meditation I can't visualise the colours.

      However, there are certainly some positive things about this first meditation. Virtue talks the listener through each of the chakras, explaining what they all are and what colour they should be. I think this would be a really good introduction for people who have never worked with their chakras before. There are also a number of affirmations that I thought were really good. I think it's always nice to start the day with some positive affirmation and these affirmations leave me feeling really good. I usually end the meditation not feeling like my chakras are clear but with a positive feeling anyway that I put down to the affirmations. This is why even though I find the meditation quite challenging I still do it regularly and even though it doesn't achieve what it promises it is still a nice way to start the day (and the evening meditation makes up for what this one lacks).

      I really like the second meditation on this CD. I'm never quite sure if it's something to do with the way that Virtue presents each meditation or the time of day but I find that with this meditation I have no problem getting into a deeply relaxed and meditative state. While in this state I have no problems seeing my chakras at all and find it very easy to scan them for darkness and to visualise the light cleansing them.

      Virtue uses this meditation first to review and release your day and then to prepare you for a good nights sleep. I like this format because it's nice to have the opportunity to review my day and to let go of any negatives from that day. I have also found that this CD often, but not always, leaves me feeling very relaxed which helps me to sleep. The meditation itself does not send me to sleep but often after using this CD I find that I fall asleep easily (usually it takes me ages to sleep). However, occasionally I find that after using this CD I find it difficult to stay sleeping and wake up several times throughout the night. Chakra clearing, in my experience, does not just get rid of any negativity that is clogging up your chakras, some things can't just be cleansed or disappear into the light, they need you to deal with them. I've found that sometimes, when there are particularly negative things to deal with, this CD leaves me having a restless sleep and waking up frequently. In some ways I don't think that clearing your chakras is something to be done right before bed, even though this meditation is set up in a way that would encourage that. But I also think that these things are unique to each individual and you may find that it's not the same for you or that sleeep and dreaming can help you to heal from these things.

      The only real criticism I have of the second meditation is that Virtue seems to take it for granted that you know the colours and locations of all of the chakras. I guess maybe she assumes that you will remember from the morning meditation. This isn't a big issue for me because I know the location of all of my chakras but I think this is a definite negative for anyone who is new to chakras.

      I have been using this CD for over six months now and have found that there has been a huge improvement in my chakras. Having had a rollercoaster of a year so far (bereavement, moving to a new city, a new career) I expected some of my chakras, my root chakra in particular, to be dark and off-colour. I have also had ongoing issues with my solar plexus chakra related to over exerting myself psychically. When I first scanned my chakras using this CD, as expected, they were all darker than they should be and often the wrong colour. Now when I scan them the dark patches are much smaller and my chakras appear to be healthier so I have to conclude that this CD actually works! I feel better and more balanced since using this CD and although I'm not putting that down entirely to this CD I do think that it has helped.

      Overall I do recommend this CD. The first meditation is not great for clearing chakras but does leave me feeling positive about the day ahead. The second meditation usually leaves me feeling relaxed and ready to sleep and seems to be very good at clearing my chakras.


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