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Cosmic Ordering Connection: Change Your Life Within Minutes! (Audio CD)

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3 Reviews

Author: Stephen Richards / Genre: Religion/Spirituality

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    3 Reviews
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      12.03.2010 03:58



      For me it is uplifting and so inspirational

      Stephen Richards is the author, as his site says, of over 60 titles. He has many skills and here are but a few: Film Director & Film Producer, Publisher, Events Promoter, Journalist, Media Consultant, Literary Agent. As well as being a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Qualified at Royal Victoria Infirmary), he is also a qualified stress counsellor and was listed on BAC's (British Association of Counsellors) Disaster Team, Family & Sexual Division and was also a Students' Stress Counsellor.

      Stephen Richards is also a current member of the NUJ (National Union of Journalists) in the UK.

      The Golden Pen, Stephen Richards, has had his books serialized in the national press and various magazines. His UK TV credits include: Panorama, Trevor McDonald's Tonight, and has appeared in numerous crime related, national and international, TV documentaries. Currently, investigative journalist acts as a literary agent for writers, has turned away from writing true crime, preferring to concentrate on mind body and spirit. He has now turned his back on True crime and given up producing and directing crime documentaries.

      Known as The Golden Pen, Stephen's own astonishing rags to riches story is revealed within his book ... all attributed to 10 years of following Cosmic Ordering.

      Having endured a truly impoverished upbringing, and being totally penniless, Stephen is a true success story of how Cosmic Ordering really works. Indeed, all of his current ideology is based on how he has turned his life around as a direct result of the Cosmos.

      From having no money to even feed his dog to becoming a property developer, author, TV consultant, radio broadcaster, and as a result is wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Cosmic Ordering helped him reap some amazing moments, from mixing with stars of the pop and film world, to securing a treasure trove of wealth.

      Although, on first hearing of Cosmic Ordering in 1995, sceptical, Stephen tried numerous other beliefs and then, eventually, found this worked for him.

      Cosmic Ordering is here to help you through the steps to fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. The same dreams and ambitions you long for but have never been able to achieve. Wait no longer, after reading Stephen Richard's book, 'Cosmic Ordering Guide', you will become positively happy.

      I hope that is enough about Stephen Richards, which I got from his site.

      What is cosmic ordering? It helps you manifest your dreams and manifest your deepest desires by making a physical connection to the cosmos (the universe). Using the New Age phenomenon of Cosmic Ordering, you can own that expensive watch you always wanted, go on a luxury holiday to the Mediterranean or get anything you desire. You just need to follow the guidance within the book called the Cosmic Ordering Guide and Cosmic Ordering You can be successful both written by Stephen Richards as well as lots of other books he has written on the same subject.

      This CD I am reviewing has what it takes to help you manifest your desires and when you hear the confidence in Stephen's voice it is as if you have a comforting arm supporting you all the way. He shows no sign of flagging in his quest to push the boundaries for his listeners. The audio was so clear and uplifted me within minutes. This has comforting wisdom for life. For anyone dreaming of escaping poverty and going on to seek his or her fortune, you would not go far wrong with this. I was drawn to focus on clearing some past personal issues, and it helped me immensely.

      This will get your orders placed to the universe fast. The CD is fun to use and it actually works! This CD exceeded my expectations. As with his book, Stephen does an amazing job illuminating the way. But there's much more beyond all this. What's more, this is totally fun and a complete delight! Thanks so much, Mr. Richards.


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        12.03.2010 03:31
        Very helpful



        I sensed this presence of energy most strongly and it made me feel part of the cosmos.

        When listening to this, I close my eyes and I begin by relaxing and taking a few very deep breaths. I set my intention to get the most out of the experience. Then, focusing my attention on the moment, I become receptive to whatever images enter my awareness. As the images appear and disappear, forming and reforming into new images within my inner landscape, it is almost as though the insights I receive are being formed by a source of love and life that transcends my ego and the limits of my normal reasoning.

        As soon as the session started, I could feel the tingling of my third eye, the sensation grew stronger until it felt like my entire head was breathing - as if my head was expanding and contracting as my third eye was "breathing". This was as if I were part of the very fabric of the cosmos!

        It made me feel that there is something with which I am connected to, something that touches my heart, and that "something" seems to be the very essence of life that guides me. I sensed this presence of energy most strongly and it made me feel part of the cosmos, I felt part of the cosmos and the cosmos felt as if it were part of me. For a while there is no form to what I see, nor do I sense anything more than being aware I am relaxed -- and waiting. Gradually it seems that an image is taking shape, although it is not well defined. Then I notice the image that has appeared in my mind's eye has become stronger and more defined. When I focus my attention it seems closer, giving me the impression that I'm moving in that direction.

        I take a deep breath and relax, receptive to finding a new answer for my problem by allowing images to enter my awareness. I am pleased that when the next image appears I find myself asking for the answer to my problem and I place my cosmic order.

        Soon it is as if I am far out in space, one speck among billions of stars, galaxies, and planets. They all seem far away, yet near at the same time, and I sense I am somehow a part of them. I am drawn deeper and deeper into the cosmos. As I watch, transfixed, I seem to hear a single tone growing stronger and stronger, soon a symphony from deep inside fills my soul. I don't understand why it happens at this particular point in my meditation, but somehow I know the answer to my problem.
        I had a sort of mystical orgasm, a Zen satori. With every use of this it feels to me that I am able to connect more quickly and the energy stream is stronger. After my connection, my whole body was vibrating with energy for pretty much the rest of the day.

        I have come to the conclusion that there is "something" with which I am connected, "something" that touches my heart, "something" that seems to guide me, "something" that is greater than beyond my frail and feeble mind. For me, the connectivity of the cosmos is complete in a physical sense.

        With this new sense of purpose, I can grasp the fact that we are part of something so grand, so extravagantly generous.


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          18.02.2010 22:48
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Cheap, poor quality and cashing in on the hopeful

          Cosmic ordering connection is an audio CD produced by Stephen Richards who uses guided meditation and hypnotherapy techniques to guide you intpo a deep medititive state where you can apparently be open to the cosmic ordering connection and assist you in manifesting your desires. It nis not a story.
          Cosmic ordeing is based on the law of attraction that you create your reality by thinking and feeling what you want to manifest into your life. Simply put...That thoughts create reality.

          Cosmic ordering was made famous in late 2005 by TV presenter Noel Edmonds who was first introduced to the law of attraction through the book 'The Cosmic Ordering Service - A Guide to Realising Your Dreams' . Noel Edmonds had not worked on TV since the end of his BBC TV show 'Noel's House Party' in 1999. One of his wishes was for a new challenge. Later he was offered the chance to return to TV to work on Deal or no Deal.

          I bought this audio CDaround 12 months ago and was filled with excitement, having watched The Secret and reading all about visualisation to manifest your desires and the fact that it is raved about by Noel edmonds means it must be true!!

          The idea of this CD is that it increases your potential to maximise the effectiveness of the cosmic ordering process so you dont have to put any effort into it at all. Sounds great doesnt it? i can feel the lottery win already. But since when do you get anything for free?

          The cd arrived in a slim flimsy DVD case and whilst the cover is appealing the CD inside looks home made, not of professional shop bought quality. I first saw it on ebay but bought it directly from his site.
          The qulaity of the recording is good, the background music isnt too annoying and his voice is very clear. I lay on my bed and listened to it through a portable CD player. the hypnosis techniques must be good and the deepeners effective as I fell asleep every time i listened to it! I just cant keep awake.
          The product is a good idea but maybe it should be used for insomnia. I have no idea if i would have taken on board the information subliminaly but i have not had any major changes in my life which would provoke me to think it is the result of this cd.
          A good buy if you are into these things and you are wanting to cheaply build your collection of the unusual and things that may enhance your existance but i can not rate the overall effectiveness of this cd as it hasnt worked for me.
          Its cheap so what can you expect. If it works for you thats great! let me know and i will try and listen to it again without dropping off! Overal I feel it is cashing in off the back of The Secret's success and its all about making money from peoples hopes and dreams. I have yet to meet a person who practicies cosmic ordering who has had some life changing results. Its all about the small things and small events happen naturally whether you are cosmic ordering or not. coincidence? who knows. Cheap and looks cheap, not professionally made, however a good relaxation tool!


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        • Product Details

          With the aid of this mixed media pack, you will make the cleanest Cosmic Ordering connection ever! The audio CD is all you will ever need to make positive things happen to you and within your life. Now, within minutes, you can fast track your desires and wishes. Just relax and listen to the CD at your leisure and, without applying any effort, you can sit back and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. This is the ultimate and most effortless way to manifest your desires, and all while doing absolutely nothing. Now you can be in full control, you can change your life and make success and happiness happen.

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