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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Children's Edition (Audio CD)

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Author: J. K. Rowling / Genre: Children's Books / Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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    3 Reviews
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      18.08.2009 19:14



      For the lazy HP fan

      The illustrious voice of Stephen Fry star of QI concludes his narration of the the most culturally impacting Children's book of all time, though has been adopted by adults alike with their own editions of the audio CD. The end of the saga has been the most anticipated book of all time and is well worth the wait. Without spoiling the novel for those who haven't read it fans of the book will experience death, torture and emotional pain that has never been seen in th e other HP books. Fans had been stunned with the death of Albus Dumbledore won't believe the list of victims that have fallen to author J.K. Rowling's Pen. Though the ending is perfect though sadly wants the reader wanting more of what they can't have.
      Unlike many books though teh HP series can be revisited many a time and thi saudio collection is perfect to listen to for parents and children alike on cars journeys or even in the house. A must have fo rthe lazy HP fan.


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      30.07.2009 19:26
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      stick with it, if you are a lazy reader and cant wait till the next film this is one for you

      ass the calm collective voice of stephen fry oozes into your ears you cant help but realise that your in for a treat. From the start to end you are kept on the edge of your seat with the tails of Harrys final year. With the loss of dumbeldore in the preveouse book Harry, Hermine and Ron face finding the rest of voldermorts sole and destroying it. The book is slow for the first few chapters but when you have stephen reading it to you there is a certain amount of ease in paying atention. However when the book picks up that is when it is apparent that stephen was definatly the right choice of reader. Through excitment and emotion he conveys the books story and keeps you interested with the feelings and emotion that he puts into his voice. Great to pop on your ipod and listen to on the go and is a handy way of reading the book with out actualy reading it.


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        04.12.2008 10:01
        Very helpful




        **What Is It?**
        Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the last book in the Harry Potter series. The best seller book has a staggering 607 pages but is only the 4th biggest book so far. This book comes in paperback, hardback, braille, larger print, in many different language and audio. This review is on the audio CD Children's version on the book.

        **Why Buy It?**
        If like me your a big Harry Potter fan like me then you HAVE to read it as you want to knew what happens next. This is the last book in the series and has been hotly antisipated. However as I had read this before I was wanting to listen to it, just to see if it changes my perception on the books at all. If your not as serious as us fans then you may read the book just to see if you like the Potter series or not. But the reason a lot of people buy it is because there children want to read it but can I stress that this is not actually that big of a childrens book.
        A good example of another reason to buy is as because the books are getting longer, your child may love the movies but may not be able to read to that level. So listening to the book, can then lead to them reading the book. It would also be good for people who may don't like reading very much but enjoy the films, and want to get another perspective on the story.

        *Harry Potter- The main character and the wizard we all love so much. In this book you see a rapid maturity which is quite amazing. He is faced with the fact that he might/or even will be killed against Voldemort but takes on the mission to save the wizarding world. Will Harry be able to do it>

        *Ron Weasley- Harry's loyal best friend. Has been with Harry since the beginning. As they are not in Hogwarts this year, you see Ron the same as Harry mature very speedily. He proves he really is Harry's best friend

        *Hermione Granger- Harry's other best friend she shines in a new light in this book. Her brains gets Harry and Ron out of a lot of trouble. She is my favorite female character in the book.

        *Ginny Weasley- She's fancied Harry since she was only 11 and helping Harry win the House cup. But is there still love in the air?

        *Lord Voldemort- His powers are growing and his plans to kill Harry are becoming stronger as his army gets bigger. He is a hugely important character in the book. Will he be able to kill Harry?

        *Severus Snape- We found out he was a Death Eater after all. Is he really that bad a guy or is he a good guy? Read and find out.

        **So What Has Happened So Far?**
        In the last book (which I also bought as an audio book) we found out that it was now or never for Harry to defeat Voldemort. Dumbledore had died, and had left Harry memories and a quest. They must complete it or Harry will be killed. In this book, unlike the last they do not go back to school and decide to stay out in the open world. Snape, and other death eaters are taking over the Ministry Of Magic... Oh dear...

        **Front Cover**
        The front cover comes in two designs, the Childrens and the Adults. The childrens is of Harry, Ron and Hermione plus a house elf which is one of the scenes from the book. Your going to have to read it to guess where it is in the book. This is found on most of the Audio covers. The adult cover is of a Locket with green crystals in the shape of a 'S'. We later find out that this is a vital part of the story. I've seen this only once on an audio cover. Both of these books are exactly the same however and have exactly the same chapters etc. I like the idea of two different covers.

        There are an incredible 17 CD's to listen to. This is a lot, but it does reflect the shear length of the book overall. They all have clearly listed numbers on them so you are not lost to find the next CD. They are all read by the AMAZING Stephen Fry, his reading is flawless throughout. I adore his voice and he even does the character voices. His iconic voice makes the book highly enjoyable and I adore listening to his crystal clear voice throughout.
        If you do what I do you can download the CD's onto iTunes which actually added up to 162 'tracks' so basically where they stop and started recordings. This is an excellent feature and means you can put it then on your iPod and MP3 player, if you are wanting to take it to extreme portable.

        With Dumbledore leaving him a very important task, Harry must collect and destroy the horcruxes and then destroy Voldemort, before he kills Harry. Unlike every other book, Harry will not be going to Hogwarts and will be staying in the 'real world' so he can complete his quest.
        When Harry tries to escape from the Dursleys for the last time, they get ambushed which see's a character die. You will have to read to find out. It is exceptionally sad however but everyone else gets away and they arrive Burrow.
        Now there has been a new minister of magic called Rufus Scimegeour, appears unusally at the door and is there to give Harry, Ron and Hermione part of what is in his will. This is very odd, as it should just be done by ordinary wizards, but Scimegeour wants to find out what they are up to. The Ministry want to keep the sword as it is an important historical artifact, but Harry is having done of it.
        Now as every Harry Potter fan will know, there is a wedding on between Ron's older brother Bill (who was badly injured in the last book) and the beautiful Fleur DeLecour, who met in book 4 at the Triwizard tournament.
        However just like a TV soap, it never goes right and Shaklebolt (a very powerful wizard) declares to everyone that Voldermort has taken control of the ministry!!!
        They get up to so much, it is too much to write about, you really just have to read it to find out, but I can guarentee you will not be disappointed.

        **Price/Where to get it**
        The RRP is £39.99 which is a lot of money. Now I actually got this for Christmas last year so was unable to reflect on the price but you do need to be prepared to pay extra. I actually asked for it as I have 2 more of the books on CD which is one of the best ways to experience Harry Potter. You do get it in a nice box to keep all the CD's safely.
        It can also be downloaded of iTunes. This will cost you around £25 so is a lot cheaper if you want that alternative. But you can also BORROW it from the library for free (well in my local one anyway) but I'm pretty sure it will apply to a lot of people. It can be bought from Borders, Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith and many more shops.

        **Whats Right With It?**
        This is such a thrilling, exciting book to read. I could not stop listening to it and had to because needed to sleep or go to school! Seriously once you finish a chapter you have to listening the next one as you need to know what is happening. The characters characterisation is outstanding in this book as you see each indivual grow up or get wiser. It has a sense of reality as well and you feel it is possible to do these things. Also as I personally am around the same age as Harry and his friends I really feel I can relate to them. The book reminds you a lot that Harry, Ron and Hermione are just teenagers (Like when Ron finally gets his girl) and having to deal with all this must have been really tough. It is a truly fantastic listen, or if you get a chance, read. It is the last book, and if you have been reading all the books this, I think everyone will guarentee you will throughly enjoy!

        **Whats Wrong With It?**
        What i've found is that this book is very dark. It features a lot of death and even torture. It really isn't for young children and it may not even be suitable for older children. I first read the book when I was 15 and found it scary! Because it is avaliable in audio it is a lot easier for younger ones to get access so just a caution to parents, that this is quite a dark book to be listening to.

        I've actually found, using myself as an example that readers grow up with Harry. I was only 8 when Philosphers Stone came out and I read it and watched the movies when I was 10/11 and as now I am 16 I can actually relate to Harry a lot. This was the second audio book of Harry Potter I have an in comparison, I do prefer the book to audio, however only marginally. The audio allows you to relax more. If your not really familiar with Harry Potter but don't enjoy reading then this is for you (or just watch the films) but I can guarentee, content wise, the Books are so much better.

        This is the last book, which I waited in Dumfries Tesco's for at 12am. If you love the book and want a difference experience, try listening.

        I loved this book and I would recommend it to everyone teenagers, parents, gran parents everyone! 5 stars from me.

        Copyright 2008- Scotlandizdabest on DooYoo.co.uk


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        'His hand closed automatically around the fake Horcrux, but in spite of everything, in spite of the dark and twisting path he saw stretching ahead for himself, in spite of the final meeting with Voldemort he knew must come, whether in a month, in a year, or in ten, he felt his heart lift at the thought that there was still one last golden day of peace left to enjoy with Ron and Hermione.' With these words "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" draws to a close. And here, in this seventh and final book, Harry discovers what fate truly has in store for him as he inexorably makes his way to that final meeting with Voldemort. In this thrilling climax to the phenomenally bestselling series, J.K. Rowling will reveal all to her eagerly waiting readers.

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