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Incy Wincy Spider - Let's Join In (Audio CD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Children's Books / Audio CD / Book is published 2007-06-04 by BBC Audiobooks Ltd

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    2 Reviews
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      16.06.2011 15:12
      Very helpful
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      A great buy for car journeys

      Incy Wincy Spider - Let's Join In (Audio CD)

      My little one was given a few audio music CD's from a friend as we were due to go on holiday and we would be in the car for a number of hours. We had recently bought a portable DVD player, so armed with DVDs and CDs, my little one was ready for her big trip!

      The CD can be found on Amazon for just just under £3.00 at the moment, reduced from £5.10 and is 66 minutes in length. The CD is a BBC published CD and is narrated by Sophie Aldred and Richard Mitchley. It contains a large mix of songs, stories, rhymes and jokes which include;

      The animals went in two by two
      Incy Wincy Spider
      Animal fair
      The bear went over the mountain
      What's the time Mr wolf
      Baa Baa black sheep

      And so on...

      My little one absolutely loved listening to this CD and even in the confines of the car, she had a lot of fun singing to the songs and doing all of the actions. There were songs that she already knew, and she soon picked up the others. Unfortunately, it meant we could not hear our radio though it kept her entertained for a few hours as when it finished, she wanted it on all over again!

      Some of the stories and rhymes seemed to go over my little ones head and quite often, she asked us to fast forward to the action-based songs she knew, though all in all, I think that this is a great buy for the really young. I would say that the age range is perhaps from as young as 6 months in parts to four or five years of age. Not all ages will like everything on the CD, though there is a whole variety which will suit many different ages.

      As for myself, I enjoyed listening to my little one sing, though some of the songs and voices were a little annoying, especially after hearing it a number of times. Whats more important though, my little ones entertainment or mine? My little one wins every time!

      Well recommended!


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        11.01.2011 13:46
        Very helpful



        Worth every penny for a whinge-free car journey

        Long journeys in the car can often be a bit traumatic with my two year old, who soon gets bored of being trapped in her seat. I go armed with snacks, which helps kill a few minutes, and I have even tried pens and paper but gave up on this genius idea once my daughter started colouring in the car's interior.

        We had one CD of nursery rhymes which helped make a big difference and MissD enjoyed singing along to, but the CD lasted a mere 20 minutes, so an hour-long journey could lead to repeat plays, and my husband and I slowly going bananas as we listened to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes for the third time...

        So for Christmas I decided to treat our daughter (and us, in a roundabout way) to a brand new CD. One of my main priorities was length - hopefully something that would keep us going for more than 20 minutes before having to start the painful listening process again from scratch.

        There were hundreds of options to choose from on amazon when I had a browse, but I quickly found this one, and it ticked all the right boxes:
        Length: 66 minutes
        Price: £4.87
        Contents: A mix of songs, stories, jokes and tongue twisters - so a whole range of potentially annoying things, but at least the variety may stop MrD and I cracking up in the car! The CD is published by BBC Audio, and narrated by Sophie Aldred and Richard Mitchley.

        The CD arrived just before Christmas which was great timing as we did a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between friends, family and home over the festive break. The front of the CD is bright and colourful and features a purple spider (being washed out of a spout so it's safe to assume this is Incy Wincy) with a few sheep in the background.

        The CD is subtitled "Let's Join In", and there are a range of CDs in this series. The theme of the one I bought is animals and the CD introduces us to lots of different creatures, via sounds, rhymes and songs. Some of the more familiar songs are Incy Wincy Spider, B-I-N-G-O, The Animals Went In Two By Two, and Animal Fair (I noted with interest that the "gay baboon" of my childhood is now a "big baboon"). There are over 20 songs here of varying lengths, sung by the narrators with children joining in at various points. All the voices are definitely "BBC voices"!

        As children's CDs go, this one is brilliant (which basically means that it keeps my little girl amused and I can just about tolerate listening to it!). It is long enough that you don't get too fed up of it, and there is a good range of songs and welcome spoken word interludes, so it isn't just a constant stream of irritating nursery rhymes. The voices are easy to listen to and some of the songs are quite fun - I like The Day The Animals Lost Their Voices where all sorts of strange things happen. There is also a fantastic endurance test for parents in the form of a song called The Pelican's Beak. The lyrics are: "The pelican's beak holds more than its belly can" ... and that's it ... repeated for a few very long minutes that seem like hours. It is the very definition of the word repetitive. The test of endurance is to see if you can listen to the whole thing without pressing the skip button on the car's CD player!

        But most importantly the key critic - MissD - really enjoys listening to this CD and it really does keep her entertained on long car journeys. She sings along to many of the tracks and listens quietly to the spoken word sections in-between. And although there are times when MrD and I are longing to switch the radio on instead, it is worth it for a peaceful journey. In fact, it has been such a hit that I've recently ordered another in the series from amazon!

        I would recommend this to anyone who is in need of a distraction for their little ones on long car journeys - however I would say this is more suited to older children (probably 2 and over) as I think the interludes from the singing may be frustrating for very small children and babies who may prefer the songs and rhymes. I also think the tongue twisters and jokes are aimed at older children so let's hope MissD is still enjoying this for a few years to come (although by this point I may not be such a fan of it!).


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