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Karma Releasing: Clearing Away Painful Patterns from Your Past (Audio CD)

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Genre: Religion / Spirituality / Author: Doreen Virtue / Edition: abridged edition / Audio CD / Book is published 2004-06 by Hay House Inc

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    1 Review
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      03.09.2009 16:18
      Very helpful




      About a year ago I did my first past life regression and it confirmed for me that I still had many things from my past lives that were unresolved. I have had a lifelong faith in reincarnation and the more I read about karma the more it made sense to me. So after doing one of Virtue's past life regression's I decided to buy her karma releasing CD.

      The CD starts off with Virtue talking about karma. I have read a lot of books on karma and reincarnation so the first time I used the CD I skipped straight past this bit. However, in order to review the CD I decided that it was best to listen to what she had to say and I did actually enjoy it. One of the reasons why I read so many books on different religious belief's is that I enjoy it. I like knowing what other people believe, even if it doesn't necessarily impact on my own beliefs. For this reason I enjoyed the first part of this CD. Virtue has a lot of interesting things to say about karma and the way that it can impact on our present life. She also has a lot of interesting things to say about time and how time is not linear. Virtue really simplifies this. I have often found it hard to get my head around theories that suggest that time is not linear and that it was constructed by people in order to understand things but Virtue makes her point in a way that even I can understand!

      Track one is an introduction to the guided meditation on track two and Virtue doesn't go into too much depth with the information. I thought that this was good for the purpose of introducing the meditation but perhaps a draw back for people buying the CD with no prior knowledge of karma. Like with most things there are different belief's surrounding karma and reincarnation and Virtue's introduction should really only be taken as her opinion on karma. That's not a criticism as such, just a warning. Her view is not the only view. I personally do agree with much of what she said and I liked that she emphasised the fact that karma is not about being punished for things you have done in a past life. Again this is just her view on karma (one that I share) and there are others who do not agree so that's something to keep in mind if you do use this CD.

      The meditation was the part of the CD that I was actually interested in. The first part of the meditation is about getting you into a calm, meditative state. This part of the CD does manage to relax me but I can't say that it's the best for taking me into a meditation. There are other CD's by Virtue where she takes you so deep into meditation that your physical surroundings become secondary to what is happening in the meditation. This is how I prefer my meditations to be, I find it so much easier to follow the CD when I'm not so aware of physical surroundings. In some ways I think this is almost a lazy meditation, she really doesn't take the time to take you as deep as she could.

      From this point Virtue goes through every possible scenario that you could think of that may be causing you to have bad karma. From different kinds of death to difficult relationships with people, she covers EVERYTHING. I thought this was very good because if you're going to take the time to release your karma you don't want the one thing that is causing you bad karma to be missed off of the list. However, the first time I did this meditation I couldn't stop laughing at one point (something that wouldn't have happened if I had been in a more meditative state) because some of the ways of dying seemed so implausible and silly. I'm sure that there are plenty of people who die in these ways or have done in the past but it was very amusing to me and did ruin the meditation a little bit.

      At the end of the meditation I did feel as though Virtue just kind of abandoned the listener. I always think it's nice to be taken gradually out of the meditation and Virtue didn't do this. Instead one minute she's talking, then there's some music and then just silence. When you're in a meditative state (even a weak one) it can feel quite shocking to suddenly be pulled out of it and the first time I did the meditation I was left feeling uneasy.

      I have no idea if this CD has really helped me to release my karma, I really can't tell but I think it's worth trying and it certainly isn't doing me any harm. If you don't believe in karma or you don't want to release your karma then this CD is certainly not for you. With some of Virtue's CD's you can use them purely for relaxation but this CD is not particularly relaxing. As with most of her CD's she does work a lot with Angels. I prefer meditations involving Angels so this was a good thing for me but for those of you who aren't comfortable working with Angels this probably isn't the right meditation for you.

      I'm giving this CD 4/5 stars. The introduction is interesting and informative and although I can't really judge if it really does release karma if any meditation can I think it will be this one!


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