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Midnight - Stephen Leather (Audio Download)

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Genre: Horror. This is the second book in the Jack Nightingale series. It is read by Paul Thornley.

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2011 21:27
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      Nightfall, the first novel in this series is better

      Midnight by Stephen Leather

      This is the second book in the Jack Nightingale series. It continues pretty much straight on from the first novel.

      Nightingale is an ex-Police negotiator turned private detective working in London. In the first novel, Nightingale found out his father had sold his soul to a demon before he was born and he had to save it before his upcoming 33rd birthday as that is when the demon would come calling. He obviously managed to succeed.

      In this novel, he receives another DVD from his dead father which he made prior to committing suicide. In this, he reveals that Nightingale has a younger sister whose soul he has also sold to a demon, before she was born.
      There are different types of demon and the demon he sold Nightingale's soul to, is a different demon from the one he promised his daughter's soul too.
      In exchange, it allowed Nightingale's father to have all the power and women he wanted during his life.

      Nightingale has to discover the whereabouts and identity of his sister and then attempt to save her soul by doing what he knows best, negotiating . . .

      == My thoughts ==
      I can't say I enjoyed this. I Liked reading the first novel, Nightfall. This was mainly because I don't know much about the occult and I didn't know which way the story would go. In this novel, the same kind of ground is covered and the twists and turns in this have already been done in the last novel, in which Nightingale was trying to save his own soul.

      In the first novel, it is revealed that Nightingale may have killed a paedophile, by throwing him off a high-rise tower. Although, whenever any of the characters ask him whether he did it, he always replies with the word 'allegedly'. This was one thing that I found irritating as he repeats it throughout the book.

      The ritual he does to summon a devil / demon were described in the first novel, so there was no interest on my part whilst reading these bits.
      There's a part where some Satanists make an appearance who are involved with his sister, and I did get somewhat confused by that, but I didn't really care by that point.

      On the positive side, it is an easy read / listen. The author has a writing style that can draw you in and keep you reading. I did like the twist right near the end.
      I also liked the subplot in this, which involves 3 assassins being sent after Nightingale, one after the other, and he has to survive each attempt on his life.
      I also liked the moral question it raised about how far you would go in supporting a loved one, if you knew or believed they had done a heinous crime.

      == Audio narration ==
      This is read by Paul Thornley who does a good job. He has the right kind of voice for Jack Nightingale, the main protagonist I think. It is unabridged and is 11 hours and 40 mins in length. It was published in 2011.

      == Summary and recommendation ==
      Overall, I felt there was something missing from this. I would give it 3 stars. It is average. You could read it stand alone if you wanted to but I would recommend you read the first novel in this series, Nightfall first.
      I felt it drags the story on from the first one when it would have been better if it had put Nightingale in a different situation. Maybe put paranormal stuff in a case he gets in his private investigating business. There were parts of this which I found very boring.
      On a side note, Nightingale never actually seems to do any work even though he is supposed to own a private investigating business. He employs a bright, young secretary full time.
      To sum up, read the first novel in this series, Nightfall and skip this.


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