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Starship Titanic (Audio CD)

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Author: Terry Jones / Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2001 16:35
      Very helpful



      There is something strangely inevitable about any ship named Titanic but there is no Leonard DiCaprio, Kate Winslet or excessive ice flows here, as over four cassettes or five and a half hours Terry Jones brings his epic disaster to life. It's a story line by Douglas Adams the best selling author of The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy series and the Dirk Gently Series. It all started with an obscure and brief mention of the Starship Titanic suffering a SMEF (Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure) in the Hitch Hiker novel Life, the Universe and Everything which was put in while you wait for the plot to develop. So he decided to make it into a computer game, however him being so busy producing the computer game Starship Titanic he realised he did not have the time to write the actual book however he asked a friend to do it and so the book was finally created by Terry Jones. So from the man who is known for his Python connections and dressing up as a woman "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy." Terry Jones in Monty Pythons Life Of Brian Comes Starship Titanic 'the ship that cannot possibly go wrong'. "TERRY JONES IS ONE OF THE ORIGINAL CREATORS OF MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS. HE IS ALSO A FILM AND TELEVISION DIRECTOR, A SCRIPTWRITER, A MEDIEVAL SCHOLAR, AND THE AUTHOR OF VARIOUS CHILDREN'S BOOKS, INCLUDING THE AWARD-WINNING THE SAGA OF ERIK THE VIKING, AND (WITH MICHAEL PALIN) DR. FEGG'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF ALL WORLD KNOWLEDGE. HE LIVES IN LONDON." Quote from Starship Titanic inlay card. Read by the energetic voice of the author Terry Jones whose voices add to the humour especially his women's voices, well anyone familiar with his work in Monty Python will know he usually played a woman. He also helps when it comes to trying to pronounce some of the aliens names like 'Corporal Kazitinker-Rigipitil' or 'Corporal Sumpcreetorkattelburt
      .' Put to tape by Simon & Schuster Audioworks a company who seem to specialise in providing a voice to many works of science fiction including a wide range of unabridged Science fiction novels and seemingly to specialise in Star Trek novels. So, the grand starship Titanic, designed by Leovinus the man who brought you the north - south bridge linking the planets polar caps and the planets third sun with its famous on/off switch. Comes his finest ever achievement the greatest, most gorgeous, most technologically advanced starship ever built with it's heart and Leovinus love Titania. Staying off site during the construction due to a accident which his eyebrows have not quite grown back he never gets to see the corners being cut in order so save money. So after a rather unsuccessful press conference on the day before launch he decides to have a final check on things, it was all going well until he stepped inside and seeing the robots were walking into doors he suspects that things are not quite right. He discovers that the project manager and the accountant are up to something, but what? Then the next day during a grand ceremony the ship is launched and it suffers a SMEF a Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure and disappears. So Lucy, Dan and Nettie were minding their own business when the starship lands right in the middle of the old rectory, which they were planning to make into a restaurant, and their life's changed. They are given complimentary tickets for any inconvenience caused by the emergency landing and are invited into the immense ship and before they know it they are on the ship and leaving Earth far far behind them. How are they going to get home? Can they get the free upgrade to first class to see the captain? Will they be able to get off the ship? And the adventure is just beginning. "All Aboard!" the starship Titanic.


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      Starship Titanic is a science-fiction adventure set aboard a colossal spaceship (which is named after a fairly well-known cruise ship from the planet Earth). It seems that something has gone horribly wrong aboard the Starship Titanic--a fact that becomes evident as the vessel slams into the cozy confines of your living room. Now, at the request of the ship's robotic crew, you must go aboard, figure out what went wrong, and fix it.

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