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The Little Sod Diaries (Audio Cassette)

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Author: Simon Brett / Genre: Humour

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    1 Review
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      11.07.2001 16:00
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      Well with the Little Sod Diaries written and read by Simon Brett you can learn what goes through your sweet and innocent baby's mind with this week by week diary. Realising that they are not as sweet and innocent as they let us believe. Live the first Three years of that bundle of joy as it learns how to walk, talk, make a mess, drag thins off shelves and get the cat blamed for it, worry you senseless as it pretends it has swallowed something and generally cause havoc to your lives. Can you survive going through potty training, food fads, unidentifiable rashes and tantrums? So who is providing this insight into children? "SIMON BRETT WAS BORN IN 1945 AND EDUCATED AT DULWICH AND WADHAM COLLEGE, OXFORD, WHERE HE GOT A FIRST CLASS DEGREE IN ENGLISH. APART FROM A CHRISTMAS JOB AS FARTHER CHRISTMAS IN A DEPARTMENT STORE, HE WORKED FOR TEN YEARS FOR BBC RADIO AS A LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCER, AND THEN TWO YEARS FOR LONDON WEEKEND TELEVISION, ALSO AS A LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCER. SINCE 1979 HE HAS BEEN A FULL TIME WRITER. HE IS THE AUTHOR OF MANY HIGHLY ACCLAIMED CRIME NOVELS, HAS EDITED SEVERAL ANTHOLOGIES, WRITTEN CHILDREN'S AND HUMOROUS BOOKS AS WELL AS WRITING PROLIFICALLY FOR RADIO AND TELEVISION. SIMON BRETT IS MARRED, WITH THREE CHILDREN, AND LIVES IN SUSSEX. HIS WORK HAS BEEN TRANSLATED INTO FOURTEEN LANGUAGES." Quote from the back of The Little Sod Diaries, audio book. As you can see Simon has had three children and you just can't help thinking that most of the book is a biography of what he as a parent had to go through. Many parents would be able to follow each developmental step and note the new ways in which the little sod can cause stress and destruction. This is another ISIS Audio book complete and unabridged. ISIS specialises in unabridged recordings of books and has a wide range of genres available. The Little Sod Diaries consist of three sections: How t
      o Be a Little Sod - The First Joyful Year. (You have got to be kidding.)- When bundle of joy enters the world the problems begin, as the little sod goes through its first year of life it just causes more and more problems using tricks like emotional blackmail and unpleasant nappies to get its own way. Well at least it s new mobile will keep it quiet, or will it? Look Who's Walking - The Second Year of the Innocent Child. (Innocent? Yeah Right! Pull the other one) - Destruction at speed, as the little sod gets bigger, faster and it really begins to get the hang of this talking his range on torment increases and with Mum planning to go back to work who will have to look after the little sod. Not Another Little Sod - The Third Year and Once the New Baby Comes They Will Be Such Friends. (Not if they have anything to do with it.) - Yes, you guessed it there is another baby on the way so this book come with 'Voice from the womb' as the developing baby tries to stop its boredom "Too and fro, too and fro, and kick and another kick." Meanwhile the little sod comes up with more ways to disrupt its parent's lives with its new phrase "Me do it" and with the little sod getting more mobile then there is going to be some problems when it comes to potty training. Just wait for the little sods stage debut in the christmas play. A total of six tapes or approximately nine hours of mayhem as the parents are put through three years of living hell and mental anguish. Does It Sound Familiar?


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      Simon Brett gives us a baby’s eye view of the world, which makes it quite clear who’s suffering the traumas.

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