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Bruin Pop Up Play Gym

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bruin / Type: Activity Gyms

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    2 Reviews
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      06.04.2009 09:38
      Very helpful



      Great product!

      We took our son on holiday at a young age and we were paranoid about him disturbing other guests in the hotel and so we invested in this pop up gym to take with us. It is lovely and so convenient. We keep ti in his nursery, as a second gym. To be honest, you could have it as your main one. I think all you need for a gym is something for them to lie on and a bar to hang toys from.

      The toys in this are quite basic but my son seems to like them. I use other toys that we have bought to alternate so that he doesn't get bored.

      The best thing about this gym is the toys are quite large compared with many other gym toys and are great for young babies, even if they are pastel shades and so not as easy for them to see.

      The bear on the base is bold and soft and nice for a baby to lie on.

      This gym is incredibly easy to open up and is a great space saver, unlike many gyms which you have to leave up and then they take up half your room! It is also ideal for travel.

      Ours cost £25 and I would highly recommend it.


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      01.09.2006 06:39
      Very helpful



      An easy to use play gym that stores away easily and can take on trips with you.

      Before the little one was born, like all new mothers, I was keen to get the equipment that my baby would need. Besides his basic needs of bottles, nappies, moses basket and so on, I wanted to get things that would stimulate him and his learning. As an educator, I am very aware that learning begins even before the baby is born. Amazing as it may sound, a baby is like this huge dry sponge, drinking in knowledge like there would be no tomorrow! Babies learn through taste, sight and touch more than any other sense.

      Baby play gyms provide enjoyment and development in 5 ways.

      1- Develops hand-eye co-ordination by providing interesting things to look at.

      2- Provides objects close to him (this is what babies can see best) and allows good eye tracking skills to occur.

      3- Gives them objects that they can hit at as they develop control over their arms and hands.

      4- Provides the next step on with the ability for the little one to actually grab the toys.

      5- Allows baby to make connections to what he/she is doing to actually making things happen

      I had seen various baby play gyms. To be honest, they all are fantastic. The toy manufactures have really taken on board the need for good play equipment suitable from birth. So, I had to decided what I really wanted out of a play gym.

      My requirements:

      1- Easy storage- I wanted something that I could put away or take with me quickly.
      2- Easy to clean- Babies can be messy little things
      3- Brightly coloured- For baby's enjoyment
      4- Soft mat- I wanted my baby comfortable when he was laying on it.
      5- Durable- I knew once my little one started pulling at things, I didn't want it falling apart.

      After doing our research we decided upon the Bruin Pop Up Baby Gym. It was the one play gym that met all of our needs.

      1- It is very easy to store or take with me. It pops up when needed in seconds and folds away quickly. Once folded it has a nice little bag it goes in with the mat and toys and easily fits in the smallest of areas. It folds up so small that I packed into our suitcase when we went to Center Parcs and it didn't take up much room at all. So, this would be perfect to take on a holiday away easily.
      2- I have washed the mat and toys several times. I just pop them into the washer and dryer and, voile, it is good as new!
      3- The colours on this one is a little different from other play gyms. Most other play gyms are the basic primary colours. However, this one is more towards a brighter spectrum with bright yellows, purples, oranges and greens. Since most of his other toys are the basic primary colours, this provides and interesting diversion to the basics.
      4- The mat on which the baby sleeps on is very soft and comfortable for my baby. It is fleecy with a raised 3-D like version of Bruin Bear as it's main decor. I like this as when I put my little one on his tummy, he continues to have interesting objects to look as well as to grab at. It is so comfortable that I have started using it as his nap time area. I lay him on it to sleep and when he wakes up he has the toys to play with immediately without them in his way when he is sleeping.
      5- This is a very durable play gym. It is virtually impossible for the baby to break. Since it is a pop up version it is all soft memory wires with no hard or sharp edges. The three toys, ball, cube and star are attached with Velcro. So, when the baby begins to pull on the toys, they will easily pull off for baby to play with and then reattach when he/she is finished.

      Size and Cost~

      When the gym is fully up it is 38 x 30 x 5 cm.
      It cost £24.99 at BabiesRUs.


      I began using the play mat when my little one was 1 week old. Even at this time, he loved his gym as he was a very inquisitive baby and liked looking at things. Now, he is 4 months old and still enjoying his gym. He has moved on to pulling the toys off. He can be a rough baby. However, I have no worries about him hurting himself with the gym as it is so soft and durable.

      I also love the idea that it stores away so quickly. When I want to tidy up, it is just a matter of seconds and it is put away. When I need again, it is just seconds and up. The ability to take it with us to grandparents and on holidays is another added bonus. I really will miss when he moves out of this toy!

      I definitely would recommend this play mat to those people with my same requirements.


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    • Product Details

      Fun and friendly Bruin baby gym / Pop-up activity arch and play mat / Pops up and folds away in seconds / Compact and totally portable in its own storage bag - take it anywhere / Machine washable, soft, padded play mat with a variety of textures / Th

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