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Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Baby Gym

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Activity Gym

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2012 23:28
      Very helpful



      A nice baby gym that can be used 3 ways

      Jayden loves to lay on the floor and kick his legs about rather than being strapped into his bouncer all of the time, obviously just laying on the floor has limited interest so I decided to buy him a baby gym. Obviously being so young there was no point in buying anything too complicated, it needed to be something that was going to be suitable for his age group so I decided to have a look to see what was available in Argos as they seem to have a large range of baby gyms. I came across the Fisher Prices Ocean Wonder Kick and Crawl Baby Gym, it looked ideal for what I was looking for as it was suitable from birth and can be used as your baby grows and their needs change.

      The Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Baby Gym comes in a large flat cardboard box, there is some assembly required and all of the parts come wrapped in clear plastic inside the box along with a small instruction leaflet. The box is brightly coloured with the name of the product written on the front and sides, there are also various pictures of the gym on all sides of the box showing the different uses that the gym has, there is also a few bits of writing with the pictures explaining the different stages from what I can remember.

      The gym consists of two foam arches, one covered in blue fabric with a water design on it and the other covered in green fabric with a plant and seaweed pattern on it. There are two plastic stands which the arches slot into to hold them in place, these are blue with seaweed patterns on them and bubble patterns, the third part of the baby gym is the main mat which your baby lays on, this is made from a slightly shiny fabric and is padded, it is covered with an underwater scene consisting of bright coloured fish, seahorses, starfish and octopus along with seaweed and crabs, there is also a tube of blue fabric down each side of the mat.

      The Ocean Wonder Baby Gym comes with 3 toys, a chunky green plastic seahorse, this has a purple and yellow rattle ball attached to it which can be spun to make a noise, an orange plastic octopus, this has a bar attached to it with a couple of rings to slide up and down, the octopus face is also a mirror so your baby can see itself, these two items attach to the blue arch which is where your baby's head goes so that they can play and see the toys.
      There is a third toy which attaches to the green arch and is where your baby's feet go, this is a clear plastic inflatable ball (a bit like a mini beach ball) it has pictures of sea creatures on it and a yellow plastic ball inside.

      All of the toys attach to the arches with a strong fabric tag which treads through a small slit in the top of each toy, they are held securely in place and cannot fall off and hit your baby.

      The baby gym can be used in 3 ways, the first way is how I have described above where your baby lays on their back to play with the toys, the other way is to attach the toys to the same type of fabric tags on the mat and allow you baby to lay on their tummy and play with them, this is aimed at helping your baby build their upper strength and hold up their own head and support themselves on their arms. The third way to use the baby gym is as a crawl tunnel, the mat folds over the arches to create a tunnel for you baby to crawl through when they are a bit older, the toys can be attached to the roof of the tunnel if you wish.

      Assembling the Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Baby Gym is very easy, it does come with instructions but it is quite self explanatory, the arches simply slot into the holes in the plastic stands and then the mat simply attaches in whichever position you want it with the aid of blue coloured fabric tags the same as the ones which attach the toys to the arches. The mat is machine washable which with a baby is very handy, the arches cannot go in the washing machine however they can be wiped down, these are unlikely to get as dirty as the mat as your baby does not have direct contact with these, obviously the plastic stands for the arches can also be washed down to keep them clean along with the detachable toys.

      As I have mentioned the Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Kick and Crawl Baby Gym is available in Argos, it is sold for £29.99. Personally I feel it is good value for money as your baby will get a lot of use out of this as they grow and develop through various stages. The whole thing is of an extremely good quality and very well made, there are no small parts that could come off and cause a choking hazard so in my opinion it is very good value for money.

      I would definitely recommend the Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Kick and Crawl Baby Gym, it is ideal to keep your baby entertained and is suitable from birth, your baby can happily lay and play with this whilst they are young and less mobile, as they grow it is ideal to encourage them to learn to crawl.

      Jayden loves his baby gym and will happily lay for ages playing with it, we do encourage him to play on his tummy with the baby gym, although he's not too keen on this and does get board of it, he much prefers to lay on his back with the toys suspended above him so he can hit them with his hands and kick the ball with his feet.

      The gym is easy to clean and care for, we have ours set up all of the time and keep it in Jayden's bedroom when its not being used, however if you do wish to take it apart for storage it really doesn't take long to do and re-assemble again.
      All of the fabric and various parts that make up the Ocean Wonder Baby Gym are strong and hardwearing, perfect for the tough time they get with a baby.

      This gives Jayden something to do and look at rather than just sitting in his bouncer or Bumbo seat, he is able to be on the mat of his baby gym and play independently, although it is not recommended that you leave your baby unattended whilst playing, we are always in the same room as him whilst he is using it.
      At the moment Jayden is unable to move about on his own, however he is starting to try and roll over on his own, there are no sides to the gym so when he can start rolling and moving about independently we will need to keep more of an eye on him to ensure he doesn't end up off the mat and somewhere he shouldn't be, the arches do stop your baby a little from rolling off the mat, however whilst Jayden cant quite roll over he has worked out how to get himself diagonal on the mat so once he can roll he shouldn't have a problem in moving himself off of it so more supervision will be needed.

      The gym wasn't the cheapest one available, however it was not the most expensive, I definitely think it is well worth the money due to it being versatile and of good quality. I would certainly recommend this to anyone with a baby.


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