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Fisher-Price Precious Planets Take Along Swing

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Sing

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2010 12:08
      Very helpful



      Worth the buy even if it is difficult to "take along"

      I bought the Fisher Price Precious Planet Take Along Swing three weeks ago so that I could get things done in the house. I have three children aged 3, 17 months and seven weeks. My seven week old demonstrated from the night he was born that he liked to be picked up and carried round. This would be fine if he was my only child and I had a butler and servants but he's not and, unfortunately, I've no help most of the time.

      I didn't have a swing for the other two so I didn't really know what to look for. I began reading reviews to find out which ones worked and which didn't. In the end I settled on the Fisher Price Precious Planets Take Along Swing.

      The first thing that attracted me was the look of the swing. The big friendly lion face on the chair first attracted me, which doesn't really benefit my baby as he can't see it once sat in it. The price is quite reasonable compared to the rest. The swing was very easy to assemble with only a few pieces needing clipping into place, no tools necessary. It has two handles on the top but the claim that it's easy to carry is wrong. It would be more so if it had a central handle but the handles are either side of the unit. It does fold up so that the frame is only about 5 or six inches wide but the folded seat sticks out of the side, but it can be manoeuvred so this isn't a problem. When you're carrying it it feels bulky and because you're holding one handle, if you have the baby on your other arm, it isn't balanced properly to aid you carrying it.

      When set up the swing is very sturdy, I feel very comfortable and confident putting my child in. The seat fastens with a three point harness so your baby is secure. The harness is easily adjustable for smaller or larger babies. The frame forms and A frame on either side of the swing with the seat attached to the plastic around the handles. The controls are easy to operate, an on off button, the speed button, which slides upward the faster you want it to go, and the music on or off.

      The swing speed has five different settings and explains in the instructions the these will alter depending on the weight of your child. If your child is very light the swing will go faster than a heavier baby, my son was 10lb 13oz born and is about 11lb 6oz now I think. The instructions recommend that you tuck a blanket under your baby's legs and let the other end drag on the floor to slow down the swing, I preferred to put a few beanie babies on the swing with my son as I found with the blanket dragging it hardly moved at all. It took my son a while to get used to sitting in the chair so I would put him in for a little while, say a minute, and take him out before he cried extending the time that he would stay in there, he'll stay in there for about 15 minutes now before he starts crying, unless he falls asleep, then I might get 45 minutes to clean the house or spend time with my other two children without the baby, instead of 15 minute blasts and if I'm really lucky I get chance for a shower without a screaming baby in the background.

      The bar across the top is made of soft foam covered by material, from it dangles two animals. It attaches easily slotting into a hole either side of the swing, it only slots in one way round. I've found that when this is attached my baby won't settle in the swing, I can understand why being swung continually toward two dangly things would make me feel sick, especially if I hadn't learnt how to focus that fast so I only use the danglies when he's not swinging.

      The music is tinny and fairly annoying as you tend to find with an awful lot of baby products, but the children don't seem to mind it, my 17 month old will turn it on sometimes just to dance to it.

      In conclusion I would recommend this to any parent. If you have a smaller baby I would also recommend buying some soft weights to slow the swing down.


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